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  1. They mentioned at Winter Chill Out that upgrades (dining, drinks, Platinum, etc) could optionally be purchased each year to add to the prize (which will be delivered annually as a CP Gold pass).
  2. Sadly, Fun Spot has announced on Twitter that they aren't planning to buy Indiana Beach (or any other parks).
  3. It's impossible to draw conclusions about how loud the ride will be based on the video. Camera mics adjust their sensitivity based on the audio level, so the volume of the video doesn't necessarily reflect the actual loudness. When comparing with Fury 325, consider that most of its course is far away from the midways. Not to mention, this was the first test run, and adjustments have yet to be made. Sand in the rails has to be added during fabrication so as to not compromise their integrity. This would have been done to Orion's track prior to delivery. It's my understanding th
  4. SIX was down 16% today, after reporting reduced attendance along with a net loss for the quarter. Admissions spending per capita was down 2%, offset by a 3% increase in per capita in-park spending. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/six-flags-stock-hammered-after-surprise-loss-downbeat-guidance-and-dividend-cut-2020-02-20
  5. Indiana Beach released a statement, and the website has been updated with a permanently closed banner. The questions link on the website links to this feedback form: https://form.jotform.com/200406479085153
  6. Here is the updated story from the Indy Star: https://www.indystar.com/story/news/2020/02/18/indiana-beach-amusement-park-closing-rides-being-dismantled-after-nearly-100-years/4799522002/ It doesn't make much sense that the rides are moving to other Apex-owned parks, given that they were listed for sale in Amusement Today. Also, I'm not sure how most of the rides would fit into Apex's surviving lineup of parks, which are waterparks and family entertainment centers rather than traditional amusement parks. Apex-owned Fantasy Island near Niagara Falls had similar news today: https://www
  7. I have AT&T and rarely have issues at KI, even when the park is busy. Data can be hard to use if the park is near peak capacity or if everyone is trying to send video at once (eg. during a major coaster announcement). I have had more phone issues at Cedar Point than at KI. AT&T data connections can be very unreliable there on a full-parking-lot day, but voice/SMS should still work. Once T-Mobile and Sprint combine their networks, additional frequency bands available to each customer should improve coverage. In the long term, the ridiculous amount of spectrum available to the
  8. I split out the conversation about addressing noise complaints into this thread:
  9. ^^ Weekends are generally more crowded than weekdays, but if you're going during spring break, all bets may be off. I'd recommend getting to BGW before park open on whichever day you go, hitting popular and low capacity attractions (eg. Tempesto, Invadr, and especially Verbolten) early. Pantheon remains to be seen, but I'd expect a long line to form quickly there. Six Flags really discourages guests from buying tickets, in favor of memberships and season passes. I just checked, and they're not even selling single day tickets for the upcoming season yet. When they do, they typically cost a
  10. I merged the duplicate threads together.
  11. ^^ Ha. One of the nice things about that area is that the parks are close enough together that you don't have long drives between destinations. If you stay in the Richmond area, where hotels are reasonably priced, it's a very doable drive to both Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Kings Dominion. Both of these are fantastic parks to visit; BGW is one of my favorite parks of all time. You might consider also visiting Six Flags America, especially if you have a Six Flags pass/membership. This is considered one of the lower tier Six Flags parks, so don't expect it to be like one of their pr
  12. CoasterMania was north of 1,000 last year, and it sold out. It was a crowded event, but those who stuck around until ERT ended at 1:30am were able to enjoy 15 minute wait times on SV or walk-on Maverick. Coasterstock is definitely the better of the two events.
  13. As of 9:50pm, it appears that tickets are sold out.
  14. The event is almost sold out. For anyone who wants to come who hasn't bought their ticket, now would be the time to do so.
  15. Either the 8-character alphanumeric code or the really long barcode number (which is displayed in the app) will work to authenticate your pass(es) to buy tickets.
  16. My ticket has been purchased. If you're planning to attend, buy tickets soon so as to not risk missing out.
  17. The $118 is a renewal price for Gold; regular passes are the same price new or renewed. Buying a single, new gold pass will be a few dollars more than a regular pass. The regular pass doesn't make sense for the vast majority of people when gold is available; it's primarily there to highlight how good of a value the gold pass is.
  18. The park prefers that its fans not fly over the park to get unofficial, off-season pictures or videos. Most fans with the means to fly over the park respect this request. Of course, any kind of drone footage of the park is prohibited by KIC's TOS. Prior to the popularity of drones, KI didn't take a stand on aerial photography. Photos and videos from this era will continue to live in KIC's photo galleries.
  19. ^ If you join ACE, you would get the required membership number and a printable, temporary membership card within a day or so.
  20. Sunset is at 8:09pm on April 9, so there should be time for night rides before the event ends.
  21. Late check-in has always been possible, with ticket/lanyard pick-up moving to Guest Services after the main check-in window closes. With Pre-Check, the materials are shipped to you in advance, so you're good to enter right away. One caveat is that if you're not in the park when it closes for the night, you might not be able to get in for night ERT. Disappointing, but understandable with the long lines it will be likely to draw as a new ride. After the public line clears, there likely wouldn't be enough time for an ERT session. Especially if noise is an issue. Hopefully everyone ca
  22. Mystic Timbers was done similarly to Banshee. Media invitees had a separate lanyard color to receive priority boarding in the Fast Lane line. This way, they can invite more enthusiasts without media having to wait behind a large crowd of them. I'd expect a similar arrangement with Orion. Of course, Media Days are not ERT. ACE members are there to fill seats when needed, create a fun environment, and speak enthusiastically with the media.
  23. It's great to see a Cedar Fair park bringing in a restaurant focused on healthier options. Hopefully it's the start of a trend. Which KI food location do you think could use a concept like this? Food at KI is already in a pretty good spot after three consecutive years of new restaurants.
  24. Seeking Alpha has analysis: https://seekingalpha.com/article/4316695-six-flags-recent-announcement-signals-multiple-problems
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