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  1. The event at Carowinds last year was the Peanuts Celebration, similar to the June 2018 event at Kings Island. Weather and attendance are major issues for seasonal parks in November, so it can be a gamble with events.

    Maybe we'll see some Cedar Fair parks try a food tasting event at that time of the year, which they're getting quite good at this year out of necessity at Knott's.

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  2. Discussing how the recent case illustrates the need to make the coaster community a safer place for everyone is welcome, but let's steer clear of any speculation. Some posts have been cleaned up.

    This is a tough time for the entire community. Those who call themselves enthusiasts should strive to be the best fans of the park. It should be about enjoying parks, supporting the industry, modeling exemplary behavior, and creating the safest environment possible.

    News like this, especially involving someone you know, feels like a gut punch. No one should lose sight of the fact that amusement parks and amusement park fans are part of the real world. We all have a responsibility for keeping ourselves, our families, and those around us safe.

    Since amusement parks attract an audience of all ages, special caution is warranted with respect to interactions involving younger people in the community. It's always safest to interact in groups and with people in a similar age range. Be aware of the signs of grooming and abuse, and don't be afraid to report inappropriate behavior to relevant authorities and to others as appropriate.

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  3. They wouldn't have planned another major coaster the year after the biggest investment in park history, even before COVID-19. Early 2000s Six Flags doesn't own the park.

    It's always fun to look at work going on in the park and speculate about future additions. Let's stay focused on what's within the realm of possibility, though.

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  4. 1 hour ago, AnyPancakes said:

    You don’t take a ribeye last medium. The fat renders around 136 degrees. That picture is closer to 200. It’s ruined. 


    It was a little past medium, but there was some pink in the meat on my sandwich, which I posted a picture of in the other thread.

    I got mine right after they started serving at 5:00. They had meat in a hot holding dish after they were done grilling it, so it may have cooked further depending on when it was ordered.







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  5. Tonight's chef's plate special of sliced ribeye with provolone and sauteed peppers and onions was excellent. The sandwich had a well-rounded taste, with a generous portion of steak cooked to a perfect medium. For sure the best meal I've had on my dining plan.

    I can't wait to come back and try more specials.


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  6. 7 hours ago, SnakePlissken said:

    Dollywood will revoke passes if people are caught sharing passes for things like discounts and meals and I assume Cedar Fair takes a similar stance. It just isn't worth taking the risk.

    What's not allowed at Dollywood is to let others scan your (gold) pass card to get discounts or other benefits. You can buy things for friends, and they can pay you back, however.

    Sharing food from your plate obtained through an all-day dining plan goes against the spirit of all-you-can-eat, but enforcing this as an actual rule would be impossible. The 90-minute interval is meant to discourage this, as most guests want to eat a meal at the same time as other members of their party.

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  7. One focus of CGA is events and corporate buy-outs, owing to their strategic location in Silicon Valley next to Levi's Stadium. We may see more development along the lines of the event pavilion that was built a few years ago.

    I don't see them becoming a huge destination park like Knott's or Kings Island, but I think they will remain a development focus for the chain.

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  8. On 7/20/2020 at 10:34 PM, King Ding Dong said:

    though something like Adventureland would probably be better Platinum sales.

    Adventureland is offering free admission to Cedar Fair and Six Flags passholders for the last part of this season. https://twitter.com/PayneReports/status/1291504041789456386

    Seems like a smart move to me; encourage out-of-town park fans to spend money in their park while maybe boosting interest if they ever decide to put themselves up for sale.


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  9. On 10:00pm closes this year, the lines for both Beast and Orion close early for fireworks. Unlike in previous, normal seasons, they aren't reopening after fireworks for people already in line.

    When they close the line depends on how long the line is; they close it early enough to have riders in line through by 9:45pm. To get a night ride, you'll want to be in line around the time they close the line off.

  10. ^^ That was basically the FunPerks system from 2012. There were no visible points, but you earned rewards based on your visits and especially your in-park spending.

    I don't know if it will involve rewards, but I expect a push to increase spending next year since passholders will be essentially getting the season for free. I'll be more likely to drop money on something random having not really paid for admission (or dining/drinks).


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  11. Holiday World updated their COVID-19 policy on the website to reflect Indiana's new mandate:


    Beginning July 27, 2020, in accordance with Governor Holcomb’s Executive Order 20-37, Guests will be required to wear face coverings as they enter the gates, and in any indoor spaces in the park including roller coaster stations, gift shops, indoor restaurants, Pepsi Oases, and restroom buildings.  Guests will not be required to wear face coverings on any water rides, while eating or drinking, or in the midways, but are expected to maintain 6-foot social distancing from other travel parties at all times. In accordance with guidance from Indiana, children 7 and under will not need to wear coverings in the park (though they are strongly recommended for children ages 2-7) and exceptions will be made for those with medical conditions.


  12. 1 hour ago, disco2000 said:

    Travel advisory requiring 14 day self quarantine for states with positivity rate exceeding 15%.

    The advisory recommending a 14 day quarantine currently affects travel from Florida, Texas, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arizona, Nevada and Idaho.

    While it's only a recommendation at this time, it will certainly impact travel plans to the Ohio parks and for Ohioans wanting to visit open parks in those states.

