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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. I actually disagree with some of the things Shaggy said. I really believe the overall ride quality will drastically improve with GCII Millenium flyer Trains. The trains would likely be modified due to the wider track gauge, but the Premier Trains now can't really handle the rides turns. They are very vibrational and shuffle through every turn. The restraints and seating position do not help either, in that ergonomically they are poorly designed. I do give Kings Island credit for spending the money and time to try and fix the ride. This is the most major reprofiling and improvements the
  2. I would definately be for a school calander that didn't start clas till after labor day weekend, and ended memorial day. It would be great for the amusement park industry for a varitey of reasons. For one thing, it would allow them to operate everyday during peak season, instead of the limited operations it is during August. Besides that, it would help with finding labor for the seasonal jobs. Ride operators, food, games, etc. those type of jobs. If the college or high school kids were off than, finding the necessary labor would be much easier. Of course this would require schools to
  3. This is probably the most useless waste of a poll and a thread I have seen in a long time. The Beast since it open has been Kings Islands most famous and the highly regarded ride. It is the one coaster that really put them on the map and made the park a destination. The Racer started the second coaster and amusement park boom, but The Beast is the flaghship ride at Paramount Kings Island, the ride that has brought in the money and guest for the last 26 years. Its still extremely popular in the eyes of the general public. Having worked as a ride operator on The Beast and TS for 2001 to
  4. Now that the Italian Job is offically open, it is time to speculate on what is in store for next year. The direction of the park is to make more of a theme park, with movie based attractions. The most common rumor is to see some type of Nick Central expansion. The park has won the best kids section the last few years in Amusement Today's Golden Ticket awards. The most recent Paramount Park Survey featured a few possible attractions that could fit into a Nick Central expansion. The following were those listed on the survey, and considering how rides such as the Italian Job were on a similar s
  5. The park has added some really cool non coaster atttractions in recent years such as Tomb Raider, Delerium, and Drop Zone, so even if the park did not get a new coaster next year they could still add something good. If they were to add a non coaster ride, I think another Huss giant ride or a well themed elaborate water ride is what I would like to see them get. Although they have two Huss Giant flat rides (Delerium and Tomb Raider), these rides seem to real popular and I really like Delerium. I am not sure what other type of giant ride that PKI could get (they already have a frisbee a
  6. I am not sure if anybody at this time except for Boliger and Mabilard and any park interested in the attraction would know exactly how it works. Right now it is just speculation and just a rumor. However I am sure back a couple years, people were not sure if a wooden coaster could have a vertical loop and be built over 200 feet Perhaps the first generation trains for the B & M dive coaster are not suited for inversions. However the first B & M vertical drop coaster, Oblivion, was built in 1998. At this time there were no flying coasters, a looping wooden coaster would of seem like
  7. After reading a rumor on screamscape, about Busch Gardens Tampa might be adding a next generation B & M vertical drop coaster( on screamscape there is even a link to a website, BGT Guide, that contains an interview with the parks GM, who confirms that they are going get to that ride for 2005) , I started wondering whether Paramount Kings Island would add something like that. Paramount Kings Island getting A B & M vertical drop coaster does not sound that unreasonable if you analyize the situation. Paramount Parks, and in particual Paramount Kings Island, typically builds new inno
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