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  1. Most downtime there, from what I've seen, is fairly short (<30 minutes) in duration. It's gone down multiple times when I've been either in the station or in the queue. Having TTD running probably a huge maintenance priority. That queue is often a frustrating one to wait in. The split doesn't always result in fair wait times, and you have to navigate a station crammed with 4-5 trains worth of people.
  2. Something inspired me to look at old KI construction photos, and I found several great PTRs from Diamondback's construction tour, including this one. It's fun looking back to see now-completed areas under heavy construction, so I thought one of these should (finally!) get a post-completion bump. It's especially interesting for people like me who weren't regularly following these forums back then. (Looking back makes me wish I had been.) Those are some really nice shots. You guys definitely got up-close with the construction site!
  3. Some of them could be suffering from lingering fear/stress from the situation. Depending on the person, real medical issues could result from being stuck that long. As a park enthusiast, your perspective of being stuck on a ride is likely a lot different from an average guest. If this happened to me, assuming no actual injuries/damage, I'd want to be compensated for my expenses and be offered enough for a replacement trip. They didn't forsee something that had happened 4 previous times, including less than two weeks ago at the same park? l
  4. Yes, it seems that they are. Since Flash is no longer supported on Android and has never been supported on iOS, it means that videos in the forum will not work on such tablets. Some apps that try to replace YouTube Flash content with an appropriate <video> tag, for example, might allow them to work seamlessly. The proper fix is to get an update for the forum software to resolve this, rather than using hacky apps to work around the problem. (Really, all that needs changed is the YouTube embedding URL hardcoded into the forum.) All YouTube videos are h.264 mpeg4 files. They can be played on any device or program that supports this format, regardless of whether Flash is available. When viewed from anything other than a Desktop web browser, Flash is definitely not used.
  5. The free meal was a Knott's chicken dinner. (Presumably from the Knott's restaurant outside the park, since they didn't get off until 2 hours after park closing.) The T-Shirt is actually for sale on the Knott's website: http://marketplace.knotts.com/I-Survived-WindSeeker-Brown-Adult-T-Shirt-P587.aspx (Probably not for long, though) I'm pretty certain that the park would have been required to collect names and addresses of all riders on an incident report, so a written apology and proper compensation would seem likely. Perhaps even lawsuits. (I should probably reference Terp's lengthy IANAL disclaimer here)
  6. Flash support on mobile devices is no more, so you're out-of-luck. (This is actually a good thing, as Flash is horrendous) If the video is on YouTube, you can view the video there directly to see the mobile (HTML5) version that will play quite nicely on Android or iOS. The IP Board video embedding feature really should be fixed to properly support videos on mobile devices.
  7. Fans of KI Entertainment has a nice review of the dining experience: http://www.fansofkientertainment.com/?p=554
  8. Pretty sure it's a "him". It's not DOB.
  9. Considering the recent events in California, it's very probable that it's down. WindSeeker would be a pretty miserable place to get stuck for 4 hours on a rainy night.
  10. 3+ hours to evacuate is not safe. Just imagine if someone had a heart attack when the ride stopped, or if someone particularly sensitive to sun exposure was riding. When (if?) I ride a WindSeeker again, I'll definitely make sure I've had enough to drink and am wearing sunscreen as appropriate. Getting stuck up there at midday could cause quite a sunburn. I think it's pretty safe at this point to assume that the unannounced Cedar Fair 2013 capital expenditures will not include more WindSeekers. They need a lot more than a free admission if Cedar Fair hopes to ever see them again. They've had a day of their trip ruined, and admission is far from being the only cost involved. At a minimum, they should be reimbursed for all costs associated with their visit, including gasoline and any lodging. If I were the park's GM, they'd also be getting platinum passes and a one-day ticket to Disneyland.
