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  1. @ my cousins house

  2. That was a good topic Dana, the Black Ops one :)

  3. Sadly, no because the wait was way to long. I hope to ride it next time I go in July.
  4. Hello all!! Thanks for veiwing my post. I have recently gone to Kings Island for my first time. It was the time of my life!!!!!! Kings Island is like a Heaven on earth. It has the best rides, the best restaurants, and the best friendly workers. My favorite ride would have to be Diamondback. Thanks so much for taking me KI Fanatic 37. I ate at La Rosas Pizza in Rivertown. By the way the Crypt SUCKS!!!!! Thanks for reading, sorry I'm new to trip reports. By the way we ran in to Stalkerchick
  5. I was just wanting some info about KI. I want to go to Kings Island when there are not many crowds so I can get quickly on the rides. When should I go? Thanks for the help.
  6. I am going to be going to KI very soon and am wondering where to eat. It is my first time going so I don't know much about where to go or what is good or what is expensive or not. Just asking for some advice.
  7. Hey Dana Whats up?? Only 8 more days till KI!!!

  8. Hey everyone. I was just wondering what everybody thinks that the best ride in Kings Island is. Post below what you like the most. ps..... I like Diamondback the most
  9. What is your psn name

  10. Aw cool I have neither of those.

  11. I have battlefield bad company 2 and guitar hero and lead and gold. What about you?

  12. What games do you have for PS 3

  13. Can't wait to go to Kings Island for the first time. I just joined this site and think its cool! I am going with my friends. Please comment on great rides for me or food oor anything!!!!!
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