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  1. If you're not upgrading and are looking for ticket discounts, they are available at select Meijer, Discount Drug Mart, Costco and AAA stores. Prices and availability vary by location, so you might want to call around. If you are planning to buy fountain drinks during your visit, ticket options that include an unlimited drink wristband are usually a better value than standard tickets. As a gold passholder, I would also tend to recommend upgrading your pass to platinum (instead of buying tickets) for the flexibility and extra benefits (eg. early entry into the park).
  2. Banshee is taller, and it screams, so it might seem more intimidating to a first-time rider. Vortex is an older ride, having just celebrated its 30th birthday last season. It's not as smooth as Banshee, and the inversions are more forceful, which might seem scarier to some people. Personally, I love riding both. By the way, please don't create multiple, similar threads or make double posts, as this clutters up the forum. If you haven't already, I'd recommend reviewing the terms of service. https://kicentral.com/forums/index.php?/topic/4128-terms-of-service/
  3. I'm sorry about your experience at Steel Vengeance. RMC restraints aren't the most accommodating, being designed to closely hold the rider's lap and lower legs. It's not necessarily about having too much weight; it's all about your specific body proportions. When I was last there, a ride op was advising every rider to try the test seat before entering the line, unless they had already ridden Steel Vengeance. I can't say for sure if you'll have problems with anything at KI, but I wouldn't be too worried - especially if you fit into Millennium Force. Drop Tower could be a problem; the restraint is especially tight for tall people. I recommend checking out other threads on the topic of fitting into rides: https://kicentral.com/forums/index.php?/topic/33000-can-i-ride-the-kings-island-roller-coasters/ Welcome to KIC, by the way! Let us know how your visit goes. To correct your typo, 52 inches is the minimum height restriction on those rides. Some rides do have maximum height restrictions, though you don't need to worry about these at 6'2". At Kings Island, the shortest maximum height restriction is 6'4" for Delirium.
  4. I use the Samsung Health app to record my steps in a park. At KI, I usually average about 30k steps (20 mi) per visit, more or less depending on how long I'm there and who I'm hanging out with. My all time steps record remains at 56519 steps (38.9 miles) at CoasterMania 2016, not including post-midnight steps at that event. I'd like to break it at some point, but it won't be easy.
  5. Reports from the park indicated it was a zen ride kind of night, after all of today's rain. Almost certainly, there weren't enough people getting in line to fill the trains.
  6. Shockwave was also listed for sale when its removal was announced. There was no buyer, so it was (unfortunately) demolished and scrapped. Looking at the photos, it doesn't appear that this slide is being saved.
  7. Really, the main reason Regular is on sale now is to show how great of a value Gold is in comparison. The only advantage of Regular is that it's a few dollars cheaper. Regular might make sense for a guest who needs 3+ days of summer admission, but who doesn't need parking, early rides, passholder events, etc. For the majority of guests, Gold is a much better choice than Regular. After July 4, the only pass options will be Regular and Platinum.
  8. Father's Day typically isn't very crowded, even with the bring-a-friend offer. Last Sunday was no exception. The Sunday following Father's Day has been added as a bring-a-friend day for at least the past few years. I would expect that to be the least crowded day of this upcoming weekend, with SpiritSong going on Thu-Sat.
  9. If I'm doing Soak City solo, I use my car as a locker. I only buy swim trunks which can securely hold a car key. When splitting the cost, the all-day locker prices aren't bad.
  10. Welcome to KIC! If you're watching a really old POV, you might need to consider the original framerate. When videos are converted from one format to another, they are sometimes slightly sped up or slowed down to adjust for the output type. An example is when a film is converted into a NTSC/ATSC format for TV. Mistakes when digitizing the video or converting for YouTube can result in more significant errors. If a video recorded at 29.97fps is being played at 24fps, for example, it would seem 20% slower.
  11. If you're going in the near future, Volcano is indeed down for extended maintenance. I really like Dorney Park, but unless you plan to do Wildwater Kingdom, two days might be too much. Most of the crowd tends to go to the waterpark, so the dry park typically doesn't get long lines. Many people consider it to be a half-day park. If you get done early and need something to do in the area, there are many other great parks within a reasonable drive from Dorney. Six Flags Great Adventure and Hersheypark to name two.
  12. The online processing fee varies based on how many tickets are in your order. Admission tickets, Fast Lane wristbands, season passes, and some season pass upgrades all count as "tickets". Currently, the processing fee schedule is: 0 tickets (only charitable items, like Coaster Campout): $0 0 tickets (only non-ticket items, like drink cups or parking): $0.99 1-2 tickets: $5.99 3-4 tickets: $7.99 5-99 tickets: $9.99 Adding parking or drink cups to your order shouldn't increase your processing fee, since these items are not tickets. Adding Fast Lane Plus might increase your processing fee, as they count as tickets and might push you into a higher tier.
  13. Our Tapatalk account needs updated after yesterday's InvisionPower upgrade. We'll get that done soon. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  14. It wasn't the elusive Losantiville station Freestyle, but the drink building next to Diamondback was open for yesterday's ERT session.
  15. People's tastes change with time, and marathon riding from open to close certainly isn't for everyone. Personally, I've found myself riding even more as I get older. The presence of gray hair at coaster events gives me hope that I'll be able to continue marathoning coasters for a very long time to come.
  16. Six Flags Great Adventure bans all loose articles on El Toro and Kingda Ka, even if they're in a zippered pocket. There are no metal detectors, but guests with a phone out in line or in the station will be kicked out of line. As annoying as this policy is for enthusiasts who know to use zipper pockets, I'm beginning to support it on rides with extreme changes in speed/direction. Having my phone in line isn't worth risking someone else knocking my eye out with their phone. Each coaster at Kentucky Kingdom has a large sign explaining that phones can't be out while riding. Security there doesn't mess around, and guests seem to take the rules very seriously as a result. I witnessed one very unhappy group being escorted off park grounds when I was at KK two weeks ago.
  17. Kings Island does a number of Gold and Platinum passholder events throughout the season. They're updated on the park's website and social media channels. We usually post about them on the forum and the KIC Twitter & Facebook pages as well. To participate, just show your gold or platinum pass at the event. The ride events remaining this season are: Thu, July 5: Exclusive Soak City night rides Thu, July 13: Banshee/Drop Tower/Blackout night ERT Wed, August 1: Exclusive Soak City night rides Thu, August 2: Racer/Delirium/Scrambler night ERT
  18. Thanks for the heads up! We're going through logs so that we can identify and report the offending ad to Google.
  19. I arrived around 6:30pm and had time for quite a few rides before ERT. Pretty light crowds considering how nice of a day it was; my longest wait was about 10 minutes for Mystic Timbers. I skipped Flight of Fear because it had a bit of a line.
  20. Ride operators can't check for unsecured articles in everyone's pockets. I have seen no indication that the crew did anything wrong in this incident. I fail to see how the fact that one of the operators happened to be spieling on the mic has anything to do with this whatsoever.
  21. Don't forget - tonight is the passholder ERT event featuring Diamondback, Woodstock Express & Great Pumpkin Coaster.
  22. For me, the most disturbing part of the story is that the offending rider simply walked away without identifying himself to the victim or the park. To injure someone and then not take responsibility is cowardice and wrong. Hopefully he's found and cited for his failure to follow the ride's safety instructions.
  23. Judging from the picture, it looks like there were no buyers. The Tornado was the slide involved in accident last year at KD, which resulted in a hospitalization and an investigation.
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