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  1. The wing portion at Island Smokehouse has increased to six wings.
  2. Power washing the tower is continuing, and it looks like site preparations for paint work have begun.
  3. I'm not surprised to see good renewal deals this year. After renewing everyone's passes and add-ons for free for 2021, they need all the paid pass sales they can get this fall. Cedar Fair passes still aren't as cheap as Six Flags, where season passes good for admission and parking at all parks have been selling for $50-$60 all summer. Their own 2022 Flash Sale is likely to be even better. Visiting a few of their parks this year has made me thankful for Cedar Fair's approach to pricing and operations. Revenue growth these days is coming from add-ons and in-park sales, which are much more impactful than an extra $10-$20 on the base season pass price, especially with the increased volume the deals bring in. I wouldn't be surprised to see more premium upgrade options in the future; one thing Six Flags has been very successful with is their tiered membership offering.
  4. If you are considering Fast Lane Plus on a Saturday, be aware that it's been selling out in advance (and thus not available to purchase at the park) on some busy days.
  5. According to the USDA, chicken wing prices are up more than 30% in the past year. The Island Smokehouse smoked chicken wings are one of my favorite foods in the park, so I'll often get it despite the small portion size. (It was 5 wing sections as of 2019, now indeed down to 4). It just means I'm more likely to spring for a snack later in the day.
  6. I last rode on the 24th. I was assigned to Row 9 (unsure which train), and it was one of the rougher rides I've had on The Beast, especially between the first drop and the brake shed. Not as bad as (for example) The Boss, but out of character here. It was riding well all over the train at Coasterstock (Jul 9-10). Hopefully whatever issues it's having are resolved soon.
  7. At Cedar Point, the expanded calendar is keeping resorts open Thursday night through Sunday night, up from just Friday and Saturday nights in 2019. At the prices they're able to command for Hotel Breakers (well over $500 for a standard room with 2 queen beds Friday/Saturday), this will not be an insignificant amount of revenue. As an aside, it looks like Cedar Point gold passes are slated to cost $109 this fall, based on the HalloWeekends Hotel Breakers room/ticket combo prices.
  8. ^ Kings Island typically runs all trains on their coasters, regardless of how busy the park is. Other parks are different; Kennywood for instance typically only runs both trains on Phantom when the park is exceptionally busy. I don't what the reasoning is; perhaps a member of the rides team could weigh in. It may have to do with simplifying ride operations since maintenance is needed to transfer trains at Kings Island. It's also a better guest experience to have minimal waits for rides on days when the park is not crowded.
  9. ^ I'd recommend filling out the online comment form on KI's website if you notice something like that. Those can easily be forwarded to the right department to get an issue fixed. Yes, Spotify and other companies have "all in one" packages that include keeping track of royalties. At a place as big as Kings Island, music is a lot more complex than plugging in a Spotify playlist. They've got live shows, custom music composed for the park, music used in soundtracks for videos/effects, FunTV, and a variety of technical systems.
  10. There was plenty of classic rock on the playlist this past weekend. The pop playlist used in most areas of the park is typically a wide variety so that most park guests will hopefully hear some songs they like. The current issue is that at least some songs are repeating more often than they should be. What works for one park might not always be the best fit for another park. Carowinds' playlist is heavier on country music, for instance.
  11. Did you send a message to the park alerting them to this? Typically, they play radio edits with any explicit words removed or replaced. The music in Brewhouse usually isn't loud enough for me to even pay attention to what's playing. I did notice songs in a tighter rotation than usual this past weekend, especially on I-Street. If the park or one of its audio vendors is making changes, it's possible there are issues that they are working to resolve. Music at a large venue like Kings Island is complex, legally and technically speaking.
  12. Second day early risers are ready for some Banshee!
  13. Waiting for parking tolls to open!
  14. ^ Is it back to quarters this year? They had changed it to tokens a couple years ago. My only gripe with Cash-to-Card machines is that the cards can't be reloaded and incur fees after a few months of inactivity. Luckily, the point-of-sale systems at Kings Island support partial transactions, so it should be easy to use up cards with small remaining balances. I prefer closed loop systems like Holiday World's where cash can be loaded directly to a season pass or wristband, but I understand the appeal of letting an outside vendor handle the cash system.
  15. Per the e-mail that was sent to attendees, Funpix is loaded onto your Coasterstock event ticket, which you can print or show on your mobile device from your online Coasterstock ticket order. You shouldn't need to register to load photos, but you'll want to register afterward to view and download your pictures from the Funpix website.
  16. I'm really liking the changes to the bandstand lighting effects since last season (when most of the current effects were new). It's going to look great when night-time shows can happen. I caught most of the 8:00 Center Stage Live show on my way out of the park last night, and I was impressed. The band sounded great, and the large set of dancers kept the crowd engaged. It's nice to see more elaborate shows taking place on the bandstand.
  17. ^ It's disappointing for sure to have shortened hours, as Kings Island is one of the best parks to experience at night. I look forward to when staffing and operational circumstances again (hopefully very soon) permit later operation. I noticed last night that crowds died down significantly after about 6:00pm. Night rides and fireworks do a great job of keeping people in the park spending money longer, so I'd like to think that this is a priority to get resolved. Feedback, concerns and constructive criticism are of course always welcome on the forum. To keep the overall tone positive and facilitate a discussion, it's usually best to avoid rehashing the same points.
  18. We attempted to do a software upgrade last night, but it ended up breaking replies. Sorry about that. I restored the previous version until we can figure out what went wrong and apply the updates again.
  19. The cash price is now listed on the Wishbone menu board; I believe it's around $13.
  20. The event at Carowinds last year was the Peanuts Celebration, similar to the June 2018 event at Kings Island. Weather and attendance are major issues for seasonal parks in November, so it can be a gamble with events. Maybe we'll see some Cedar Fair parks try a food tasting event at that time of the year, which they're getting quite good at this year out of necessity at Knott's.
  21. Discussing how the recent case illustrates the need to make the coaster community a safer place for everyone is welcome, but let's steer clear of any speculation. Some posts have been cleaned up. This is a tough time for the entire community. Those who call themselves enthusiasts should strive to be the best fans of the park. It should be about enjoying parks, supporting the industry, modeling exemplary behavior, and creating the safest environment possible. News like this, especially involving someone you know, feels like a gut punch. No one should lose sight of the fact that amusement parks and amusement park fans are part of the real world. We all have a responsibility for keeping ourselves, our families, and those around us safe. Since amusement parks attract an audience of all ages, special caution is warranted with respect to interactions involving younger people in the community. It's always safest to interact in groups and with people in a similar age range. Be aware of the signs of grooming and abuse, and don't be afraid to report inappropriate behavior to relevant authorities and to others as appropriate.
  22. They wouldn't have planned another major coaster the year after the biggest investment in park history, even before COVID-19. Early 2000s Six Flags doesn't own the park. It's always fun to look at work going on in the park and speculate about future additions. Let's stay focused on what's within the realm of possibility, though.
  23. It was a little past medium, but there was some pink in the meat on my sandwich, which I posted a picture of in the other thread. I got mine right after they started serving at 5:00. They had meat in a hot holding dish after they were done grilling it, so it may have cooked further depending on when it was ordered.
  24. Tonight's chef's plate special of sliced ribeye with provolone and sauteed peppers and onions was excellent. The sandwich had a well-rounded taste, with a generous portion of steak cooked to a perfect medium. For sure the best meal I've had on my dining plan. I can't wait to come back and try more specials.
  25. The ribeyes for tonight's menu are on the grill.
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