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  1. I always wondered If Paramount would doing better than CF right now. With CF we got Diamondback. But there's lots of anger with what their doing the once-great 'Crypt.' But there's still a long time before we can judge CF The point is Paramount gave us great theming and okay rides; CF is going to give us great rides but horrible theming. If only we could get the best of both worlds.
  2. I think that if Cedar Fair can never find a solution to SOB that they open for one more season for 2011. This would give everybody a chance to rideit who never got to. Although this could be a bad idea, one more season means about 140 more days where KI could end up with another law suit on their hands. It's either they fix monstrosity of the ride or it's slash-and-burn for SOB.
  3. They probably felt like one part of them has died and one part has just been born...
  4. Is that bubble thing a new atrraction for 2010? I still haven't gone to KI for this season. Looks FUN!!!
  5. Who knows... Maybe the company is trying to design a metal track that's compatible with SOB but it's taking a long time... Maybe...Just Maybe...
  6. I read a rumor on http://www.screamsca...ings_island.htm. It said that Cedar Fair could be in contact with the rollercoaster company that created the all new metal track that they're adding to Texas Giant. Has anyone else heard this?
  7. I'm going to CP this summer in July. Which I've been looking forward to all school year. Anybody know how crowded Cedar Point is in July?
  8. I cant believe this but I still haven't gone to Kings Island and it's been about a month and a half since Opening Day. I am visiting this Wednesday and I am so pumped! I can't wait to see everything that is different.
  9. You are a KI addict if... the only reason you go to your brother's baseball game is so you can go by and see Kings Island on the car ride there. Funny story actually...
  10. On the exciting debut in May 2000 Son of Beast was drenched in so much anticipation it forced the rider to say they like it because they didn't want to admit SOB was a bad ride since they've probably been waiting since 1999 when PKI announced SOB. By 02' or 03' people started to realize that the ride was a FAIL!!! By 08'-present the ride has become a major problem that brings down the name that is 'Kings Island' SOB is crying out for Intamin to come KI make the ride a "prefab" It's our last hope. If this doesn't work...NOTHING WILL!!!
  11. Extending the would be pretty awesome but I would much rather Cedar Fair give Kings Island a new ride altogether.
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