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  1. You can upgrade paid tickets (including Kroger tickets) at the gate by paying the difference. If you plan on going again by the end of next year, it might make sense to upgrade all the way to a 2020 Gold pass.

    Complimentary tickets, which are sometimes used for promotions, have different rules and don't have any value toward a season pass.

  2. 1 hour ago, Ben43065 said:

    We really don’t know why this giga is the way it is, considering it’s the same price as Fury (If not more) and it’s a 1,000+ ft shorter definitely gives me an impression that the price of steel or something has gone up a decent amount. This giga already was pushing the budget, that 13+ ft isn’t noticeable to anyone but Coaster enthusiast who want to bash a ride because it isn’t the best coaster ever built 

    Steel costs about twice as much now as when Fury was being constructed. Looking at it that way, it's great we're getting ours before such large coasters become uneconomical for seasonal parks. https://tradingeconomics.com/commodity/steel

    Using the terrain to the ride's advantage is a win in my book.

    56 minutes ago, veritas said:

    I actually I joined almost 15 years ago now. I am only defending him in the aspect that 6 months ago he wrote a blog that the vast majority praised. Now that he wrote one that a whole lot of people and especially here disagree with. He is now being turned into a pariah. I could be wrong but I bet most have not even read both articles completely. And as far as twitter goes, that was Coaster-Net.com that responded with “Logic and reason cannot be used in a coaster debate. Please come up with something else.” Not Mr. Crowe

    He's entitled to his personal opinion, as wrong as it may be. That said, the author's fixation on contradicting the park on their own classification is deeply embarrassing, and this group's "editorial" staff should have helped him realize that. Publishing drivel like this reflects badly on all enthusiasts, which is why a lot of us are upset about it.

  3. Cedar Fair's season pass legal terms were updated for the purchased Schlitterbahn properties. https://www.cedarpoint.com/legal/season-pass-terms


    All Season Dining, All Season Drink Plan, Season Pass Fast Lane, and Season Pass Locker not available at Schlitterbahn New Braunfels and Schlitterbahn Galveston.  

    According to the latest Cedar Fair earnings call, the Schlitterbahn parks are expected to be fully integrated for the 2021 season, so it makes sense that those systems won't be ready next year. https://www.fool.com/earnings/call-transcripts/2019/08/08/cedar-fair-lp-fun-q2-2019-earnings-call-transcript.aspx

  4. ^ I've had the smoked wings at Chicken Shack several times this season and have enjoyed them. What didn't you like about them?

    I typically get them without sauce, since they're already seasoned. Covering them in hot sauce makes them taste like normal buffalo wings.

  5. 9 minutes ago, Maverick44 said:

    Find him again and ask him about the cost to get in after 8pm haha !

    Starlight tickets are $39 at the gate this season. If you're coming with a passholder, you could alternatively buy a bring-a-friend ticket.

    Assuming you plan to visit next year, your best option is probably to just purchase a 2020 season pass. You could do that on your phone and redeem immediately.


  6. There are a lot more people who read KIC than who actively post on any given day. For people trying to catch up on a day of decoding, reading pages of people arguing is not fun. No one wants to kill the fun, but let's try to stay on-topic as much as possible in this thread. Other threads exist to discuss other topics, including the random discussion thread for posts that don't fit into any topic.

    The arguing and disrespect has really gotten out of hand here. Everyone's help in keeping the conversation civil is appreciated.

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