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  1. Mystic Timbers was done similarly to Banshee. Media invitees had a separate lanyard color to receive priority boarding in the Fast Lane line. This way, they can invite more enthusiasts without media having to wait behind a large crowd of them. I'd expect a similar arrangement with Orion.

    Of course, Media Days are not ERT. ACE members are there to fill seats when needed, create a fun environment, and speak enthusiastically with the media.

  2. Much of the stock price adjustment seems triggered by the default of Six Flags' partner in China, leaving those projects in doubt.

    The drop in domestic pass & membership revenue is surprising. The gold level monthly membership is cheap enough ($6-$9/month depending on park) that many just don't bother to cancel, regardless of how often they visit. Evidently the Planet Fitness model has its limits. Unlike Cedar Fair, they don't have much additional room to discount to drive sales.

    As a park guest, I'd love to see Six Flags take a more Cedar Fair-esque approach of investing in the guest experience while gradually increasing the pass/membership cost. While every SIX park gets a new attraction every year (unless you're SFMM in 2020), investments in areas like food and general park improvements have been lagging behind FUN for several seasons.

  3. Maybe KI could pay to upgrade the insulation of that nearby house built before 1972. Those building houses later should have taken the amusement park into consideration.

    In a B-4 Commercial Recreation zoning district (as Mason designates Kings Island), the current Mason noise ordinance specifies a maximum "continuous" sound level from a fixed source of 65 dBA from 10pm-7am as measured from the property line (which extends to the river). This would be about as loud as a normal conversation. It's not clear how this would apply to a coaster train dispatching every 2 minutes, or how WKRC measured the sound levels.



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  4. I bought a ticket for the 9: 30 start time; looking forward to it!

    There were no available tickets 15 minutes after they went on sale. A handful of tickets gradually became available as abandoned shopping carts timed out, and it officially sold out after a little over an hour. Those who want to attend this event have to be quick!

  5. If you have any printed ride photos, the cardboard holder might work well to wrap your passes in. Or you could design your own card holder using a photo of your family at the park.

    Another option if you're feeling creative might be to transfer park-themed artwork to a plain cardboard gift box. I've done something similar with tape and an inkjet printer.

    If you want to just buy something, a Peanuts character holding the passes might be fun. Good luck, and enjoy your visits with the new passes!

  6. If you make your own pizza at home with fresh pizza dough, LaRosa's jarred pizza sauce (available at Cincy-area grocery stores) and provolone (not mozzarella) cheese, you'll be very close.

    The major difference between LaRosa's pizza at the park and at restaurants is the crust. The park uses frozen dough and massive-capacity ovens to produce huge quantities of pizza, whereas the restaurants use fresh dough and different ovens. I personally prefer the pizza from the restaurants.

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  7. 35 minutes ago, PilotDude said:

    I would counter that Kings Island rules are less restrictive then the law as they can not keep you from doing something legal off their property even if they claim they can. They have every right as the land owner to forbid drones from their property, but if launched and recovered from somewhere else, that the pilot has legal permission to be on,  the park can't do anything about it.

    They can (and do) revoke season passes, letting the user know they're no longer welcome on the park's private property. FAA rules and local laws notwithstanding.

    35 minutes ago, PilotDude said:

    I looked up with the FAA on any incidents involving drones around Kings Island, I could not find any.  I couldn't even find a news article of an incident. I am not sure the statement that many flying drones around the park are breaking FAA rules is factual. I am certain the part about local laws is not a factual as no city or township can make laws about drones other then to ban them from their property (federal preemption).  

    I didn't say that flying drones around the park is a violation of FAA rules in and of itself.

    Many property owners consider it trespass to launch or control a drone from their property without permission. Local laws can also affect using some types of public property, such as road right-of-ways, for that purpose.

    FAA rules do apply, mainly with respect to registration, staying below 400', staying within a line of sight, and not operating in a careless manner. Some people who have flown drones near or over the park have not fully complied.

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  8. Just to clarify with respect to drones:

    • Kings Island park rules are more restrictive than the law. These rules prohibit flying drones over the property. Those violating this rule are routinely issued bans from entering Kings Island.
    • Many people found flying drones at or near the park are also in violation of FAA rules or local laws. Kings Island will notify relevant authorities if laws are being violated at or near the park.
    • Drone footage of the park, no matter where it's taken from, is not allowed on KIC. Please don't link it here either.
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  9. ^^ I'm of the opinion that flume rides shouldn't get you drenched. A scenic ride along the course, a thrilling drop, and an appropriate splash made KCKC the park favorite it was.

    If I wanted to get buckets of water dumped on me, WWC was (and is) the destination.

    For an example of a really horrible water ride experience, with apologies to @Shawn Meyer, look at what Cedar Point did in 2010.

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  10. 1 hour ago, PilotDude said:

    could you give an example of the difference between criticism and bashing.

    There's a fine line between them, but it comes down to tone, respect and accuracy. Constructive criticism should be supported in facts and honest opinions, avoiding a negative attitude when possible. Jumping to exaggerated conclusions should also be avoided, as that doesn't advance a civil discussion.

    It's not PR's job to entertain every discussion about the webcam on social media, especially ones that have already been answered. There are many other priorities, especially with Winterfest fast approaching. It's disappointing that we're not seeing the rest of the lift go up in realtime, but there's a whole lot of coaster left to build.

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  11. Just now, LovinMeSomeBanshee said:

    So since my posts keep getting deleted - is no criticism of the park allowed?  I don’t get it.

    Criticism of the park is definitely allowed, but everyone needs to be respectful about it.

    Posts contributing to arguing and park bashing will be removed. These types of comments create a negative tone that everyone is tired of.

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