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  1. 1. The Beast 2. Diamondback 3. Banshee 4. Flight of Fear 5. Adventure Express 6. Firehawk 7. The Bat 8. The Racer 9. Vortex 10. Backlot Stunt Coaster 11. Woodstock Express 12. Flying Ace 13. Great Pumpkin Coaster (Wouldn't be able to ride it though without a kid though) 14. Invertigo (That's right. Invertigo after a coaster I couldn't even normally ride)
  2. Ok I think I'm going to scratch my "change in ride experience" rule as that can bring up many loopholes... Although a change as small as adjusting the vests on Gatekeeper or replacing the OTSR's on Flight of Fear with lap bars can make a significant change in the ride experience, at the end of the day, Gatekeeper is still a wing coaster, and Flight of Fear is still a LIM Launched indoor steel looping coaster... For example, The Beast of 2015's ride experience IMO is much different from what it was 7-8 years ago due to a significant amount of work done that has made it smooth as glass in recent years. But this wouldn't be causation to count The Beast of today as a separate credit from The Beast of 2008, or even 1979 (4 bench trains, much less tunneled track). Even though deciding what counts as a credit or not is still solely up to yourself, it is still always fun to imagine establishing a universal system, even though it would be very hard to. That's a good question. I would say that although the floorless trains compared to the original trains is probably a significant change in the ride experience (I wouldn't know though; haven't ridden it), it's still technically classified as a suspended coaster, as the train is suspended and swinging from the track in pretty much the same way as it was before. (For it to be considered inverted, the trains would have to be directly attached to the track and not swing).
  3. Seemingly one of the most philosophical questions known to coaster enthusiasm. For me, it depends on what the change is (case-by-case basis). Something as simple as a name and/or color change, I think the vast majority of us would agree that it would not be a separate credit. (ie. The Bat, Bizarros, Batmen: The Ride)... Now for something like Son of Beast's loop being replaced with a straight section of track, to me that's not a significant enough change for it to be considered a new credit. For something like Mantis changing to Rougarou, I would say that there is enough amount of change in the ride experience for it to be considered a new credit. Even though its the same track as it was before, I feel when a coaster literally changes the category it falls under (stand-up to floorless), that is a new credit...
  4. Been there. Done that. About 3 or 4 times before...
  5. The Devan who unfortunately is no longer allowed to post here. (thedevariouseffect)
  6. And to the added chagrin of the shoe thrower's family, we also noticed that they were hiding a puppy in the bottom of a stroller covered by a shirt. Devan told this to one of the ride ops and she was quite perplexed as she looked back at the stroller. That part was really funny... but the part where someone could have gotten seriously hurt was not.
  7. Amen. In most cases, one can control their weight so he or she can fit into a ride, but there's no healthy or practical way that one can "lose height" for the sake of fitting within maximum height requirements of amusement rides. If anything, it's proper diet and exercise that helps one reach their maximum height when still growing and prevents one from shrinking as he or she ages. This can be a double edged sword for those living in the 'very tall' margin (who aren't pro athletes). Because being tall is great, but it's being too tall that can really be a pain in the legs at times (literally)... . I'm about 6'3.5". I really hope I've stopped growing, or at least don't grow past 6'4"... I don't even know if I could get by on Delirium as is with shoes on and apparently it turns out there are a few great Intamin hypercoasters which uncharacteristically have 6'4" max requirements instead of 6'6" (Rides of Steel, Bizarro)
  8. Looks like a coaster themed to Willy Wonka IMO... I just feel like taking a bite out of the track As for some of my favorite paint jobs: All these photos are from RCDB. How do I make it so there's the border saying "This picture provided by the Roller Coaster DataBase"? EDIT: Nevermind
  9. I'm all booked, registered, and ready to go... can't wait!
  10. 1. RMC (as long as it's not sacrificing current KI woodie) 2. Um, I guess? 3. 1990-1999 4. Scooby-Doo (have not ridden anything in that building before Scooby-Doo as far as I know)
  11. Pop-Punk / Metalcore / Post-Hardcore Those are the three main specific sub-genres that take up virtually all the music I like to listen to. They differ slightly but are all inherently related for how heavy and melodic they are, to varying degrees (bands such as A Day To Remember and Four Year Strong cleverly incorporate characteristics from all three of those sub-genres). Not only do I love how heavy and melodic these kinds of music are, but another thing I generally love about it is how creative and compelling the lyrics can be (and in some cases, shocking!). Senses Fail is one of the best I've listened in making such lyrics... A Complete list of bands in my iTunes library would be: All Time Low (early), Avenged Sevenfold, Blink-182, Brand New, Bullet For My Valentine, A Day To Remember, Fall Out Boy(early), Four Year Strong, From First to Last, Man Overboard, Metallica, New Found Glory, Rise Against, Rush, Saves The Day, Senses Fail, The Starting Line, State Champs, The Story So Far, Sum 41, Taking Back Sunday, The Wonder Years, Yellowcard. I'd have to say that Led Zeppelin, although I don't really listen to them that much, is a band that I respect immensely. When people say "the music you listen to today probably happened because of the Beatles", in my case I disagree. Personally, if there was a band back in the day that I would give major credit to in terms of influencing the music I listen to, I think my kind of music would correlate a lot more to Led Zeppelin's music than the Beatles...But that's just me... Yeah I'm not a fan of country, rap, or hip hop either. However the "angry" music you're describing ironically would make up a considerable portion of my music library. What's funny is that sometimes music I listen that I don't even consider to be "angry" would sound "angry" to the common ear, but not to mine...
  12. And misspelling B&M as "Bollinger & Mabillard"... 3 times after spelling it right the first time...
  13. As great as Banshee is I would have to say that Diamondback holds just a slightly more special place in my heart for the fact that not only was it's Kings Island's first B&M coaster, but the first B&M and Hyper I ever rode in general.
  14. Other than following the NFL and playing indoor tennis there's really not much else I do during the off-season...
  15. Considering that it was Hanna-Barbera land from ages 0-8 for me, and Nickelodeon Universe from 8-11, I guess I would say I'm split on what the best era was for the kid's area. Since I enjoyed both HB characters as well as the Nickelodeon characters being in the park, I suppose my favorite era of the kid's area would be when those characters were both mutually present. Therefore 1995-2005 ('95 being when Nickelodeon Splat City opening). I see what you mean just judging by the "later" episodes being released, but I'd have to say that Spongebob was not as much so in the earlier episodes (pre-movie) in my opinion. In many ways he was actually quite intelligent, which is what used to make the Spongebob-Patrick duo so golden; one smart, one dumb. But, unfortunately the writing staff has greatly changed over the years, (most drastically after the movie), and yes, we are left with the mostly annoying Spongebob character now as you have described... Also see Cosmo from the Fairly OddParents. He actually used to be quite intelligent as well when the show first started out...
  16. I could listen to the Voyage's enchanting auto-spiel 100 times over and I swear it would never get old... For me at least...
  17. Fury 325 - Carowinds Other - (Six Flags Great Adventure) Six Flags Great Adventure
  18. I probably despise the look of Club Blood's building the most during the regular season. I wish they would at least just cover up the graffiti with a curtain or something during the summer.
  19. It's replacing ThrillSeekers, which is located on the left side of International street.
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