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  1. I renewed my family's passes for 2018 and saw a new add on. For $500 per pass you can add unlimited FastLane. We wouldn't use it enough to make it worthwhile, but I bet this will be a great deal for some enthusiasts. Anyone thinking about adding this to their passes?
  2. We went Saturday and like most everyone else WinterFest exceeded our expectations. There was a lot to see and do. I think they could have done a better job communicating what everything was. We mostly just wandered around taking everything in. But the park looked so amazing, I didn't care that it was packed. I did a full write-up of our experience at my blog if anyone wants to check it out.
  3. I haven't seen any mention of enticements to renew. The last two years have included preview nights and free FL for one Sunday in the Fall. Are those not being offered this year?
  4. Camping out at Starbucks would be my preference. It would certainly be a lot easier for me. I just worry about being that far from the kids. So I will probably have to sweat it out. We're going after work, so spending $18 on a locker for a few hours is out and I'm guessing umbrellas will be taken by then.
  5. Hey gang, I'm probably taking the kids to Soak City tonight. My plan is to camp out at one location and let them have fun. Is there a good spot to charge your phone like Starbucks at the dry park? Thanks for any suggestions.
  6. I got an e-mail from KI that due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the park's control, this Sunday's Marvel event has been cancelled. We had breakfast reservations which I was looking forward to which is why we got the e-mail. It's a shame, but at least they notified us and offered a refund. Not much more they can do.
  7. Wow- doesn't sound nearly as crowded as it was last year. Then again, last year was Big New Coaster year. Still sucks to hear food service is slow. I'm guessing opening day was helped by the fact a lot of passholders had their opening day on Friday.
  8. It's been a while since I have covered Kings Island extensively at my blog. But this year, I intend to write about Kings Island more regularly. I'm going to post links to new articles in this thread as they appear on the site in case anyone is interested in following along. The first article of the season covers our experiences on Passholder Preview Night. Thanks for reading!
  9. The title says it all. When I was a kid, there was no such thing. I was wondering when they came about. Thanks!
  10. At least you were able to print the confirm sheets. I was not.
  11. Did you see the super hero breakfast that morning? $15 isn't bad for 5 meet and greets and a meal with no lines.
  12. They went a little crazy last season. I had to upgrade my oldest daughter's pass which wasn't a big deal. It didn't cost my anything because I had renewed it when there was no price difference between adult and child passes. It was a mild inconvenience. But then I got stopped for the youngest repeatedly. The youngest wasn't even three feet tall and was in a stroller most of the time. They would make her stand up and be measured despite the fact she was very obviously nowhere near the height or age limit. I hope they show a little more restraint this season. The youngest still has a ways to go before she approaches an adult pass.
  13. While I see it listed as an option, I don't see any meals available there.
  14. I plan to attend. The question is whether I will fly solo or bring the wife and kids.
  15. I actually have inside info this time. My sister married into the Entertrainment Junction family so I found out at Christmas. We all laughed because the idea sounded silly to us. But apparently, it's a real thing.
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