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  1. The National Weather Service hourly forecast shows rain tapering off after 3-4pm on Saturday. Could be a great afternoon/evening if that holds up. I'll be at Preview Night and Opening Day no matter what the forecast says.
  2. Typically, tolls open 45 minutes before the park opens. Cars will almost certainly be lined up before then.
  3. Just a heads up that wholesale prices at Customcat are going up on Thursday, April 11 by $1 per shirt. Since KIC doesn't make any money on these, the prices of our shirts will go up the same amount. To get the old pricing, be sure to place your order by this Wednesday at 11:59:59pm EDT.
  4. The park is indeed closed on Easter Sunday. It's also closed the following Sunday (for a private event).
  5. It's not a certainty that Santa Clara would have considered an amusement park the highest and best use for that land, if not for the stadium and Cedar Fair's long-term plan for the park. The stadium does limit parking and operations (eg. on 49'ers game days), so the land under the park might be worth less than it would now if the stadium didn't exist. In any case, I'm glad that the future of CGA is secured.
  6. The site was down for about 25 minutes due to an InvisionPower upgrade that failed. We restored from a backup, so all should be good now.
  7. We deeply regret that our communication of the park's photo request led to so much drama. If KI makes a simple request to its fans, the vast majority of us are respectful enough to comply. It's as simple as that; the mods didn't have to remove any pictures because everyone was complying. The park's official media release makes a much better first impression than a few photos from an airplane.
  8. Pictures that violate any law or park rule are never allowed on KIC. This would include any footage from drones as well as unauthorized photos taken from within the park when closed. Kings Island requested that its fans also refrain from posting legal photos of the park when it's closed, including from aircraft or from nearby properties. That request applies to posts on KIC as well as to social media and other public platforms. We are not enforcing this from a moderation standpoint on KIC. That said, we anticipate that most KIC'ers will continue to comply as supporters of the park. It's worth noting that the mods haven't censored or removed any of these photos. People complied with the request out of respect to KIC and to the park, which is deeply appreciated.
  9. You can also see the status of completed and pending payments by logging into the payment portal at https://visitkingsisland.com/payments That's also the site to update your credit card information or fix a payment that didn't go through.
  10. I updated the Tapatalk plugin on the site, which seems to have fixed the issue.
  11. Here's a comparison between the 2018 and 2019 maps: High resolution: https://kicentral.com/misc/ki2018-2019-mapdiff.gif
  12. Just to add, the moderators on KIC have never taken removing content from the forum lightly. We value open sharing and discussion, and we don't remove posts just because the park doesn't like them. People shouldn't feel apprehensive about, for example, posting honest opinions or digging for information in public records. That said, the relationship can get complicated when the park asks for the site's help. With the International Street project, the park asked that fans and supporters wait until the big reveal before sharing construction photos or video publicly, even if they are taken without trespassing or violating any park rules. Since most KIC members are strong supporters of the park, we passed along the message. Keeping outdoor construction a secret just isn't possible in 2019, so those who want to be spoiled will of course be able to find pictures. Discussing what you've seen in satellite images, or even how to find them, is perfectly acceptable; all we asked was that they not be linked or embedded here in this specific case.
  13. It was an issue with the cache on the server side. Should be working again now.
  14. I'm liking the Beast and Antique Autos combo. I am curious which paths will be open early; those rides and Planet Snoopy cover a large section of the park.
  15. Tony Clark said the schedule is almost ready. Until last year, morning ERT typically focused on the front of the park, and night ERT focused on the back. Last year was swapped, with Maverick, Magnum and Steel Vengeance ERT in the morning.
  16. Coasterstock's activities during the day are typically behind-the-scenes tours or hosted in the Picnic Grove, where there's plenty of room, so I don't think having the events coincide will be a problem. The remodeled Enchanted Theater space could also be utilized.
  17. I rebuilt all the cached JavaScript files; is it working properly now?
  18. There was an issue with posting for the past few hours, but all should be working now.
  19. As of the latest NWS forecast update, it's looking dry for the first part of the evening. You might luck out.
  20. Passholders don't get early ride time, but turnstiles and International Street shops open for all guests 30 minutes before the park during Winterfest.
  21. ^ Bring-a-friend tickets are available at the gate on the select Sundays they're available, and International Street shops open 30 minutes prior to the park opening (4:30, or 3:30 on Saturdays).
  22. Tickets for next year's Winter Chill Out at Cedar Point on February 23, 2019 are on sale now, earlier than ever. The cost is $50 per participant, with all proceeds benefiting A Kid Again. Everyone gets a multi-hour behind-the-scenes tour of the park (including the new-for-2019 Forbidden Frontier), exclusive Q&A session, hot lunch, and other surprises. The event sells out every year, so purchase soon, especially if you want a specific timeslot. @acole5292 , @pianoman, @chugh43 and I just purchased tickets to the 9:30am tour. Who else is attending this year?
  23. malem

    KIC Mobile App?

    Any mobile app we publish would need to respect privacy, not hog battery life, and be completely optional. For those who love using mobile websites, we certainly wouldn't want to pressure anyone into installing an app. Push notifications and a in-park friend finder are great ideas. Certainly, an app could make it a lot easier to share photos and video to the forums with fewer steps. The audience for an app would extend beyond those participating on the forums, so we'd want to make it easy to get to (for example) current news and park info. Keep the ideas coming! Invision Community has served us well as forum software, but their progress on the mobile side has been slower than I had hoped. Moving to a community platform like Hivebrite would give us a mobile app out-of-the-box that we could customize, or we could look at creating something ourselves (within time and budget constraints).
  24. My small leather wallet holding (only) my season pass, credit card and driver license was enough to set the metal detector off on Friday. It seemed to be on a more sensitive setting than they usually are.
  25. ^ I sure hope not. I'd much rather see continued success of efforts to repair the iconic SeaWorld brand. Getting rid of it would seem like giving into the narrative of the Blackfish filmmakers, which would be a sad day for those in the industry trying to tell their own stories.
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