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  1. Hello, I have tried the search and haven’t found anything. does anyone know if you can get discount ticket to CP as a gold pass holder? I am planning a trip in August and trying to get the best deal. thanks!
  2. Funny you should mention that. It was the next thing we were considering if we did not stay at the Breakers! Will not be an option now. Thank you all for your advice! The Hotel Breakers will most likely be where we stay, to take advantage of the ERT and close proximity. I really wanted to know if the Bon-Air section was as bad as some other sites stated and I am sure now that if we choose this path we will spring for a newer room. I know that I probably wont be spending much time in the hotel except to sleep, but I would like to do it at least semi-comfortably. Thank you again
  3. Hey everyone, I tired search but couldn't find much advice on hotels at CP. Every time I have gone recently it has been a one day drive up and back. This year I am debating getting a hotel for the weekend, and I would love to stay at one of the on site resorts. Travel websites have mixed reviews so I would love some of your opinions! please and thank you!!
  4. In the lockers next to Firehawk the notice on the inside says something like " All items must be removed by the time the park closes, Paramounts Kings Island will remove any leftover articles" Also, I stayed at Great Wolf Lodge and when I used the phone to make a wakeup call it said "Thank You for choosing GWL at Paramounts Kings Island" which I think is extra funny considering GWL is not even attached to the park at all now.
  5. This may seem like a stupid question but if Dinosaurs Alive is in fact here for more than this season does anyone want to venture a guess whether or not these things are winter safe? will they be removed or covered somehow? Or are they made to withstand the elements of an Ohio winter?
  6. I thought that was amazing coming up that hill on Vortex and BAM there is WindSeeker straight ahead!! Took my breath away!
  7. Personally, my biggest frustration was music in the parks being held on opening day. IThis was my fourth opening day and I don't remember ever seeing schools. Normally I try my hardest to avoid those music in the parks weekends. I think that it just added to the wait times when things went down and caused already frustrated people to be even more frustrated by the teenagers. All in all though, I do have to say that staying from open to close ( which I almost never do) was a great way to spend the day and I think that WindSeeker look awesome! Also, I think it is great that they opened The Vor
  8. Take this for what you will, but Saturday 8/28 there were four or five "officials" (Idk what to call them.. the tie wearing important looking people) in the SOB queue area and some were taking pictures. people were staring and yelling at them asking what they were doing and they didn't even blink ( no surprise there). I saw this on my way to flight deck and by the time we were coming back from flight deck they were gone and you never would have known they were there. I am guessing that this may have had something to do with the Haunt everyone thinks will be there, just thought that it was an i
  9. A few weeks ago while I was walking past picnic grove to BB Some people holding park map asked us " Is this the way to The Beast?" and I kindly told them they were on the complete opposite side of the park and showed them the right way! I guess sometimes when you go there a lot it is easy t forget that even with a park map people still get confused!
  10. Wow! way more advice than I expected! thanks everyone! I never thought about riding away from the wheels on a coaster to help make a ride smoother ( I am no avid enthusiast, simply a person who LOVES coasters and sometimes pretends to be an enthusiast! lol) TTD, Maverick, and Millennium force are definitely MUST rides on my list and everything else will pretty much depend on wait times. Also, I didn't ride mean streak last time I went b/c I heard it is really rough... any opinions on that? Should I try it or skip it again?
  11. Wow! thank you! I do not have a platinum pass but I think that next year I am definitely going to go that route! I like the idea of working from the back of the park and going to the front. That makes the most sense. Thanks also for the food suggestion outside the park. I never really considered this before but some fresh Sandusky fish does sound good!
  12. Hi all! My Boyfriend and I are planning on taking a one day trip to Cedar Point next week (26-30). We are thinking about Monday or Wednesday. We did this last year and it was a pretty successful trip! I was just curious if anyone has been up there this year and had some new suggestions to make the best out of the day? thanks!
  13. Yesterday I was laying by the pool and heard some 16-ish kids talking (and smoking) and heard them say that the tallest roller coaster in the world was at Cedar Point. That is understandable because it was at one point right? well they continued to say that it was 600 ft tall and went 250 mph!! lol then they started talking about the helicopter ride at ki and how they wanted to do that when they went there this summer b/c one of them did it last year and liked it! All I could do was laugh!
  14. As a gold pass holder I have been to BB a few times in the last few years but I have been too chicken to ride the slides! (crazy since i have no fear of coasters right) I think it is the fact that you are not 'secured' or something like that! I want to enjoy the water park even more this year and I was wondering if anyone had suggestions to get over my fear or good ones to start out on? Thanks!
  15. As someone who usually just browses these forums anonymously just for info, I had to join and put my two cents on this topic. I feel that I can understand both sides of this topic. I do not smoke but my boyfriend does and after spending hours riding coasters and being in the sun, if he has not had a cigarette he gets a little grumpy and usually wants to leave sooner. I am wondering if this may be one reason KI chooses to keep smoking areas? And honestly, even when we walk by the smoking areas if you walk far enough away There are usually not more than 4-5 people smoking and you cannot smell
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