  13. 2 hours ago, RMCRacer2022 said:

    Maybe I went in looking for the negatives, but I will say I was paying a lot of attention to everyone walking by at all times because I was truly curious given what everyone was saying here. It was definitely better for the first hour we were there in terms of masks (we had the 10:30 slot), but right from the get go people were lined up back to back waiting for Banshee to open with everyone bunching on the stairs when it did open. In general, the Fast Lane queue made me nervous because in many cases you were literally right next to the people in the regular queue with no barriers. I will say that the majority of people who did have their masks off were doing so in a place that wasn’t crowded. For example, we sat in the Skyline pavilion at lunch and the majority of these no mask instances happened on the pathway behind it and in between the Stunt Coaster, and they did put them on or pull them up when approaching the rides. However, in terms of social distancing, I never (honestly never) saw it not bunched up as you got closer to getting onto a ride. Adventure Express was especially bad with people sitting on the railings throughout the entire queue right next to each other. The poor guy at the front was doing his best to tell people to put their masks over their noses and to space out, but he also had to load the trains. The mask usage just got worse as the day went on especially given the heat.

    Now, the good things I saw were that employees at loading were asking people to put on masks and pull them over their noses. I did see people keep them on during the rides themselves. I did see several parents doing an excellent job of teaching their children to sanitize and wear their masks properly. I also was aware of all the announcements that were made about social distancing and mask usage (as well as signage). I also saw the cleaning procedures on trains and they were very thorough (although I’m curious as to why they don’t run the train empty after sanitizing to let it dry/work as most of those products have to sit for a minute or so).

    I just think that enforcement needs to be more consistent throughout the park. I had seen on here where there were employees specifically in the queues to enforce distancing and sanitize, but we never saw an instance of that (and granted lines were very short all day). We saw several supervisors walking around the park itself with clipboards, but I rarely saw them address any guests. We just felt that it was getting more unsafe as the day went on unfortunately. 

    It's impossible to control every individual's behavior in a public setting, but I feel good about the layered approach Cedar Fair and other major park companies are taking with masks, distancing, cleaning, enforcement, & limiting indoor activities.

    With Fast Lane, the floor stickers are configured so that people in the two lines aren't waiting side-by-side. When people stand as instructed, they shouldn't be within 6' of another group. In some queues, there are long gaps between stickers to accomplish this.

    On my visits, employees have come through the line periodically to sanitize queue rails and correct guests who aren't following health protocols.

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  14. I have seen very good compliance with masks and distancing so far. In ride lines on Friday, I saw several people reminded either by an associate to keep their face fully covered and/or to stay on the social distancing markers. I wasn't there today, but 30% of people not wearing masks isn't at all consistent with what I've seen at Kings Island this year.

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  15. While this forum is an escape for many, it's also a place to find different perspectives on the issues facing the park industry and beyond. COVID-19 is arguably the biggest single event to ever impact the industry.

    Constructive dialog and mutual respect make KIC what it is, even in this age of polarization.

    1 hour ago, gad198 said:
    • Why is Sweden, who imposed no lockdown nor mandatory mask requirements (less than 10% mask usage there), seeing both their case and mortality numbers consistently go down? Source

    The Swedish model relied on herd immunity, supported by a relatively low population density and excellent access to healthcare. They got control of the virus, but at a high human cost. The cost of this strategy in the US would likely be much higher.


    1 hour ago, gad198 said:

    Why is it that despite that huge increase in US cases - 3 times as many cases today as compared to two months ago - that the daily average number of deaths has gone down during that time? Source

    There are indeed some encouraging signs that COVID infections may becoming less lethal. Whether this is due to a younger demographic getting infected, partial herd immunity to the virus, better treatment protocols, or other factors is not yet known. As KDD and others have noted above, there are potential long-term health implications to consider among survivors.

    Those who have recently been infected haven't progressed through the disease yet. We shouldn't wait for death numbers and ICU numbers to spike before responding to earlier indicators.

    1 hour ago, gad198 said:

    Regarding New Zealand, they still haven't opened their borders yet.  They'll have to eventually if they want to keep their economy afloat given how dependent they are on tourism.  What do you think is going to happen when they reopen their borders?

    You raise a good point. If the virus is spreading unchecked anywhere, it's a problem everywhere.

    Opening borders will require testing and contact tracing. You're right that we can't contact trace 65k people/day - that becomes more important once the virus is controlled by physical and/or immunological means.

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  16. New York, New Jersey and Connecticut are now requiring Ohioans to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival.



    5 hours ago, alsoran said:

    This has nothing to do with Trump people, this was local.  No names, as I don't know names, just know that it was local.  I am not a political supporter, I am an American, nit donkey or elephant.

    There's a lot of misleading and false information going around, unfortunately. A localized, significant increase in the percentage of tests coming back positive (like we've seen in many states) isn't due to errors inherent in testing. This metric is important for understanding how and where the virus is spreading so that it can be controlled.

    Recent studies on T-cell COVID-19 immunity have indicated that immunity among the population might be higher than antibody tests indicate. This is almost certainly very good news.

    However, uncontrolled spread in the community is still dangerous even if immunity is further along than we thought. We don't yet know how many of those among the recent spike in cases will die or suffer long-term health consequences. We do know how to slow the spread: face coverings, social distancing, limiting large gatherings, and good hand hygiene.

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  17. Unfortunately, even enthusiasts sometimes fail to properly secure loose articles in their cargo pockets before riding. The pouches were a good solution because the ride operators could verify that they were closed, but they did slow dispatches. Getting rid of them for the time being was the right call to keep capacity up and reduce touchpoints amid the pandemic.

    Hopefully we see pouches return once the pandemic is over.

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