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  1. In this article Dorney Park cited low ridership, coupled with maintenance problems as the main reason for Stinger's removal. Nowhere is anything mentioned about replacement parts being an issue to find. Its worth noting that there are two other Invertigo models operating overseas (one of them a relocate opened in 2015). There are also five Giant Inverted Boomerangs still operating, and as we know there are two Flying Dutchmans still in operation as well. Granted, the futures of those coasters are certainly in question as they all suffer from similiar issues as Stinger, but I don't think Vekoma not supplying parts would be the reason for any of their removals. I'm genuinely curious as to where the whole "Vekoma doesn't their support their older/rarer models" rumor originally surfaced. No where can I find any legitimate backing for it, outside of enthusiast hearsay/readsay. ALL that having said, I completely agree with you about Invertigo likely being the next coaster removed (with CF along with it), but not for the reason you're suggesting. Possible, I suppose. But unlikely...
  2. Corkscrew IS less Dynamic than Vortex. That is correct, as they were Arrow Development then.
  3. As has been stated earlier in this thread, Arrow being out of business has nothing to do with the removal of Vortex, as S&S is available to sell practically any part to be needed on existing Arrow rides. We don't know the exact reason or reasons for its seemingly abrupt removal, but we at least know that is not one of them.
  4. Shocking, startling, and saddening news. It was a incredible run Vortex; Coney Mall will never be the same without you!
  5. Hmmm. I don't think I'd lose hope on the Best New Ride/Attraction award just yet. After all, its probably unlikely that it goes to Jersey Devil Coaster - nothing against the coaster itself. Its just that its unlikely that they give the nod to that over something from a SEAS park or top-Cedar Fair park as KI is. (over on the Great Adventure forum they've basically already accepted "defeat" in that regard). Really, I just feel like the GTA were kind of put in bind this year. The voters are still very favorable to Kings Island, but moreso seemingly to Dollywood, and they certainly were not going to let a major investment that Wildwood Grove was go unnoticed (with KI getting the "Rennaisance Award" as sort of a consolation prize) Some have cited Leviathan not winning Best New Ride in its debut year as reason for Orion not winning, but lest we forget that 2012 also involved Dollywood putting in Wild Eagle (No way they weren't going to have a new coaster at Dollywood not win). Best New Ride/Attraction will be a crowded field, no doubt. However, with there being two separate slots (and I feel this was the intention), it lets them choose a ride at two different parks, so there is less agonizing over which park/chain to favor.
  6. I'll have you both know, my friends favorite ride at King's Island is The Delirium. He like it a lot. We rides it even more then The Adventure Express... There, now everyone is happy.
  7. Correct. But the point I was making is that if its a vertical drop coaster theyre looking to add next, then a B&M dive would be the better alternative to something from Gerstlauer. Most launch coasters in general usually have pretty low riders per train anyway, so 16-20 riders is typically just what you have to settle with. Now the ultimate win, however, would be to have the two-train station a la Maverick to make it 24-32 per dispatch. That having said, as much as I would like the next coaster to be a launcher, if I had my money on it I would bet a B&M dive. It would be unlike anything we have currently, and would fit quite nicely into the Invertigo/CF plot of space.
  8. If Gerstlauer were come to KI, it'd have to be at least on the scale of HangTime (which is 16 riders), but even that'd be towing the line IMO of limited capacity. As intriguing as a ride like that would be, I'd rather just go with B&M for the Dive. And no just because Valravn exists doesn't mean that can't happen.
  9. Depends on who you ask. I for one enjoyed it immensely, and really had always been one of my favorites in the park. In a vacuum(disregarding the poor dispatch times/low capacity), I honestly think I prefered to Banshee, for instance. But to your answer your question, no, Firehawk as it turns out was far from a universally-praised ride, particularly as it neared closer to the end of its life. Some liked, some "hated" it, others indifferent... And to be perfectly honest, I was almost completely unaware that it had been such a polarizing ride until the rumors/confirmation of its removal had surfaced. (It was really that bad?) I get that it wasn't the most comfortable coaster, but by flyer standards I found it to be perfectly rideable. It was surprisingly smooth, especially by old Vekoma standards, and I think I actually preferred the lie-to-fly configuration to B&M's fly-to-lie. Ill take a mild sunburn over all the blood uncomfortably rushing to my head, as is the case for the latter... I can't help to think that some of the disdain for Firehawk had stemmed from the view of it being "just a hand-me-down from GL". (And the fact of it being a cloned ride did not help either)... To that I would say, just because something is cloned or the product of salvage from another park doesn't make it an "unfit" ride in my opinion. After all, it was just FIVE years old at that point. And people forget that it was a pretty big deal when it opened at GL. The first Vekoma flyer coming off the troubled prototype - a refined success, in my opinion. One of the very few successes that ever resulted from pre-bankruptcy Vekoma, but a success nonetheless. Yes, it would have been ideal to receive Dominator instead. But it could have been worse - Carowinds being the sent the sit-down boomerang, MiA receiving the SLC, and CW getting....well, nothing!
