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  1. I would take the Crypt and its building. The building would be my home so I wouldn't be cheating. AHAAAH, I've found a loophole!
  2. This is what a jump2 does... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yd0nkGcqh8E" looks kind of fun
  3. There's a rating system that I see. Some people have more grey dots than others. Its on their display profile. There's different statuses like 'KIC Expert' and 'KIC Platinum Member" I'm curious, How does this system work?
  4. On the HUSS website it says that the hourly capacity is 850 riders. That's an okay capacity for a flat ride.
  5. Ok so I'm not trying to be mean but if its closed for safety reasons, they are not going to open it up so people can ride it again. Then they might as well keep it open... That's why I said, "this could be a bad idea" And anyway it's not closed for safety reasons. The State of Ohio has certified it operate. It's CF thats not letting it open
  6. I thought that it would be an awesome topic to talk about where people were when they first found out about DB. I remember that I was coming home from a baseball game and got the mail. I saw piece of paper that said "Kings Island" on it. I unfolded the note and was so excited to look at that red and black piece of paper. I just couldn't wait for 2009!
  7. It would be cool to have a ride like Power Tower, just not next to Drop Zone. That would look hideous.
  8. This is an example of a Jump2...
  9. ^ I think we do need a new flat thrill ride since The Crypt basically died.
  10. KI has been lacking in flat rides for a long time. The next ride they add will most likely be a fairly cheap flat ride since they spent $22 million on DB a year ago. I would be satisfied with a new flat ride next year or 2 years from now.
  11. My biggest coaster turn-off is the trim brakes on The Beast. You're going really fast and then you slow down about at least 20mph. My biggest turn-on is the fun roughness that doesn't hurt which is also on The Beast.
  12. I'll add an equal option.
  13. Overall, I think that the Snoopy's Starlight Spectacular was enjoyable. You could buy a pair of 3-D glasses for $1(I know, rip off)and when you looked through them all of the lights looked like snowflakes.
  14. ON TOPIC- I rode the Crypt yesterday and It was a little bit better than the last time I rode it.(which was last year) There was some red flashing lights so you could the carving on the wall. I was quite satisfied. The theming still has a lot more room to improve. Maybe next year CF will get the memo and add some special effects,(spraying water, more lights, music, animatronic objects etc.) I hope...
  15. My first big coaster was The Beast when I was 6. I remembered it like it was yesterday.
  16. I always wondered If Paramount would doing better than CF right now. With CF we got Diamondback. But there's lots of anger with what their doing the once-great 'Crypt.' But there's still a long time before we can judge CF The point is Paramount gave us great theming and okay rides; CF is going to give us great rides but horrible theming. If only we could get the best of both worlds.
  17. I think that if Cedar Fair can never find a solution to SOB that they open for one more season for 2011. This would give everybody a chance to rideit who never got to. Although this could be a bad idea, one more season means about 140 more days where KI could end up with another law suit on their hands. It's either they fix monstrosity of the ride or it's slash-and-burn for SOB.
  18. They probably felt like one part of them has died and one part has just been born...
  19. Is that bubble thing a new atrraction for 2010? I still haven't gone to KI for this season. Looks FUN!!!
  20. Who knows... Maybe the company is trying to design a metal track that's compatible with SOB but it's taking a long time... Maybe...Just Maybe...
  21. I read a rumor on http://www.screamsca...ings_island.htm. It said that Cedar Fair could be in contact with the rollercoaster company that created the all new metal track that they're adding to Texas Giant. Has anyone else heard this?
  22. I'm going to CP this summer in July. Which I've been looking forward to all school year. Anybody know how crowded Cedar Point is in July?
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