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  1. I was thinking they had changed, per my comment in the KICdayHaunt thread. Perhaps the additional hour on Fridays is to (almost) make up for the lost hours on the first Saturday. Employees (and season pass holders) wouldn't appreciate a sudden reduction in the number of public operating hours.
  2. Pilgrim's Plunge did seem much less thrilling than STR at CP (even less than RFYLCB at KI) - probably a combination of the restraint and a seemingly sluggish drop. It's a decent ride, but it really is anticlimactic when you know you're riding the world's tallest flume. You really don't get wet at all unless you sit in the front, so the connection to Splashin' Safari is indeed odd. While this is a negative to enthusiasts, I suspect that many families and small children would appreciate the less intense drop. Keep in mind that just being up that high is a thrill to many, though probably not to those who hang around on these forums. Many people find even WindSeeker terrifying. I didn't get to ride Wildebeest, but I heard from others on Mammoth that it doesn't get you near as wet. On Mammoth, you're sitting down into a raft already filled with water, so your suit and feet are submerged from the get-go. While riding, you often can't see where you're going because you're facing backwards, taking huge waves in your face, or both. It can be hard to truly appreciate Mammoth's hills when you can't see them, which is why you should ride it multiple times. If you're a group of 2, you can use the single rider line on Mammoth (and presumably Wildebeest) to cut your wait substantially. You'll end up riding with just strangers on most cycles, but you will end up together on many. (They seat groups of 2 in the single line together if possible.) If you want to marathon it, pick a cool morning like we did and brave the cold. There were many shrieks at the first wave of <80° water and much visible shivering after the ride ended. Everyone seemed to think it was completely worth it afterwards, of course. If you go, the Voyage gift shop has most t-shirts marked down to $8, so definitely pick one up. On the topic of savings, the Carrollton, KY Kroger (on the way to HW) has 1-day KI tickets for $25.99. Since Wildebeest was closed and I only tried 2 seats on Voyage, I'm already thinking about a return trip - perhaps getting a coaster club membership for next year's HoliWood Nights. I know some people from KIC met up there this year, so perhaps this will happen again.
  3. I was also at Holiday World on Monday - my first time as well. I too was amazed at how clean the park was. Despite the very light crowds, staff with cleaning supplies roamed the park all day looking for (and usually not finding) things to clean. I saw one carefully cleaning a few drips of sunscreen off of one of the walkways in Splashin' Safari. After finding Voyage closed, I asked the gift shop attendants which coaster would open first, and they informed me that maintenance usually starts at the front of the park. So, I walked through the rain to Raven and found it "operating" - in the rain - with 0 riders. I was the 1st (and 2nd, and 3rd) rider of the day, and I got every bit as soaked as I would on Mammoth. Raven was the most comfortable ride of the day, in my opinion. Voyage and Legend were great, but the roughness kept me from doing these more than twice. Since Voyage wasn't rough for you, perhaps I just sat in bad seats? After riding Raven and Voyage a few times, next up was Splashin' Safari to try out the water coasters. I was disappointed that Wildebeest stayed closed the entire day, but I guess this leaves something "new" for me to experience on a return visit! According to the ride operators on Mammoth, it was closed because they found discoloration in the water that morning and had to drain the entire attraction. Filling it back up takes quite some time, apparently. Mammoth was great, and I got at least 9 laps in. The wait on this was reasonably short early in the day, considering that the temperature was in the 70s. The water certainly was cold, and you get absolutely drenched with waterfalls and waves crashing over your head. If you ride this, hold on tight, lean back, and don't let go for any reason. (This really is important. On my first time through, someone apparently wasn't holding on and I got hit in the face.) If you don't like your ears filling up with water, earplugs would be good to wear as well. It would have been nice to meet someone from KIC there, if I had known. You should have been marathoning Raven in the rain instead of Gobbler Getaway! Anyway, thanks for the nice TR.
  4. The demo cost of DT is almost certainly negative, given the sheer amount of steel there.
  5. If you're interning with any company, you should be careful about posting anything you hear at the office in a public forum if it could be considered confidential. If the company you are interning at is Cedar Fair (or has any business relationship with them), anything said at the office about KI is probably "confidential". Violating confidentiality rules can result in dismissal. Or worse.
  6. Did he say whether he'll be doing the tours this week as well? An hour-long Beast tour and Q&A with Don for a $25 donation is too good to pass up.
  7. Requiring a reasonable donation selects enthusiasts willing to pay for such a tour. Too many would likely show up if it were free and known to the public. Plus, a good cause can benefit.
  8. Great TR. I also won two free tickets this spring, so I'm planning to visit soon - probably this week or next weekend. It's good to hear that the lines are short at this time of the season, so we can probably get a lot in. Regardless of crowds, I'll definitely be at the water park at least long enough for some Mammoth and Wildebeest rides. Those seem like the best things at the park after Voyage. If I do end up going this week, it will probably be Monday (tomorrow) or Tuesday. If anyone else from here is going and wants to find me, I'll be heading to Voyage when it opens at 9:30cdt.
