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  1. Will be there with a fairly large group of friends, can't wait !!!
  2. ^ I don't know about you, but i will take a $5.00 footer at any park before I pay more for only 2 slices of pizza. Even if that's the only thing we get for 2011.
  3. Right on the nail... The fact is that with minimal clues, there is no room to say at this time what it is. Once some footers get placed, or foundation, then and only then will we know what we are dealing with.
  4. I was just thinking that. It seems to be a natural saying for all major water attractions, they say things like, you will get wet, you may get soaked, or you won't get wet, you'll get soaked. I checked out some videos of the new STR at CP and you don't just get wet, you practically take a bath in that thing. I believe that they want to keep us confused so they will continue to shoot down all ideas of what it may be by saying things like "the park has been missing a top spin" and all great thrill rides aren't coasters. Just because they say all great rides aren't coasters doesn't mean that the new attraction will not be one. no speculations... just simple observation.
  5. maybe it won't be a new coaster due to some new elements. CP has alot of First and unique elements in their coasters, I'm hoping it will be a coaster, and in fact i hope they build something thir13en'ish. That's just wishful thinking. I doubt it tho. I just wonder what do they have up their sleeve.
  6. To me, there are CP and KI are , well, were a 1-2 win in my book. Everything that they have been adding to other parks have not seemed, "record breaking" or "the first of it's kind" with the exception of DB trains being the first of it's kind in the U.S. I for one would be perfectly fine if CP does add some new-crazy-over-the-top-never-before-seen-thrilling-intense flat and then a great woody with a nice turraine hugging layout, similar to that of voyage, that would make up for the lack of SOB performance at KI and place it back in X-base to connect it from the end of of the mall to X-base. If only dreams really did come true.
  7. http://www.sanduskyr...arket-will-thaw http://www.KICentral...ndpost&p=390829 Thanks for this info Terp. It is kind of cool to hear that they have noticed the season pass product is a hit (duh), maybe we will see more perks with the pass on the 2011 outlook? On different note,@ Go Browns, must i say One man's trash is another man's treasure. I found this link to be very useful as it was not ONLY about CP, but in fact a park just a bit further north, across the border, with a coaster by the name of Vortex that needs to be put to its grave. I just found it interesting is all, and wonder what is thought of those given speculation. Going back to the CP topic, the link mentioned the park was missing a "top spin". No speculations from me as at this time, simply observing.
  8. Was surfing the net and found this.... Feel free to provide your thoughts on this matter.
  9. So I made it there on my day off work and Invertigo was test running, about the 3rd run, there was a loud intercom style chirp from the ride and then everything just stopped. all the rides that were down were... Invertigo Congo Falls-would have been nice to ride on such a freaking hot day! it was also drained of all the water. Delirium- I noticed the floor on this ride was lowered and all restraints closed. It looked almost as if it had emergency stopped. Adventure Express Vicking's fury Blue Racer was down all day as well.
  10. imagining is about all you could do, i don't think there is anyway a giant topspin could do that, unless huss has completely redesigned them. Exactly. The fact that they said that the normal TR:TR cycle practically ripped the ride apart, who knows what would happen if it tries to do something to THAT extreme of the top spin doing 109 flips. I for one will not take that chance on the ride in its current state. They would have to put in a whole entire new top spin, or even a suspended top spin would be nice. Going back on what some others have said, even if they just use the lava pit, and added about 2 more flips, the ride would be more thrilling.
  11. Agreed. No mater what they do with it from this point, it will not be the same, the original SOB is dead at this point.
  12. He hijacked a Klingon Bird-of-Prey and slingshot around the sun. He had to go back in time and watch himself go through the park again. That's what happens when you ride Vortex twice in a row. He posted at 2:25 this morning, so it was 6/9 when he was writing. Correct, the the trip took place 06/08/10, but i did not finish the post until 06/09/10 early this morning. I do apologize for the confusion. I had a long day, but it was a blast! I will make sure the posting dates and trip dates are displayed properly, this was my first TR. I stayed up for a while to write it before I forgot all of the major details of the events that took place.
  13. This was my first visit of the season. Also my very first ride on DB, so that starts my total count at 11 and counting. Thank you guys for taking the time to view it. Next time, i plan to take my camera for some photos of some interesting things.
  14. I was suppose to edit that for funniest rumors, you just had to be there to hear this guy's story to back it up. lol I shall be posting it there, and also he said 2011, not 2012.
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