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  1. if you have a season pass that has not been processed, Is it possible to get through the park entrance without your season pass being processed?
  2. does anyone have a video of Invertigo stalling halfway through. I remember last season, I think, I saw the ride not make it through the complete course or something along the lines of that
  3. Talking about FoF, is it possible to hit the supports?
  4. When exactly is bring a friend day? i checked the website and saw nothing about it.
  5. Love it! I think its priced too much tho. Last year, when the park opened it was like 5 dollars per person. But ive never ridden slingshot
  6. just wunderin, did Kings Island ever have helicopter tours? Because i remember before Firehawk there used to be a heli pad right were Firehawk is now
  7. Well if Cedar Fair does go bankrupt, what would make me happy and things a lot better at Kings Island is if Paramount bought KI and the other parks they used 2 own, but that will likely not happen, just keep dreaming
  8. I remember that storm in 03. isnt that the storm that took out the parking lot sign?
  9. I have an old Son of Beast wallet, it has the loop, the Son of Beast logo and thats it. But i use it
  10. This is kinda offtopic but about a year ago i took a trip to SFGA. we got there before they opened up the different sections of the park and everybody was headed towards kingda ka even tho the section was still closed. when they opened it everybody took off for the ride so me and my dad started running towards it too, and theres this guy on is phone ahead of us not paying attention to were hes running 2 and he runs into a trash can!
  11. My most embarrassing moment would have to be when I was about 7, i think. I was at Kings Island and for some reason i wasnt feeling that good that day. I rode SpongeBob 3d and felt a lil better till i got on Shake rattle and roll. When i got in the car i threw up all over and they had 2 shut off the ride just for that. It was real embarrassing cause everybudy was staring at me
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