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  1. Basing my answer on rides that currently exist. The upcharge rides and a couple of the rides for little kids. My last visit was Labor Day weekend 2014, anything installed after that is also a no.
  2. Ohio folks can leave BGT alone. The animals are a major part of the park. The place still packs a crowd on a daily basis.....without major thrills. Though, it has one of the best coasters in the country, imho.
  3. Apparently not. So instead I will do it. Sorry to drag this out. I just knew he would continue until the end of time and ran with it. Back to the topic at hand.
  4. Nevermind. Some folks just don't ever give up, lol.
  5. UK and UL fans are equally annoying. I don't miss them
  6. Kentucky born and raised. Never have liked Louisville, I hate even having to visit the place but most of my family lives there so I had no real choice. My dislike has nothing to do with college sports because unlike most everyone else in the state, I do not like Basketball.
  7. Not, YOU guys, just one. I said I didn't like the name is all. Nothing about Dark Themes, my thoughts on Banshee, etc. Rock head there shows up to get butt hurt about it and pick my opinion to death. I got tired of it and decided to leave it alone. Now another rock head shows up and yanks the first ones chain again so he can go on like he knows me and how I feel about rides and parks. Just another idiot to put on ignore.
  8. You are correct, sir. Folks do love an easy pay day these days. Surely the park knows the names of the folks that were actually on the ride when the accident occurred. Some interesting comments on the first article.
  9. I was on a ride that decided to toss parts onto the seat I was sitting in and nearly injured the young girl beside me. The ride kept on running even when one large piece slammed onto the ride platform with a loud, THUD. No Ops seemed to care and only reacted when I pointed out what happened. They removed the pieces and a few minutes later the ride was running like nothing happened. No one we talked to that worked at the park really seemed to care. We left the park and will never go back.
  10. This doesn't surprise me at all. My one trip to this park was abysmal. BB is still the only park that I ever felt unsafe at.
  11. Another cause is......say it with me......Location, Location, Location. KK isn't exactly in a clean part of the city. Being next to an Airport hurts as well. Strict height restrictions keeps out the super tall rides that so many feel a park MUST have before they or anyone they know will visit.
  12. You are the one fussing. I said I didn't like it......end of discussion. No reason for you to go on about how you don't feel the same way. I don't expect everyone to. Not everything has to be a drawn out debate. As for the ride pieces this thread is supposed to be about. I wonder if anyone has obtained not so legal photos of the labels? The ones for the ride going to China told exactly what the ride type was. Edit: Not saying anyone should take illegal photos, just wondering so please do not pick that statement to death.
  13. I remember getting a tiny nick on my forehead once. The amount of blood made it seem like I had been scalped.
  14. Nah, you won't be banned. I've only had it a couple times in 6 years. The Cone I had in 2011 did not taste the same as the ones in 2010. I never had another one after that.
  15. Then we can remove: Diamondback as this isn't even a snake native to Ohio Congo Falls, I mean, where's the rainforest in Action Zone? Adventure Express, Mayan Indiana Jones esque theming...in whats left of "Oktoberfest" Also, how do you know the park may not add a European kind of theme to an area. We already have Frontier Town/Trail that's beautifully themed. Then there's several shops & items that have great theming to them such as Pagoda for instance. Just because they don't have it now doesn't mean they won't have it ever at all. It's just a name, it's just a ride. Keep to that, and amusement parks get alot more fun, promise. I don't critique Flight of Fear because it has a dumb name, I go to parks, and ride rides. Something tells me you would love to go back and forth on this for days. You think I don't have fun at parks when you don't even know me? Bold statement. I ride rides as well. Just don't care for one named after a mythical child killing beast. I'm sure the ride will be fun, I like Dive Coasters. Just don't care for the name. Sorry that that bothers you SO much.
  16. How well the parks are or aren't themed was not my point. You know how Busch Gardens Tampa uses an African theme for pretty much everything? SeaWorld uses.....The Sea. Etc, Etc. Last I checked, Cedar Point wasn't a park themed to European Folklore.
  17. No. It is a great name for a properly themed park. Something that Cedar Point is not.
  18. No. Only because the drive is just too far for me now. I attended a past event and had a lot of fun. There are lots of great people on this forum and I recommend that everyone that is able to attend any future KIC events.
  19. Looks like a cool ride to me. Looks like I will be adding KK to my list of parks to visit if I go to KY next year. As for the low quality reveal video, big deal. We all know the park is low on funds thanks to a tight operator.
  20. I doubt we will be seeing much in the way of Wood Coasters these days. Aside from the RMC creations that is. Not saying they are dead, just that folks appear to want tall, tall, tall, fast, fast, fast, these days. B&M provides that with unmatched reliability. That said, I would like to see an RMC at Kings Island.
  21. They have that goofy Valravn (hope I spelled that right) copyrighted and the name fits a Dive Coaster very well, just not one at Cedar Point. Knowing Cedar Point, this ride is not going to be a small one. I expect it to be an 8 or 10 across model, most likely the tallest and longest of its kind.
  22. I feel that once all is said and done, Six will no longer have any Wooden Coasters to maintain. If that helps them in the "Profits" area, I expect other parks to follow suit.
  23. While I do not recommend this person ride any Coasters with a bad back, lets not kid ourselves here. Those Warnings are indeed posted for many reasons. The biggest however is something we called C.Y.A. in the military.
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