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  1. Great suggestions so far! We'll try to get at least some of them implemented. You can already use the search box with terms like Action Zone, Coaster, Defunct, 1972, or Construction. The next iteration of the photos page will have taxonomy tools to help with discovering galleries and photos. The challenge with the previous system of categorization was that many albums logically belong in several places, Firehawk Construction for instance. Any suggestions for how to improve the sort, search and discovery features are most welcome. A thumbnails view is a great idea. We'll look into adding one, probably with a button to switch back and forth. The titles, captions and dates were all moved over to the new system. We're not currently showing the upload date, but we can add that. Right now, you can see the upload dates by looking at the picture URL (right click->view background image). Right now, the search box only looks through data on galleries, not in individual pictures. This will be fixed soon so that searching for an individual contributor's name or an individual picture's title brings up the right results. Crowdsourcing search terms is a great idea. We control the code for the new gallery, so we can add features as they are needed. You can still see the old photo gallery at https://kicentral.com/photosold/ , which will be preserved for the foreseeable future. Links to the old gallery (eg. https://kicentral.com/photos/displayimage.php?album=41&pid=146#top_display_media) should be redirected automatically to the same place in the new gallery with a much cleaner URL. Allowing comments and/or photo description editing for people logged into the forums is definitely something we can do if there is demand for it.
  2. Riding SR&R feels weird now.
  3. That disparity is why I'm more worried about spreading the virus than about personally being in that 19% share of the hospitalized patients. I probably wouldn't die, but people that caught it because of me might. One could argue that younger people present the biggest threat with this virus, as they are more likely to be asymptomatic super spreaders. That's not to discount the physical risk to younger patients who get sick. Permanent lung damage is no joke, and it's a real danger with this virus.
  4. Just a reminder to keep this thread focused on the virus and its impact on the amusement park industry; political debate doesn't belong on the boards. I understand your point, but that particular statement is false. In Ohio, 19% of the hospitalizations have been people under 50. Older adults and those with immune conditions should certainly be taking extra precautions as the group most likely to suffer fatalities, but if we don't contain the virus, it's an everyone problem on an unprecedented scale.
  5. The stimulus bill that passed the Senate early this morning includes a $600/week bonus on top of state unemployment through July 31. For those currently unemployed, this would be quite a bit more than most park jobs would pay on a weekly basis. Here's a helpful FAQ: https://www.nytimes.com/article/coronavirus-stimulus-package-questions-answers.html This bill isn't law yet; it still awaits approval by the House and a signature from the president.
  6. https://www.fool.com/investing/2020/03/25/six-flags-a-clear-loser-in-coronavirus-pandemic.aspx
  7. ^^ The main reason was to let staff clean and stock the store without encountering (possibly infected) customers. I made a couple 1-2am Meijer visits while panic buying was setting in, before they started closing overnight. It was reasonably busy even then.
  8. One of the more interesting developments this weekend is that many carriers who are otherwise asymptomatic have a temporary loss of smell and/or taste. Hopefully this will result in more cases being detected before they can spread.
  9. Here is a newly created website that simulates the impact of various control measures on the pandemic: https://covidactnow.org/ According to Secretary of the Treasury Mnuchin, lockdown measures are likely to last 10 to 12 weeks. That would put us in early to mid June. If antiviral drugs are successful in the coming weeks and months, it's possible we could be looking at a slightly better situation. Current simulations and measures are on the assumption that no pharmaceutical intervention is available.
  10. For those concerned with contaminated surfaces on take-out food, a good strategy is to transfer your food to clean dishes, put those dishes in the oven, throw the original packaging away, and wash your hands. Grocery stores, restaurants and other essential businesses are directed to maintain 6' distances, use good hand-washing and sanitation practices, screen employees' temperatures before they come to work, etc. Ohio has simplified the process of applying for unemployment and eliminated the usual waiting period. Those whose jobs have been eliminated/suspended and who qualify should apply ASAP. Those who continue working essential jobs are literal heroes.
  11. If restaurants were closed to carry-out and delivery, grocery stores would be a lot more crowded as the only food sources available. Crowded grocery stores aren't good for social distancing.
