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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.

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  1. I've been to WinterFest three nights now and am encouraged by all the improvements made this year to what was already a spectacular event. They've made better use of all the spaces, improving performance "venues" for "Four Drummers Drumming", "The Mistletones" and of course, "What the Dickens" and "A Peanuts Guide to Christmas." "Tinker's Toy Factory" feels even more polished and the trolley show seems to have better sound and a more cohesive cast this year. I'm a big fan of "The Sounds of the Nativity" as a bit of a hidden gem in that corner of the park with truly the best vocalists Entert
  2. The problem with Haunted Homecoming is that it was written for a different park in what I assume is a smaller venue; I think Cedar Fair pretty much foisted it on the folks at Kings Island and they did their best with it. The soundtrack is poor and I think it just spotlights how good KiE's original works have been over the years. I feel bad for the performers who are working really hard to make this material as good as possible.
  3. Wanted to be sure to spread the word that "What the Dickens?" has moved to Coney Elf Village between a couple of games across from Dodge 'Em. This is one of my favorite shows this season and don't you shouldn't miss it. Show times are still 5:30, 6:30, 7:30, 8:30, and 9:30.
  4. Thanks, Ryan. I decided not to renew the domain for the site once I started writing for the park's official blog. Hopefully we'll have even more Entertainment features there this season. I've also been very busy covering the local theatre scene on my blog, The Sappy Critic. All I've been told so far is that HOLLYWOOD NIGHTS will be in the Festhaus (along with the returning LET IT ROCK!) and that it will feature songs from the movies. I'm looking forward to seeing it!
  5. "Graveyard Shift" is indeed in the Festhaus during the day on Saturdays and Sundays and is not considered a "Halloween Haunt" show like "Hot Bloded" and "Half Pint Brawlers." Times for Graveyard Shift have yet to be announced to my knowledge.
  6. If you were a fan of the cast of last year's "Way Too Much TV," I would make it a point to be at the last show tomorrow at 4 PM as there were be some former cast members making cameo appearances...
  7. Don't forget that giant amphitheater that sits empty 90% of the year over there by the Action Zone.... :-)
  8. FansofKiEntertainment.com has an exclusive announcement about next year's two brand new shows . . . "British Invasion" and "Yesterday Once More: The 70s!" Click here for more information!
  9. I'm glad you were able to ride without any problems. I'm 6'4, 340, with 48" waist and 34" inseam. Drop Tower is out, as is Delirium and anything else with a "maximum height requirement." Yes, there are several rides with this rule. I couldn't ride Diamondback last year but it was very close. I haven't tried WindSeeker yet, but I'm hopeful it'll work. The Beast is a tight fit and I HATE how my knees bang the front of the car. Backlot Stunt Coaster is a tight fit but it works, as is Flight Deck. Viking Fury, Adventure Express, and Shake Rattle Roll have all been fine. Obviously the train
  10. SSD is improved this year due to new choreography and a more soulful cast. The song selections are the same and while you can argue that the song "Motown" isn't a "Motown song" it did feature the Temptations, which were a Motown artist. Besides, don't you remember the line in the show where we're told that Motown is "more than a label?" :-) Reports are that they played to crowds over 1,000 all day yesterday. So glad people are checking out the live entertainment more than ever before!
  11. Enough of telling people how to handle this situation, OK? I don't need you to explain to me how it works. I've been in Guest Services at least 4 times this season . . . 3 of which were to give compliments and one was to let them know that the Dinos webcam had blown over. Weren't you the same guy saying that telling Guest Services was dumb because the park didn't actually manage this "service?" Or was that someone else? You seem to know a lot about this. Perhaps if you work for the park, you a) shouldn't be commenting at all as it probably violates your employee/employer agreement to s
  12. Once again, let me be clear: this rarely happens to me. I'm alone most of my trips and they largely don't approach me. However, because I am waiting (ironically to take photos of whomever is singing the National Anthem that morning . . . with their permission, of course! ha) I sit on the bench as far left of the fountains as possible and watch people coming and going. I have seen multiple photographers do what I described earlier to multiple couples, families, and groups. It is ridiculous to watch and makes me uncomfortable . . . and I'm sitting away from all of that commotion. I have ha
  13. Um, I don't recall anyone saying that it was?
  14. The posture of the photographer, running to make sure to block the path of people obviously trying to avoid having to deal with the it, not taking no for an answer. Re-read the thread, its been covered in detail by more than just me!
  15. There are plenty of restaurants that do this actually, like Planet Hollywood at Downtown Disney. I typically refuse to have my photo taken but sometimes they are so persistent that I give in. They then come to the table with the photo and I politely decline every time. They go away. While annoying, its not enough to make me not go back. Just like KI, the ridiculously aggressive nature of the photographers isn't something most people think about more than a few minutes, I'm sure, but regardless it should change. I love FlatFreak's idea of spreading the folks out through the park and doing
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