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  1. Follow your bliss...

  2. February 3rd, 2008 was a very tragic day...

  3. Another football season over, and once again another "empty" feeling for the New England Patriots...

  4. Another football season, and once again another "empty" feeling...

  5. What's with all that hammering, Jack?

  6. What's with all the hammering, Jack?

  7. Project 2019 : Intamin Giga Blitz

  8. So long bro, it was fun while it lasted...

  9. Whataya mean KI's not a thrill park?!

  10. Can't wait to take a Voyage to Holiday World. Although Legend tells it I'll be haunted by a Raven while I'm there.

  11. El Toro is the bomb

  12. has ridden WindSeeker and is 'kind of' dissapointed.

  13. Oh no, only one more weekend of HH!

  14. Welcome to KICentral...again!!!

  15. I want to ride SOB again too! :)

  16. has changed his mind about WindSeeker and is pretty excited to ride it next year

  17. So your 101 years old eh, :)

  18. Hello, WELCOME! to KI Central.

  19. Hi spongebob! It's patrick :P

  20. 5,4,3,**launch**,2,1

  21. Welcome to Kings Island Central!!!

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