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  1. TOGOs make people rethink their life choices.
  2. I'll say this. Once B&M starts making 300-400ft drop rides, Giant Frisbees, Screamin' Swings (or any flats at all, for that matter) which run with no issues whatsoever, then I suppose the critique of Intamin's, Huss', or S&S etc. rides would be more valid. But until then... EDIT: Here's to one of the greatest flat rides ever built!
  3. At long last, the "El Toro drought" is no more... New Jersey's Finest, becomes just a bit more fine!
  4. Thats precisely what I was thinking. I was a little surprised the park didn't round up to 301. They easily could have and wouldn't really have been dishonest to do so. 300.9 would definitively put it above both I305 and MF in terms of drop for 7th, and if we exclude the two reverse free-falls as anomalies it would put it at 5th biggest drop... HOWEVER, if we're to include Red Force (which does not have an official drop listed, which is why its not showing up in the rankings - despite the fact it is reasonable to estimate around 350 ft), then Orion would fall at 6th biggest drop on a
  5. I've always thought FOF's pre-show was done pretty well. Or at least, how can something like that NOT come off as "cheesy" at least to some extent.
  6. ^Sometimes, less is more... And I would say this is certainly one of those cases. Its for this reason why I had preferred Orion to Polaris this whole time.
  7. Now THAT much I am glad of. Very, very glad in fact... I-305 could be the name of the highway (and maybe it is). 'Fury325' to me sounds more like an internet screenname than it does a roller coaster!
  8. ^^Its the same case for I305 as well for whatever reason. Google claims 299, but RCDB, WIki, and even the press releases for both rides (1,2) say 300, which is what I'm willing to trust over the 299' figure. On this note. The location is one advantage that this will certainly have over both Fury and Leviathan. Won't be going past parking lots, will be going deep into the woods! I think many thinking it to look like "just a bigger Diamondback" were inevitable, no matter how it was designed. And in way, I can't say I blame them. Most of them don't know or care for who B&M is
  9. And on this note, the terrain utilization on The Beast is so drastic that I believe the highest point from lowest point on the ride is 201 ft? (At least thats what I remember Don saying in a backstage tour once). In other words, if it was built on a completely flat surface, it'd be a wooden hyper!
  10. And not only that. I can recall several Fast Laners, toward the guests waiting in the primary line, verbally gloating about how many times they'd ridden it before most hadn't ridden it once. Such a cringe-inducing moment that was. On the topic of Fast Lane (and admittedly offtopic of the thread) I am not opposed to the system in general, but do believe on too many occasions falls victim to mismanagement. Its supposed to be reduced wait, not NO wait. I also disagree with the notion that there isn't a noticeable impact on the waiting times of non-FL guests. They're most definitely
  11. Agreed 100%. I will never for the life of me fathom why some enthusiasts would take joy in another park receiving what they speculate to be as an underwhelming or disappointing addition... This isn't like in sports where a "rival" team receiving a good player potentially could diminish their own chances of success, particularly if they end up in the same division/conference/league (ie. Giancarlo Stanton signing with the Yankees in 2017 - instead of the Red Sox; Bryce Harper going away from the Nationals and onto the Phillies). Had this coaster broken records, it would not have m
  12. What might be surprising to some is if you go back through every major coaster installation that Cedar Fair has added to both KI and CP since being co-owned beginning in 2006, one would notice that the total amount of investment has been roughly similiar, if not in KI's slight favor. KI: 2007: Firehawk (Don't have an exact source, but I've read on here on multiple ocasion that the cost of relocating X-Flight was comparable to building it up ground-up; for our purposes, I'll estimate $10 million 2009: Diamondback ($22 million) 2014: Banshee ($24 million) 2017: Mystic Ti
  13. I wouldn't necessarily say that. While it is listed under the same model as all their "hypers" under 300ft, it was the first one to feature the backbone required such a big drop. That IS the defining characteristic of B&M gigas, if there is one. After all, I believe there was a time when B&M said they wouldn't go 300ft+. I dont have an exact source on that but Ive heard about them also saying they wouldn't do launched coasters (until Thunderbird of course). So in that sense, Leviathan arguably was a prototype. One in which B&M was taking a slight risk by testing what thei
  14. I must say that I'm pleasantly surprised by the sudden flurry of posters/signs that have manifested themselves over the past week or so. What was looking more and more like the reality of there being no teasers at all for this coaster, they've hit us with perhaps the most creative and inventive campaign I've seen yet!
  15. To those who are claiming AE to be "towards the end of its service life" - some food for thought... Runaway Mine Train (SFOT), Dahlonega Mine Train, and Cedar Creek Mine Ride, the first three mine trains built, are still operating at 53, 52, and 50 years old respectively. Adventure Express is 28.
  16. If I may pose this question, would KCKC still be around today even if Paramount hadn't removed it (that is lasted 13 years through Cedar Fair's ownership)? Personally, I have hard time believing so. Industry-wide, traditional dry-park water rides are a dying breed, and are becoming ever less relevant in the advent of more innovative Mack and Intamin water coasters such as Pulsar or Speed, respectively. Cedar Fair removed Carowind's lone water ride in 2016. Do you really think this same company would have justified having keeping what was four water rides at KI. I can't think of any p
  17. The cold hard fundamental economic question is whether they can bring in at least 50% +1 of the previous usage with the new prices. If so, it is a net gain (not accounting for initial cost of tokens of course). If it is even 50% -1, it is a net loss.
  18. Honestly. If there had been teasers now, I think a lot of this bickering would have naturally subsided (or at least, not have surfaced in the first place). But since there aren't. We have next to nothing to discuss, so we're literally trying to find something to argue about. Therefore, I can't say I really blame either "side", (if you want to call it that), in this "debate" currently transpiring. This always happens when we have nothing to talk about. If the park would just put out some darn teasers already, we actually could be having a meaningful discussion about 2020.
  19. - Used to have 4 bench cars, with 5 cars for a total of 40 riders per train. - Originally was designed to run with four trains, with the brake shed acting as an MCBR if needed (with kicker wheels on the side) - And contrary to some belief, to put this age-old myth to rest once and for all (or at least, I can try)... ...No. The ride does not run any appreciable amount slower than it has since Opening Day 1979. The method of braking has changed(from skids to magnetic), but the degree to which it is braked has not. If those trims that everyone loves to complain about were not there
  20. Beast: 1-1, 6-2 DB: 1-1, 1-2, 8-2 MT: Anywhere Vortex: 5-1 Racer: 1-1, 1-3 (ejector seat), 5-2 Bat: 7-1 FOF: Very front or any seat on the front of each car
  21. No. I don't believe so. And hopefully, it stays that way.
  22. Just as a friendly reminder: Please refrain from quoting an excessive amount of text or unnecessary photos : ) And unlike the last time Cedar Fair instituted techno music (onto a certain "themed" attraction of long ago), this time it will actually be even remotely fitting!
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