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  1. That picture isn't faded, it's the old trains. Thats what color they used to be. Look at the top of the train where the lap bar is and you'll notice the single lap bair for both riders just like beastie. These are the old Beast trains the color is fine. Maybe not the original trains but they are older trains.
  2. What are the lines for the rides like during the day? Like when the park opens unti ldark? Route 666 sounds really cool, can't wait. Are the rides even open during the day? and do they stay open all the way until the park closes at midnight ?
  3. What are line like t Fearfest for the rides and rollercoasters. The reason I wanna go to fearfest is to get a bunch of night rides on The Beast, so what are the lines like for the actual rides?
  4. Drop Zone's not that intense, it's more fun than intense. I think the first and second generation drop rides are more intense (exe Dungeon Drop, Demon Drop, Pitfall, Hellavator) Those are more intense. And the S&S towers are way more intense. But Drop zone is still a fun ride.
  5. Anybody got a pic of these new lab bars, andI hope they're good cause it's gonna take a lot of help to make the Son eclipse the father!!!!!
  6. I am a tall fairly well built guy (6'2", 230), and the SOB trains are extremly uncomfortable to me. I don't think the ride is rough, I think it's smooth as glass, but the trains are very uncomfortable. Ne lap bars would be great, but the ride will still be terrible (if you wanna know why its terrible, just ask and I will tell! :-)
  7. Dop you guys consider Drop Zone to be a flat ride, or that considred a 'drop ride'.
  8. Dop you guys consider Drop Zone to be a flat ride, or that considred a 'drop ride'.
  9. Which is better the Giant Top Spin Tomb Raider, or the giant frisbee Delirium? Just want you alls opinion
  10. I think it's still runnin slow, but it was a lot quicker than last year. last year that brake in the covred shed almost brought the train to a stand still, this year it seemed like it just slowed ya alittle. its still sucking from where it was 2 years ago, but its a huge improvement from last year i think.
  11. Did anybody else notice how nice The Beast was running this year ? The new tracking in places was really smooth, and the magnetic brakes have settled in bettern than last season. I thought it was out of control and running very well. Also thought it was cool at night because in the final double helix the first tunnel was light up, and the second tunnel was in darkness. Very cool.
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