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  1. Season passes aren't sold in Columbus area stores. Stop at the Kroger on Kings Mills Rd (if you go I-71) or at the junction of US-42 and the 42 bypass (if you go US-42). You'll save $0.40/gallon on fuel for each pass if you buy it on/after May 21. Obviously, you need to do so before May 28.
  2. You're thinking about the Magic Kingdom.
  3. The $99.99 KI prepaid cards at Kroger are gold memberships, as long as you process them on/before May 28. And they do qualify for double fuel points. This is preferable to purchasing online, as there's no $5 processing fee and no buggy flash-based Accesso store to deal with.
  4. Doesn't anyone want a Diamondback model train? There still haven't been 20 correct replies, hours after the question was posted. (There have been 15, give or take, as some people may have deleted an earlier reply to try again) Hint: the answer is in a forum reply on this site. (Don't forget to follow @KingsIslandPR first and include hashtag #KingsIsland40)
  5. malem

    Meal Deal?

    If only Chipotle would work on reducing the saltiness of everything on the menu, I might start going there again. Really, Abuelo's isn't much more for lunch and has a better environment with much better tasting food. (Also, chips and salsa are free)
  6. Why would holders of secured debt want to block the deal, unless these entities also hold stock? APO seems less likely to default on debt than WOLF.
  7. Even if you have Flash, the store will sometimes inexplicitly fail to load with a numerical error code. (I get "Error #2046", which I haven't got around to troubleshooting yet. I'm guessing it's an SSL connection error.) Not to mention the accessibility, international input, disability access, and security issues created by having the store use Flash. Since the page hosting the Flash store isn't on a secure server, the store is vulnerable to man-in-the-middle hijacking. People using screen readers to browse the web would find the Flash overlay impossible to use. Hopefully Cedar Fair will
  8. The location of the printer (network vs USB) probably won't have an effect here. Which type of printer do you have, and which OS are you using? You may want to email Kings Island and let them know the exact situation that is producing the failure, so they can communicate this to Accesso and/or Cedar Fair's web team. If you have an old or uncommon printer driver, the chance of a malfunction with Flash is greatly increased. If you can't get it to work after moving the printer and/or updating its driver, an easy trick is to install a 'PDF Printer'. This presents itself to the OS as a printer
  9. The new system for all Cedar Fair parks is Accesso, the same system the Columbus Zoo adopted last year. While it's a very capable system, unfortunately they prefer Flash for the store frontend. Flash seems to inexplicably fail to print on certain systems, and there's really no way to troubleshoot failures. Fortunately, the park can print anything you buy through Accesso at a ticket window - just ensure you have the credit card you paid with. Hopefully Cedar Fair is able to get a HTML frontend from Accesso soon. I can't imagine that they're happy that people on iOS devices can't buy ticket
  10. Google Cache to the rescue: http://imgur.com/G5WkP The menus are likely still in flux, so additions/deletions to a "what's new" page really aren't surprising.
  11. Six Flags was paying ~$3M/year plus additional revenue sharing payments. They were also making tax payments to the city and state, resulting in significant additional revenue. It's fair to say that the renegotiated lease would have resulted in significantly more revenue for the state than this deal will 3 years later.
  12. The rent of $400k increasing to $1M plus a share of gross revenue seems to value the existing park at $18-20M. It's interesting that the Kochs are expecting to attract 600k visitors in the first year - more than in the final year of Six Flags and with Chang - after making a (relatively) minimal capital investment. Given their conservative management style, they must see more potential in the park than is apparent. As for negative effects on Holiday World, the impact will almost certainly be less than if Kentucky Kingdom were operated as a competitor. Operating both parks together will rea
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