  11. Most rides have unsecured bins you can place articles in before riding. I would advise against putting valuables in these bins; you should have these securely stored in a cargo pocket or placed into a locker. Hourly lockers are available in several places throughout the park - in Coney Mall, X-Base, and Rivertown. All-day lockers are available near the front gate. Small hourly lockers cost $1/hour with a $2 minimum charge, and small all-day lockers cost $12. All the lockers are controlled through computer kiosks, so credit/debit cards are accepted. EDIT: got the hourly locker info wrong; corrected it. Thanks TheCrypt. If you have your camera in a bag that doesn't attract too much attention, you could take the risk and leave it in the bin. Just know that you are taking a risk of having it stolen. You shouldn't post a phone number on a public forum like this. Instead, ask people who want to meet you to PM you here, and you can give out your number individually. You can edit your post to take out the number.
  12. KI needs to put this on the season pass page of the website, as it's clearly stated there that the only exception is Fridays during Haunt.
  13. Kings Island has early ride time 1 hour before opening every day except Fridays during Haunt. Cedar Point has 1 hour of early entry every day, including during HalloWeekends. Kings Island doesn't have HalloWeekends.
  14. The "bring a friend" discount isn't supposed to be a "send a friend" discount, even though some people have done this. A half-off admission coupon could presumably be given to a friend who isn't visiting with you.
  15. The meal is a prepaid ticket, and there's no mention of added tax or gratuity, so keep that in mind when comparing prices. That $35 dish would be $45 after tip and tax. This seems to be all-inclusive. (Well, all-inclusive except for the $5 online "service" fee to reserve in advance)
  16. Meals in the Picnic Pavilion and (presumably) in the International Restaurant start at 5:30pm this year, so at least some guests will be needing to get past the turnstiles before 6pm.
  17. The meal options are now listed on the Haunt site; both meals start at 5:30pm. Interestingly, the new option is a pricy dining experience tied to the new Madam Fatale house. There's no mention of where the meal is served, but I'm assuming it's in the International Restaurant unless a dining room was built in the Crypt building. In any case, it's nice to see a "fine dining" option available at KI again, even if it's only a limited experience during Haunt. Also notably, the "Backyard Barbecue" (Fright Feast) is only $9.99 during Haunt, presumably priced low to tempt those who would otherwise dine before coming to the park. This might be a compelling option for a KIC Day at Haunt, if one ends up happening, especially if there's an extra season pass discount.
  18. On Haunt Fridays without early entry, at what time are guests allowed through the turnstiles onto International Street?
  19. KI recommends Haunt for people 13+. It would be difficult to enforce this age limit, since children who are "old enough" may not be carrying ID. And, as others have said, age and maturity don't always go hand-in-hand. KI can't be a substitute parent. Knott's new upcharge Haunt maze has an age limit of 18, and presumably ID is checked for people who look close to 18. If an attraction at KI is added that's only appropriate for adults, checking ID would be a very good thing.
  20. If you take took the passenger cabin off at ground level, you'd have the problem of the counterweight dropping from the top. By keeping the counterweight at the bottom (and the cabin at the top), they only had to worry about one heavy object falling to the ground during demo. Notice that the cabin moves upward and actually strikes the top of the tower, as it's still being pulled by its counterweight while it falls. Since they knew exactly where the cabin would impact the ground, at the top of the tower, they dug a hole there to soften the impact. Removing the cabin/counterweight before demolition would have been dangerous work at the midpoint of the tower, 150ft up. I imagine it was much cheaper to simply drop it intact in a predictable fashion.
  21. Cedar Point added theirs along with Luminosity. The young kids most interested in the dinos can't even ride WindSeeker and might not be interested in a nighttime dance party atmosphere. Older guests aren't as likely to pay to walk through a childrens' educational exhibit. Besides, the dinos pay for themselves.
  22. ^ Don't look straight ahead, keep your mouth firmly closed, and tilt your head downwards. If you haven't been in the front seat before, it's worth hitting some bugs. Just take an extra-long shower when you get home.
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