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  1. Chad called that out as false on Twitter.
  2. Gov. Mike DeWine is currently giving his daily press briefing. Earlier, they showed an updated chart with an approximation of when cases will spike with and without various types of physical intervention, assuming no pharmaceutical intervention is available.
  3. If the hotel is closed or if you have good reason to believe they won't honor your reservation, a chargeback may be appropriate. At this point, though, many hotels are still open and would win a credit card dispute. Most hotels are independently owned and operated, even if they carry a national brand. Whether refunds are offered in extenuating circumstances often depends on the property owner. With all the cancellations due to COVID-19, hotels might not have enough cash on hand to offer refunds no matter how much they would like to. In these trying times, it's hard to put blame on mo
  4. ^ They're still shown on the site, but they aren't currently available to apply for. If you click to start the application process, you get an error.
  5. I would not expect refunds of passes to be possible anywhere in the industry except maybe Disney, as most of the money earned on prepaid season pass products has likely been spent. Depending on how long this goes on, we might see amusement parks lengthening the validity of passes or offering special discounts on renewals. Looking at the Cedar Fair job site, it appears that Kings Island positions are no longer available to apply for as of this afternoon. This is a change from last night. This would be expected, since it's impossible to offer a job without a known start date, and the CDC re
  6. ^ It appears to be on at the moment, but I would expect further legal action with respect to the primary. The news moves fast these days. With all the confusion amid the current crises, I think it's highly likely that in-person voting, mail-in voting, or both are somehow extended beyond tomorrow. In the good news department, the first clinical trials of a candidate vaccine have begun, though the estimate is still 12-18 months for availability assuming they are successful. Other candidate vaccines are in development around the world.
  7. The order in San Fransisco and surrounding areas is that all residents stay at home except for essential work or for other essential needs (including food). Failure to comply will be a misdemeanor, and the order is currently set to last 3 weeks, from midnight tonight until April 7. Homeless individuals are exempt from the order to stay home. The more everyone can comply with existing restrictions, the less severe future restrictions will need to be to keep the curve "flattened".
  8. For reference, here's the full text of the ODH order on restaurants/bars, pulled from the Ohio Restaurant Association website: https://d3ciwvs59ifrt8.cloudfront.net/bcb0c9c3-c746-47d2-b691-8b30671a4801/eaceb6f8-bb6b-4656-a76e-202e1a7c306d.pdf
  9. The CDC now recommends that for the next 8 weeks, in-person events of 50+ people be cancelled or postponed throughout the US. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/community/large-events/mass-gatherings-ready-for-covid-19.html 8 weeks from now would be Sunday, May 10.
  10. Carry-out and delivery will still be allowed, for now, as long as there is no congregation.
  11. Governor DeWine said this morning that it will not surprise him if schools are closed for the rest of the school year. Meanwhile, Italy reported 3.497 new cases yesterday, citing irresponsible behavior by citizens who continue to congregate despite the national lockdown. Seeing South Korea and China (hopefully) nearing the tail end of this is very good news - but it's looking like we'll all need to adjust to a new normal for awhile if we are to beat this.
  12. Please avoid politics and keep the conversation civil. This type of situation is unprecedented in most of our lifetimes, so apprehension and confusion are to be expected. The fact is that this is a novel (new) virus that has overwhelmed the hospital systems of many countries. Models indicate exponential spread much greater than that of the cold or flu, making early action critical. We don't yet know what impact the US decisions to pause many aspects of daily life will have on the virus. These measures are designed to buy time to roll out testing infrastructure and measure the impact on he
  13. It's true that many coronaviruses cause common colds, but others were responsible for SARS (9.6% fatality rate) and MERS (34% fatality rate). It's unfortunate that COVID-19, a coronavirus, was coined "Coronavirus". Comic: XKCD https://xkcd.com/2275/
  14. Testing for the virus itself wouldn't be possible, as the test takes hours and capacity for testing is limited. The amusement park industry could theoretically follow the cruise industry in adopting health screenings for symptoms like cough and fever, but the risk is a lot lower in an open air park versus sharing a boat for a week with thousands of crew and guests. According to the CDC, people are most likely to spread the virus after they're showing symptoms, at which point most are hopefully heeding the advice of public health officials and staying home. Personally, I'm a
  15. The Avon Schools district near Indianapolis is closed for the next four weeks after two positive cases. https://www.indystar.com/story/news/2020/03/09/coronavirus-closes-avons-hickory-elementary/4998572002/ I could see amusement parks cutting back on spring weekdays if schools start cancelling field trips.
  16. Ohio State has moved in-person classes online through at least March 30. They have yet to announce what will happen with labs that can't take place online. https://www.thelantern.com/2020/03/ohio-state-suspends-classes-until-march-30-due-to-coronavirus-outbreak/
  17. Kennywood announced at yesterday's ACE CoasterBash event that the Garfield's Nightmare overlay on the Old Mill ride is being removed. The new theme for the ride has yet to be announced. Here's a video of the announcement from a Reddit user:
  18. Seasonal employees at seasonal establishments are generally exempt from FLSA overtime rules. If this wasn't the case, staffing long hours at amusement parks would be a lot harder. I can't find any information about what this employee's classification was or what the specific claims in the lawsuit are.
  19. Just to add, you can only do it online if you haven't renewed for 2020 yet, in which case you could simply renew as platinum and exchange your pass ID card on your first visit. Otherwise, Guest Services at Carowinds should be able to upgrade your pass, but I would recommend getting there early to beat the crowd. If you're staying at one of the nearby hotels, you might choose to walk over instead of waiting on the parking lot to open. @pianoman did this a few years ago, but it took awhile for Guest Services to figure it out.
  20. The Sandusky Register discusses possible impacts on Cedar Point, especially with recruiting international students to staff the park. https://sanduskyregister.com/news/176240/virus-impact-on-cedar-fair-muted/
  21. ^^ China had the misfortune of being the first country with the new virus, and early misinformation within China likely hastened its spread. Some theories have pointed to the relatively high smoking rate and population density as contributing factors there. It's too early to say what the effects in the US or other countries it has spread to will be, but being concerned about the virus is a very good thing to the extent that its spread is slowed. Being relatively young and without pre-existing conditions, my main concern is that I could spread it to others who might be at higher risk. Hope
  22. The footage that KI released of Orion testing is much better than anything that could be captured from Great Wolf, KI passenger drop-off, or the Sunoco station. The park has made general requests to enthusiasts over the years to avoid becoming the off-season park paparazzi.
  23. If historical trends continue, the dark ride will be due for a refresh in the coming years. Boo Blasters on Boo Hill will have outlived the original Enchanted Voyage to be the longest running ride theme in that building if it lasts into the 2022 anniversary season. I would be really happy if they figured out how to use Phantom Theater's original score in a re-imagined dark ride.
  24. I have to wonder, was @XGatorHead 8904 at WDW today?
  25. I'd personally love to see a sign celebrating Vortex, similar to what Kings Dominion erected after Volcano was removed. The ride may be gone, but 33 seasons of memories will live on for a very long time.
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