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  1. Can someone tell me what’s included in the IS buffet? I’m not sure it would be worth it for a vegetarian. Any must have side items that aren’t available at other places in the park?
  2. Thinking of bringing out of town guests to ki this afternoon and evening. How are the crowds today? Long wait times? My friends would like to get the Fast Lane passes but I'd rather not if its not too packed.
  3. We watched it again today and enjoyed it just as much as the other three times. Today the guy sitting next to me was literally snoring through most of it. And the woman in front me was clapping and whooping the whole way through . If I have any criticism of the show it would be that the goodbye seems to go on a bit longer than necessary. But they absolutely deserve all the applause at the end!
  4. I think KI used to have a picnic area out front, or maybe as part of the campground? My parents used to drop off our full cooler there in the morning and we would go back at lunchtime to eat. Can you even imagine doing that today?
  5. KI has been gum free for as long as I can remember. I know it wasn't sold there during the PKI days when I worked in merchandise.
  6. Not the pumpkin one...the one that hangs down, near the log ride.
  7. Scrambler? Anybody?? 1. The Beast (front seat of course) 2. The Scrambler 3. The Racer 4. BLSC 5. The train 6. Bumper Cars 7. Flying Eagles 8. White Water Canyon 9. (Name?) the yellow kid coaster 10. Woodstock Express In my younger days I probably would have listed more coasters and spinny stuff but as I get older I tend to avoid things that might make me vomit or have a headache These (the rides still there) are what are in my usual ride rotation with my son.
  8. I call most of the rides by their former names or whatever my son calls them (ie "the ladybug ride" or "the pumpkin patch ride" in Planet Snoopy, which yeah, I might still call HB) My hugest pet peeve from a recent visit is the spray on sunscreen! People are totally oblivious to the people around them when spraying this crap so liberally that I can taste it. I really hate this stuff and it shouldn't even be used around children because of the inhalation risk. Please have the courtesy to note which way the wind is blowing and kindly move away from bystanders who don't want to breathe in your sunscreen.
  9. What do other women on here do with their stuff? I don't want to wear big bulky cargo shorts so I always bring a small cross body purse with just the essentials (Chapstick, keys, phone, passes/credit card, hand sanitizer). Putting any of my belongings in an unsecured bin is not even an option as I don't trust people and we read too many horror stories on here about theft. I don't ride the big rides that would require a locker and my purse is always fine. The only thing ride ops have ever said about it is to make sure it isn't under the seat belt.
  10. Oh! You do have season passes! Ok, never mind Well, should you ever find yourself with money to burn, it is so worth whatever the Fast Lane passes cost to zip past the long lines to ride The Beast four times in a row (I think my son made us go on BLSC six times in a row, ha). Maybe for your anniversary?
  11. Congratulations! I highly recommend saving up for the Fast Lane bracelets if you go again. I know it is crazy expensive but it makes a visit to KI an extremely different experience, especially if you're there on a crowded day. And for a special occasion, like celebrating your new marriage, it is completely worth it if you are not a season pass holder who goes to the park often. It is absolutely possible to go to KI and not spend any money on food (put a cooler in the car filled with snacks and sandwiches and drink water in the park). Put all that food money toward the Fast Lane instead. It sounds like you really made the best of it, in spite of the weather and crowds. And grumpy teenager
  12. We almost went in but I forgot my son's pass was at home. I can't speak about the lines but I can say the parking lot was not very full when I drove by at 3:45. I would say the parking lot looked to be about half full, compared to a typical weekday.
  13. I usually avoid buying meals at the park but when I have a long day there with my son we always eat in the Festhaus. We both get water (free), two orders of slice of cheese pizza/two breadsticks, and we share a cup of strawberries with whipped cream. It comes to $14 something with the little Gold Pass discount. I don't think that is too bad.
  14. I like the Dyson ones too. The ones I am referring to are not Dyson. I think they are Xlerator? They have the same ones at the zoo. If you watch the families exiting the restrooms at the zoo you will see kids running out screaming over and over from the noise. I would definitely use paper towels if they were in the family restroom.
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