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  1. That's at fault with the Admissions associates as they have control over the TV's via an Ipad, but they don't change the lanes instantly. Don't rely on technology to tell us which lanes are open when you can easily see via, a person standing (Or sitting) at the turnstile. Obviously I'll go to whatever lines have people in them. It's just a little pet peeve I have against inaccurate signage.
  2. ^How about an announcement that the TVs at the gate will be accurate as to which lines are open?
  3. I wanted to vote for Timmy, but it wasn't an option. Edit: Or Timbo.
  4. My guess is that they're going to theme the train again.
  5. Of course, my car picked today to break down. I was really excited about going tonight after missing Banshee's announcement because I worked 3rd shift at the time.
  6. If It's green track, I'll be excited! Green is my favorite color!Ooo! Maybe it will be my dream of camaflauge paint.... I could see that.... or could I? The Cena Coaster.Edit: That would be better teased with a shovel than an axe.
  7. What a great gift for the media! Now they can axe some questions! Sorry, I had to.
  8. Well, we already have a Creature of the Night in The Bat.
  9. If it's a project for 2018, I wonder if we'll get a new sign on the mystery fence. 2016: "Watch for falling trees." = they're doing tree removal. 2017: "Watch for pouring concrete."
  10. Mrs. Saturday Nite has had success using her phone for parking (with Apple Wallet, I believe). I have not.
  11. That lime-green color though... It definitely "pops," but I'm not sure if I like it.
  12. I'm no forensic handwriting expert, but it looks like all the things on the chalkboard were written by the same person.
  13. ^They could call it a Double Diamond-Track! MrSaturdayNite, running for the door.
  14. New mystery project = time for me to come back to KIC! For now put me on Team Something!
  15. Miley Cyrus songs in Planet Snoopy. Passing the front gate bathrooms when exiting.
  16. Props to all the KI employees for keeping the guests safeand sound throughout the whole ordeal.
  17. Awesome, you guys go to your rows and I'll go wherever the ride op sends me.
  18. Drop Tower, WindSeeker, Invertigo, and oddly enough, Zephyr.
  19. There was once a video on this site of a man who wanted the park to listen to us enthusiasts. He worked himself into quite a Fuhrer over it.
  20. Today 5/22: Great parking spot. Short lines. My first solo visit to KI since 2011. My first time in the Reds Hall of Fame Grille. 11 rides on Banshee, including 1 in the front row and 3 in the back. Not being at work!
  21. Sure, but he has six legs, much like our Monster.
  22. They missed their chance a few years ago... They could've renamed it Squidward.
  23. 5/19: 1. Wife and I used Parent Swap for the first time. It's a good system, but it does seem like some of the Ride Ops were confused by it. 2. Son's first ride on Snoopy Junction. I had some concerns about his ability to sit still without being on someone's lap, but he had no problems. He doesn't seem to enjoy rides a whole lot yet, but he reacts with apprehensive curiosity rather than total panic.
  24. I thought the BCS was becoming a tournament this year.
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