  12. Here is the full ODH stay at home order: Director's+Order+--+Stay+At+Home+03.22.20.pdf EDIT: if that attachment doesn't work, https://kicentral.com/misc/stayathomeorder20200322.pdf
  13. Here's an interesting account from a medical worker in New Orleans, which is currently experiencing a surge of cases. Some even relatively young patients there experiencing respiratory failure. Follow guidelines from your health officials and stay safe, everyone! https://www.propublica.org/article/a-medical-worker-describes--terrifying-lung-failure-from-covid19-even-in-his-young-patients
  14. China is included on that chart as well, so there's more to it than population size. We're still at a relatively low number compared to our population, but that will quickly change if our trajectory does not. That graph is on a logarithmic scale, so a constant slope represents an exponential rise. If we see strict social distancing, the line should start to level off as it has with other countries, as each person who is infected has fewer interactions to spread it. Since our response has been slower than other countries, time really is of the essence to make this happen.
  15. Our trajectory thus far doesn't look good. Let's all hope the curve gets flattened soon.
  16. Here's a very interesting look at infection models with different mitigation strategies, looking specifically at how long the strictest lockdown measures might need to last: https://medium.com/@tomaspueyo/coronavirus-the-hammer-and-the-dance-be9337092b56
  17. A manufacturer of smart thermometers is publishing aggregated data of recorded fevers by region. A heat map is available, and the current data (as of March 19) is interesting: https://healthweather.us/ To be clear, the hot spots on the map are not necessarily caused by COVID-19. Still, the last place I'd want to be right now is a beach in Florida.
  18. Gov. DeWine said that the National Guard is currently involved with helping with tasks like construct temporary triage tents at emergency rooms and delivering supplies. He said that Ohioans would know before he deployed the National Guard, if that were to happen. His press briefings are scheduled for 2:00pm each day, and they are available live or for replay here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCporaXCeaOJgZKz7y3C0zbg/feed
  19. When you buy any pass or ticket in advance, you are essentially providing an unsecured loan to the park. Cedar Fair generally makes up for the risk by offering healthy discounts and bonus perks for renewing early. In exchange, they get revenue to pay expenses over the off-season. Refunding everyone's pass would not be possible; that money has already been spent. Even if all my 2020 season pass products end up being completely worthless, I would have saved a lot more over the years between discounts and perks (eg. Fast Lane Plus wristbands, ERT nights, bring-a-friend) than I would lose this year. That said, to promote good customer service and communicate the great value offered by season passes, I expect most seasonal parks to "make it right" to the extent possible.
  20. Chad called that out as false on Twitter.
  21. Gov. Mike DeWine is currently giving his daily press briefing. Earlier, they showed an updated chart with an approximation of when cases will spike with and without various types of physical intervention, assuming no pharmaceutical intervention is available.
  22. If the hotel is closed or if you have good reason to believe they won't honor your reservation, a chargeback may be appropriate. At this point, though, many hotels are still open and would win a credit card dispute. Most hotels are independently owned and operated, even if they carry a national brand. Whether refunds are offered in extenuating circumstances often depends on the property owner. With all the cancellations due to COVID-19, hotels might not have enough cash on hand to offer refunds no matter how much they would like to. In these trying times, it's hard to put blame on most businesses in the midst of a 100-year pandemic.
  23. ^ They're still shown on the site, but they aren't currently available to apply for. If you click to start the application process, you get an error.
  24. I would not expect refunds of passes to be possible anywhere in the industry except maybe Disney, as most of the money earned on prepaid season pass products has likely been spent. Depending on how long this goes on, we might see amusement parks lengthening the validity of passes or offering special discounts on renewals. Looking at the Cedar Fair job site, it appears that Kings Island positions are no longer available to apply for as of this afternoon. This is a change from last night. This would be expected, since it's impossible to offer a job without a known start date, and the CDC recommendations covering mass gatherings stretch beyond the scheduled Opening Day.
  25. ^ It appears to be on at the moment, but I would expect further legal action with respect to the primary. The news moves fast these days. With all the confusion amid the current crises, I think it's highly likely that in-person voting, mail-in voting, or both are somehow extended beyond tomorrow. In the good news department, the first clinical trials of a candidate vaccine have begun, though the estimate is still 12-18 months for availability assuming they are successful. Other candidate vaccines are in development around the world.
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