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  1. SFNE might be my favorite Six Flags park. Wicked Cyclone is currently my #1 RMC, and the rest of the coaster collection is very solid. It's also one of the few places you can ride a Vekoma Giant Inverted Boomerang, which I found much more fun than the standard variety. My recommendation would be to go on a hot day, if possible. We did this last year, and we were parked all the way in the back of the overflow lot. Though we were expecting long lines, almost every coaster was a station wait or less. We did the entire dry park, including several re-rides, from 3pm-close. The waterpark? At capacity, with switchbacks of people waiting just to get in. For admission, look at the ACE discount page (if you're an ACE member) and/or consider a membership. If you'll make more than one visit to a SIX park over the next 12 months, a membership might be a better value than tickets and parking.
  2. I've had really fun 3-hour waits in a queue, and I've had agonizing 15-minute waits. It all depends on who you're waiting in line with.
  3. malem

    Wait times?

    The app gets updated when ride crews report their estimated wait time. For the most part, I find the data to be more or less accurate, as ride crews are pretty good at estimating their wait time. Sometimes, a ride won't send in their report, and their time will become outdated in the app. If Diamondback says 5 minutes but more other rides are 30+ minutes, something's probably wrong.
  4. I did the Animation Academy at Disney's California Adventure earlier this year, where I was reminded that I'm definitely not an artist. We were supposed to draw Chip: But I somehow ended up with: Will have to try PEANUTS Sketch School to see if I can do any better...
  5. These days, most bumper cars are set to a much lower voltage than was used historically.
  6. ^ My E-ZPass is also with Massachusetts; it's the least expensive state to establish an account with. When the balance goes negative, and autopay can't immediately bring it back into positive territory, your transponder is deactivated. To do that, your home state (i.e. Massachusetts) updates their master list of transponders and distributes the changes to all E-ZPass agencies nationwide. You are also notified of the problem. Some states charge a processing fee to cover the cost of doing all that and to incentivize customers to keep their accounts current. It's recommended to set up a secondary credit/debit card with E-ZPass to avoid the possibility of going negative. For those interested in how E-ZPass works on a technical level, here's a little light reading on how information is communicated between participating states.
  7. The Gold renewal price and the discount for purchasing 4+ Gold passes both indeed expired last week. Also, the Platinum price increased from $216 to $218, and Regular went from $117 to $126.
  8. On my first visit this season, I waited about 3 hours for it to open. I knew the wait might be shorter than that if I returned later, but getting a ride on SV was the only priority for that visit. Tera Ryzing, trying to argue the same point over and over is disruptive to the conversation. Please be respectful of other members and their comments, even when you disagree. I cleaned up the thread.
  9. The challenge with opening the International Restaurant space to the public is that it's used for many private events throughout the season. When it opened for Winterfest last year, many dates were blacked out for other events. I don't see it opening to the public on a regular basis, barring another indoor venue for groups being constructed at the park.
  10. ^ I almost booked the SureStay Plus in Jasper for tomorrow's trip, which is about the same distance as the Tell City and Rockport hotels. I guess you're glad we didn't go with that one!
  11. Enthusiasts from around the country will be on-hand for CoasterMania, with Steel Vengeance as the star attraction. CP clearly doesn't want to disappoint. Not to mention, cedar Fair publicizes their Golden Ticket Awards, which are voted on by enthusiasts.
  12. Costco's supply chain tracking is a lot more robust than most businesses', so they were able to verify with certainty that their product wasn't affected. Many restaurants have been replacing it to avoid any possibility of serving recalled product and because customers are still wary about consuming it. When making a substitution like this, they really should change the menu or put up a sign explaining the temporary switch. I'd recommend sending your feedback to the park directly.
  13. Yes, you can wear a shirt on the slides. T-shirts don't provide very much sun protection when wet, so you'll want to wear a SPF shirt and/or wear sunscreen under the shirt. For what it's worth, I've seen people ride Mammoth in street clothes, socks and sneakers. I would not recommend this.
  14. Comparing one's home park, with which one is intimately familiar, to another park is very difficult to do.
  15. malem

    Current wait times

    If you're in the park, but the app doesn't recognize that you are, check your device's location settings. Be sure that GPS and advanced location services are enabled. Android: https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/6179507?hl=en iOS: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT207092
  16. ^ That is the deadline for current prices. Carowinds will continue to offer Gold after that date, albeit at a higher price.
  17. KI is the only park in the chain where Gold goes away. Other parks that offer gold continue to offer it as long as that season's passes are on sale. It's no secret that Cedar Fair has been pushing season passes progressively harder versus admission tickets. The park just came off a record year; I really don't think lack of sales is a factor. They probably just want to turn more of their early summer visitors into repeat visitors. I just wish they wouldn't advertise a deadline of Memorial Day if the actual deadline is the Fourth of July, as people will feel like they hurried up for nothing.
  18. malem

    Current wait times

    The signs have been gone since last season. Wait times in the KI app have replaced them.
  19. You can wear water shoes on all rides; there are no (adult) body slides at Splashin' Safari. There are cubby stations at Mammoth/Wildebeest you can stash them in if you prefer not to wear them while riding. Some flip flops are slippery when wet. They have a wristband locker system in the waterpark. Up to four wristbands are provided for each locker, so it's easy (and relatively inexpensive) to share a large locker amongst a group.
  20. They have alternated between tri tip and brisket this season, so the potential for confusion exists. Was it tri tip or brisket actually being served? I personally prefer the leaner tri tip, but the brisket was very good as well.
  21. malem

    Current wait times

    Dry park lines are not bad today, according to people at the park.
  22. Giant Boomerangs are actually a lot of fun. I'd highly recommend riding one!
  23. Having to warn and ban people is the worst part of being a moderator. Not getting banned is a good goal to have!
  24. For anyone who has yet to purchase their ticket, this Sunday is the deadline to register online and avoid the procrastination tax! It looks like we'll have quite a large turnout from KIC. Anyone interested in meeting for a group photo, perhaps at dinner on Saturday?
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