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  1. Hadn't seen it mentioned yet this year but I was wondering if the situation with alcohol sales is similar to last year? In years prior to 2015, there was an alcohol stand every ten feet it seemed like. Last year, I brought a friend who likes to drink a lot (while I'm the driver) and I couldn't believe how many of the alcohol stands they had removed for Haunt. Wondered if this was a one-year deal or if it's a permanent change.
  2. It seemed intentional. Even Friday was crowded, and I've been to a lot of Friday night Haunts. I know in years past there have been multiple occurances of the park ceasing alcohol sales earlier than normal. Normally they quit at midnight, but when crowds get rowdy I've seen them stop all sales as early as 10:45.
  3. First thing I noticed this past Friday at Haunt was that the number of alcohol stands has been drastically reduced for Haunt. This was one of the things I always liked better about KI vs. CP for Haunt. The only stands I was able to locate were near the Crypt (Bloodweiser draft), the small stand next to the cafe across from Vortex, of course the bar by Viking Fury, and the sports bar by Diamondback. The stand at Larosas by The Beast was not open, nor was Festhaus, nor any of the smaller carts with Bud/BL/Mikes Hard, etc. I'm figuring this was intentional on the part of KI. Has anyone else heard anything about this via a statement or change in policy?
  4. :Facepalm Nevermind. I'm an idiot. I can't find any evidence anywhere that a death actually occured. I just took my parent's word for it. I was only 7 years old. Parents aren't supposed to lie.
  5. Hopefully nobody dies on this version of "The Bat". As a kid (born in 76) we got to go to KI maybe once every other year. I remember most of my youth getting there and seeing the sign "The Bat is not operating today". I love the new colors and think it's a good name, except I don't see why the park would want to dig into an old wound of a failed ride.
  6. Forgive me if this has been discussed elsewhere, I didn't find it. I've been to haunt the past many years and Fridays were always unique in that there is no early entry for pass holders, presumably due to the wall of monsters upon opening. Ki's site makes it sound like there is in fact early entry all days of haunt, 30 minutes. Is this something new for this year or is it poorly written on their site?
  7. I've never really cared about how far I am from a restroom, because I like walking, and I can hold it. My wife on the other hand, every time we get off FOF or Firehawk, says "Bathroom" and I always comment that, there really isn't a worse spot in the park to be in as far as distance from the bathroom is concerned. To which, she is mad at both me, and the bathrooms!
  8. Four and a half hours from Metro Detroit.
  9. I've been through all the KI haunts and mazes multiple times and, except for Mysteria, think this one ranks right down near the bottom. That's not even considering it has longer-than-normal lines (presumably since it's new) and a very slow-moving que.
  10. I was there this weekend. It was the busiest I have seen Haunt on a Friday/Saturday EXCEPT Columbus day weekend Saturday last year. That was TWICE as bad, absolutely insane. I was quite surprised by the crowds on Friday. It was the busiest Friday Haunt I have ever been to. We didn't get a whole lot done, partly by choice, but the big kicker was that the park was closed on Sunday, which is usually a terrific day to get rides in. I would not, under any circumstances, go to KI or CP this coming Saturday. BTW, what's up with the new metal detector thing for Haunt? You can bring in anything you want before 5PM, but after that, expect to be searched and scanned.
  11. Dang! When did the park decide to close for a private event on Sept 30th? I planned my trip for this weekend a few weeks ago, and it showed open all weekend. One of our favorite things about the Haunt trip is Sunday's ride walk-on-athon! Guess I will have to focus more on rides Friday night and Haunts on Saturday. Speaking of Saturday, does anyone know if the early entry time is a full hour early for Gold/Platinum holders or is it just a half hour like last year?
  12. Great shots, thanks again for your efforts! With CP being my home park, I am extra-sensitive to the concept of removing vegetation and replacing it with concrete, or rides surrounded by concrete. I've watched my park turn into, what feels like, an airport runway over the last 30 years (by comparison). Having said that, no trees were removed here, and I too like the caricatures. So I think I'm with you on this one.
  13. Standbyme, I've been on vacation at Disney for the past couple weeks (which, BTW, gives me a greater appreciation for KI). Had I been home I would have been a daily poster, responding to what is certainly the best thread I've seen on this, or any related forum, in a long, long time. Nice work, and much appreciated! This sure helps pass the offseason blues.
  14. They do not clear the park out. That would take forever. You cannot re-enter after 7pm, period. You can ENTER after 7PM, but not RE-enter.
  15. I have noticed that the line for Massacre Manor, and Carnevil, both move very slowly. I would do those first. As a bonus they are both completely dark inside even if it's light out, so you can hit them at 5PM when they open. The same cannot be said for Slaughterhouse and Wolf Pack. Don't do these till it's dark. Club Blood lines seem to always move quickly, but I have found the experience varies more here than in any of the other houses. So if I had to put them in order, starting at 5PM: Carnevil Massacre Manor Urgent Scare Club Blood (then when dark...) Wolf Pack Cuthroat Cove Slaughterhouse Tombstone Cornstalkers etc You are going to have to wait for Tombstone no matter when you go, so I'd say as long as it's dark it really doesn't matter when you do it. I did go through it right at closing last week though, and it was pretty terrible. Almost nobody left working. That could happen with any of them near closing, so bear that in mind.
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