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  1. ^^^ See also reports from a Kansas City news station prior to Memorial Day. https://fox4kc.com/2019/04/22/with-just-weeks-until-summer-it-doesnt-look-like-schlitterbahn-will-open-in-2019/ The Corpus Christi property was sold last year; I would be surprised if the Schlitterbahn branding at that park stays around much longer. https://kristv.com/news/local-news/2019/04/24/new-direction-for-waves-resort-cc-featuring-schlitterbahn/
  2. The $6M purchase price says a lot about the value of the Kansas City park. Perhaps we'll see some of its slides distributed to other Cedar Fair parks if they pursue that option.
  3. Well, that was unexpected. I'm really glad to see Cedar Fair add destination waterparks, in any case. Hopefully we'll also see good things at the existing Cedar Fair waterparks. What does everyone think about whether they'll keep the Schlitterbahn name at the Texas parks? It's very iconic there, but its association with the Kansas City, KS park could be a factor after the 2016 accident. I also have to wonder how season passes will work; the current price of a "platinum" pass good at both Texas waterparks is higher than the current price of a Cedar Fair platinum pass ($275 vs $220).
  4. When Millennium Force valleyed without riders a few years back, the train was disassembled to get it back to the station. The big challenge here will be the massive size of GateKeeper's trains. Taking the train apart might be easier than winching it all the way from the turnaround.
  5. GateKeeper is one of the first coasters to shut down for high winds, but sudden gusts are hard to predict on the lake. Hopefully there were no nervous riders on board. Maintenance will have a long night.
  6. ^ I completely agree that KK needs more of them, having walked into a completely empty Kentucky Flyer station on a moderately crowded day last week. Kings Island's hub-and-spoke layout is logical enough that I don't think directional signs are strictly needed. If anything, I'd point the way to the different areas of the park on the paths leading away from IS. The Beast has its footprints back, so that much is covered.
  7. ^ Steel Vengeance been reliable this season after it's opened for the day. They've been temporarily substituting Magnum XL-200 on the Early Entry schedule. The frustrating part about opening late is that it's hard to avoid waiting in a long line, unless you happen to be close when they get it ready.
  8. ^ If the portions are similar to Frontier Festival/Beer & BBQ at Cedar Point, it will take at least a few tastings to make a full meal. If not for dining plans, I could see myself using a tasting card in one visit.
  9. In recent weeks, we've noticed that the tone on the forum has taken a sharply critical turn, and we'd like to ask for everyone's help in fixing it. KIC is all about sharing our appreciation for the park and the industry, and we want to keep the discussion as open to as many opinions as possible. At the same time, snarky comments make the forum less fun to read and contribute to. It's getting old, and we need it to stop. Specifically, we're asking that critical comments be respectful; sarcasm and exaggeration should be avoided. Ideally, tell the park how they should improve; Kings Island is always looking for feedback here and on social media. Honest opinions and experiences, both positive and negative, are always welcome to be shared here. If you see posts that are creating an overly negative tone, reminding the poster to keep it constructive and/or using the "Report" button would be most appreciated. Thanks everyone for your attention to this matter. -Your KIC mods
  10. malem

    Pass Perks

    ^ You've just described every rewards program out there. Increasing revenue while also increasing perceived value is a win-win. My first Pass Perk was the $50 premium cabana discount, which I am not likely to use. I would use the BOGO Slingshot or 50% off a slice of fudge, if I happen to get one of those.
  11. It was set to allow a search every 20 seconds; we changed it to instead allow logged in users to search every 2 seconds. If you're logged out, you still have to wait 20 seconds between searches. Let me know if there are still any issues with the search function.
  12. Boomerang Bay had a small entrance for passholders only. When the waterpark was converted to Soak City in 2012, a full gate was added that supports all ticket types.
  13. The FOF launch uses a lot of power, but it's very short in duration. At the wholesale prices the park pays, the electrical energy required to launch a train is going to cost pennies. A caveat: A capacitor bank is now used to spread out the load over a much greater time period than the 4-second launch, keeping the park's electrical cost down and preventing problems (i.e. brown-outs) for neighboring customers. When the ride first opened, the cost would have been much higher, owing to the very high peak load on the utility during a launch.