  9. Aapparently Cedar Point put the ride's logo and information online a couple days too early, according to PointBuzz. (Now removed, of course) Screenshot: http://www.flickr.co.../in/photostream It's definitely named Gatekeeper, has a duration of 2:40, and a top speed of 67mph. EDIT: more screenshots courtesy of PointBuzz:
  10. Cedar Point already has (upcharge) paddlewheel boats leaving from the Marina and touring the lake, presumably meant to replace PE. Directing them to this property and/or the nearby Castaway Bay marina doesn't seem like too much of a stretch. This lot is a bit over 100 acres. A perfect size for, say, a large water park, another hotel, and a parking lot. It would be nice to have a destination waterpark at Cedar Point, as Soak City definitely is not one.
  11. Woah! Blob of Comic Sans! Thanks for sharing, but your post would be much more readable in a normal font, with some line breaks and structure. Written English works much better in forums than a stream of conversational English. WWC provides abundant soaking already! If I wanted to get that drenched, I'd be in Soak City. Try being tall and riding Vortex. "Usually", it costs $25 per person. Discounts change at various times of the day, based on demand. Rides like this have a very low capacity, so the price changes to keep the line filled without overflowing it. It's a great ride. Just make sure you're facing forward with your head back during the launch, or you'll regret it later.
  12. If all goes well, I may be going this Sunday. What kind of crowds should we expect on a Sunday this late in the season? Will waterpark crowds be bad enough that we should instead shoot for this last week of weekday operation?
  13. I just checked, and you're right. Only Disneyland's has the elevator; Disney World's is just the illusion.
  14. Using prime lakefront land for an overflow lot seems like a waste. If Cedar Fair is indeed the buyer, it could be envisioned as a third gate. A boat ride between Cedar Point and this location could be interesting. Even without a plan, I'm sure prime property this close to the flagship is appealing.
  15. The elevator "with no windows and no doors" takes you down to board the ride.
  16. It should be, as taking almost 4 G's in the knees isn't enjoyable to most people, especially when you're walking around all day. In the small sample of people I asked in line when I rode it for my first (and only) time, zero had ridden it before.
  17. Unless that renovation drives food and merchandise sales along IS. Most people aren't architectural aficionados, but they do recognize good aesthetics.
  18. According to the thread on Pointbuzz, the cedarpoint.com site map briefly contained two new sections, "Edge" and "Interceptor The Ride", which were removed quickly after discovery. False clues, or sloppy website updates?
  19. That building now has a use and is much taller than needed for a dark ride. Though I suppose that the building is tall enough that a dark ride could be placed on different floor(s) than the Haunt, if the rumors about multiple stories are true.
  20. Since replacing SoB and rehabbing the area will almost certainly take more than one season, I'd replace Thunder Alley with a thrilling dark ride to replace The Crypt. Action Zone should be rethemed in the process, perhaps extending the aviation theme from X-Base. Aviation is important to the history of the state, seems to fit the existing rides as well as "action" (excluding Thunder Alley), and already exists as a theme in the park. A dark ride would be nice as something that could provide thrills without heights, high speeds, or extreme forces. Presumably, thrills connect even those who can't handle physical extremes.
  21. Wait for the announcement before deciding that the name doesn't fit. For all we know, the coaster could be flying around a giant Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.
  22. Latin text placeholders are often used in design, so that the presentation can be evaluated without any real content as a distraction. In this case, the people in charge of the website may have created those pages before they even got the actual content for them. Clearly, they shouldn't have been visible publicly yet. While it's looking likely that the name will be Gatekeeper, this isn't necessarily a certainty. Not yet having the final details of the ride, the web team could have created this test page using "Gatekeeper", which is clearly the project codename if not the actual ride name for the ride.
  23. I did a bit of a double take when reading about 1995(!)'s improvements in the latest KI newsletter: EDIT: It seems this was intentional, as the web page version of the newsletter includes the "Flashback" heading. In the email version, it appears without a heading at the end of a copyright message. I was very young during this era of the park, so I remember it quite fondly. The Nickelodeon "atmosphere" with an abundance of green slime (a Big Thing in the 90s) was combined with rides based on timeless Hanna-Barbara characters (also still popular in the 90s), and Phantom Theater operated with all its detailed animatronics working. I still enjoy seeing the "phantom" playing the organ on the Boo Blasters ride, as a throwback to the previous attraction in the building. I've seen others post here that SDatHC/BBoBH is more fitting for young children, as it's less likely to scare young children. My only recollection of being scared in PT was in the queue, when the phantom would turn around from his organ and speak to those in line. I distinctly recall loving both the detail of the scenes and the sense of fear upon entering the building. The ride had a sense of thrill (for children at least), which is certainly missing today. This was my favorite ride as a young child, if you couldn't tell, followed by Scooby Zoom (Great Pumpkin Coaster), the Zephyr, WWC, and KMLF (Race for your life Charlie Brown)/KCKC.
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