  10. I've always wondered why I'm not a fan of Invertigo's current colors too. Red and Yellow certainly was what I had been familiar with growing up, but I think there's more to it than that... The having two different shades of the same color on a coaster just isn't a good idea imo. Its for this same reason I've never been particularly fond of Leviathan, Stinger, Raptor, Hydra, or Kingda Ka's schemes. The supports and track need distinct contrast, which thankully Orion will have quite nicely.
  11. ^You and your Vekoma dark rides. (But for the record, I do actually like that idea .)
  12. I think its important to remember that Son of Beast, given how obviously poorly built it was, was an aberration among aberrations when it comes to "failed" rides of the past couple decades. Everything that could have gone went wrong and then some, throughout the entirety of the devolepment, planning, and construction of the ride. The chances of a disaster as bad as that one ever happening again at a major park, so as long as the right people and firms are overseeing the project, is basically zero. Its for this reason why I for one am not against the idea of another installation into The Beast anthology as others seem to be. When you really think about it. Failed rides in general rarely happen anymore. Citing things like The Chiller at NJFTP, Hypersonic, Tomb Raider, Son of Beast, all of which occured circa the late-90s-mid 2000 ish. The only very recent "failure" (and by failure, lasting less than a decade) that comes to mind would be Shoot the Rapids. Perhaps ringracer as well. Simply put, I don't believe the baggage left by the last attempt at a 200 ft wood coaster should deter the park from trying again. RCCA has been out of business and for good reason. I believe that with the expertise and cuttingedge tech of RMC (or Intamin) a 200 ft woodie is perfectly feasible. Wildfire at Kolmarden is 183 ft for petes sake. Is that 17 extra feet really out of the question? Zadra, the 206 ft hybrid I box that just opened in Poland, is being marketed (albeit falsely so) as the "tallest wood coaster" by Energylandia.
  13. ^Kong's Island a close second though - great place, very underrated.
  14. @FUN&ONLY!Just curious... why "sad"? XD
  15. Considering how many people from CCI went on to work for GCI and Gravity Group, I always considered them de facto part of the same family anyway. All three without question have been the most integral for traditionally-built wooden coasters over the past several decades. That having said, by no means would I consider Premier to be the "best" manufacturer, but they've always been one of my favorites. They might not have the BEST coasters out there, but they're very good at making "solid" rides such as the various Sky Rocket Coasters, "Mad Cobra" (FOF) clones, Backlot Trio, Revenge Of the Mummies etc. They're the king of themed coasters IMO... Their crowning achievement being the first to utilize LIMs, they've also made some very unique coasters in their history such as Speed - The Ride and The Chiller.
  16. TOGOs make people rethink their life choices.
  17. I'll say this. Once B&M starts making 300-400ft drop rides, Giant Frisbees, Screamin' Swings (or any flats at all, for that matter) which run with no issues whatsoever, then I suppose the critique of Intamin's, Huss', or S&S etc. rides would be more valid. But until then... EDIT: Here's to one of the greatest flat rides ever built!
  18. At long last, the "El Toro drought" is no more... New Jersey's Finest, becomes just a bit more fine!
  19. Thats precisely what I was thinking. I was a little surprised the park didn't round up to 301. They easily could have and wouldn't really have been dishonest to do so. 300.9 would definitively put it above both I305 and MF in terms of drop for 7th, and if we exclude the two reverse free-falls as anomalies it would put it at 5th biggest drop... HOWEVER, if we're to include Red Force (which does not have an official drop listed, which is why its not showing up in the rankings - despite the fact it is reasonable to estimate around 350 ft), then Orion would fall at 6th biggest drop on a full-circuit coaster, and 4th biggest on one with a lift hill... EDIT: One thing that is important to note is the rankings depend on whether a "tie" constitutes multiple spots, or two coasters get lumped together into the same placing. (Superman and Tower of Terror II both at 3rd, and then Fury at "4th") . Wikipedia does the former, RCDB does the latter.
  20. I've always thought FOF's pre-show was done pretty well. Or at least, how can something like that NOT come off as "cheesy" at least to some extent.
  21. ^Sometimes, less is more... And I would say this is certainly one of those cases. Its for this reason why I had preferred Orion to Polaris this whole time.
  22. Now THAT much I am glad of. Very, very glad in fact... I-305 could be the name of the highway (and maybe it is). 'Fury325' to me sounds more like an internet screenname than it does a roller coaster!
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