  14. Also Eiffel Tower videos. Your friend should go to the park's YouTube channel to take a virtual ride on the coasters, since safety rules forbid picture taking or phone use of any kind on rides except for the train and Eiffel Tower. If you buy FunPix, you will be able to share photos of you on the rides. Hope you enjoy your visit!
  15. If it's a buy-out day when the park is closed to the public, dining plans will scan as invalid. They can only be used when the park is open to the public (and when the pass was used for admission that day). If the park is open to the public, be sure to use your pass for admission so that your dining plan works.
  16. ^ Nice days after a rainy weekend can get busy, but storms tonight could keep the crowds down. I suggest watching the Diamondback webcam.
  17. ^ Sorry that happened to you and that security didn't end up catching the kid after you reported the incident to them.
  18. The KCK government is hopeful the park will "come under new ownership and branding, and will open next summer." https://www.kctv5.com/news/schlitterbahn-water-park-in-kck-appears-unlikely-to-open/article_d9863b0c-70ed-11e9-a88b-cf2e585c9f16.html However, according to another local news source, buildings at the park have been used for police training, and "the condition of the inside of those buildings indicates the water park will not be reopening." https://fox4kc.com/2019/04/22/with-just-weeks-until-summer-it-doesnt-look-like-schlitterbahn-will-open-in-2019/ Menards is building a new store on land originally intended for Schlitterbahn expansion. https://www.bizjournals.com/kansascity/news/2019/04/08/menards-schlitterbahn-legends-outlets.html
  19. ^ Cedar Fair doesn't release attendance numbers by park, so we don't know if it was 1% or 10%. CF's attendance keeps growing each year; it's safe to say that the parks receiving the most capex are contributing to that. For an already well-attended park like Kings Island, giving people a reason to come back every year is a major goal of new attractions. They might be looking for less of an attendance spike than at a park with significant untapped market potential, such as Carowinds.
  20. We've lucked out on weather so far, but the dicey forecast has been a big attendance factor this weekend.
  21. There appears to be a bug in the InvisionPower forum software that allows guests (spambots, in this case) to create invisible topics in the database, even though they don't have posting permissions. We thought it was fixed in an InvisionPower upgrade, but apparently it's still happening. Until it's fixed, I made a change to the homepage query to hide such invisible topics, so no one should ever see them again.
  22. I visited Forbidden Frontier for the passholder preview yesterday with @MNFriedOreo . An entrance plaza is accessed from the Frontier Trail (near Frontier Fling), consisting of much of the former Shoot the Rapids. Some of the walkways are slippery due to water effects, so be careful and don't run. To access the main area, you can choose between following a winding path, pulling yourself across a moat on a floating bridge (groups of 4 at a time on the bridge), or crossing a wobbly bridge. Overall, the area is nicely done and is somewhat reminiscent of Ghost Town at Knott's and the (former) Adventure at COSI. If you stop to talk with one of the characters while exploring the island - you may be given a task to complete, a mysterious item to deliver, or a puzzle to solve. As you go from adventure to adventure, more of the Forbidden Frontier story is revealed. It looks like it will be popular with the younger crowd, but it's intricate enough to entertain adults too. I do have to wonder if they can keep the staffing up all season, as much of the area is focused on interacting with the characters. There are also animal displays (emus, chickens, and goats) and a large multi-story play structure that acts as the centerpiece of the island. Adults have plenty of seating and a few hammocks near the play area. Since it's on Millennium Island, there are plenty of great shots of Millennium Force to be had. Definitely worth checking out!
  23. The park isn't very busy today. Looks like a good day to be there, with the storms holding off so far.
  24. ^ Cedar Point's "Camera 1" webcam is currently aimed at the parking lot. Looks really light for a Saturday; hope the rain holds off for you today! https://www.cedarpoint.com/explore/live-video I was there yesterday, and Steel Vengeance opened late - around 2pm. Raptor was also having mechanical problems for much of the day. Other than that, everything was open except for weather delays (on Blue Streak, Gemini, Magnum, Dragster and Mine Ride) during a brief pop-up shower.
  25. ^ For gold or platinum passholders, they were $45 not including the online processing fee. For those without passes, a ticket including admission to the park both days was about $40 more.
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