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  1. Excuse you? No one is complaining, I was pointing it out and wondering "WHY?" Besides, one can CLEARLY see by looking at the horizontal support, that it is wider. I think since B&M is my favorite maker, and having ridden 41 of the 90 in the world, 13 of which are inverted, I would know. Don't argue with me about B&M. 1. Notice "complaining" was in quotes. I didn't know how to properly state it. Nit-pick, point out every detail that's different, whatever... what I meant is it's always something being brought up about how this is different or that is different and how someone doesn't like this or that, and it's kind of getting annoying.... We're getting a new coaster that's first of its kind to KI, offers several elements that no other coaster at Kings Island has.... and I hear people point out this, and that, and this isn't the same as other B&M inverts... and I am just like is it really that important? 2. I am not arguing. It seems you chose to take my post in a rather hostile manner when that's not at all how I wrote it nor intended it to be read. Chill. 3. I am not arguing with you about B&M nor do I care to. I don't care how many B&Ms you've ridden, or how that's relevant. My point is this: Why is anyone on this forum still comparing Banshee to other B&Ms and questioning measurements, layouts, etc.?? Is it really that important that certain features be cookie cutter duplicates of features on other B&Ms?? Why can't we just trust that everyone behind the design, manufacturing, and building of this coaster know what they are doing and are doing things for a reason? We are getting a brand new really awesome roller coaster that has a lot to offer and has a lot of features that no other coasters at Kings Island has!!! Is it really all that important if the loop is wider?? That's all I meant, that's all I mean, that's all I'm saying. I never got an attitude with you, don't have one now, so there is no need for you to be so hostile towards me. This is a enthusiast discussion board. It really shouldn't be strange that we are nit-picking details about Banshee considering this thread is centered around the construction of Banshee and the elements we look forward to in the spring. We are bound to make comparisons and inquiries about the ride, and how it may improve upon its predecessors. That's the fun of it all when there is construction downtime! Not trying to fuel a fire, just a piece of my perspective with this thread!
  2. I think that's exactly how they phrased it when they placed the order with B&M: "We need the cutest little restrainties you have!"
  3. I thought Black Widow would have been a cool name but after seeing only two glowing eyes in the teaser, I doubt it.
  4. I can already see the tagline: "The tallest, fastest, and meanest inverted coaster to ever strike Kings Island."
  5. Is it true that Cedar Point applied for a Gatekeeper trademark around the same time as its announcement? If so, why would Cedar Fair trademark Banshee for this ride several months before any announcement?
  6. Let's not forget last year when Cedar Point gave us numbers to decode a name and it ended up being a diversion.
  7. Okay am I the only one who wants to know why it's taking over two months to discover the source of these bone-chilling screams?!
  8. Napoleon Dynamite is a Paramount Pictures film. Isn't it obvious? Kings Island is returning to Paramount ownership!
  9. Thought this was pretty crazy. Props to TOPGUN1993 for the bottom photo!
  10. Yes, but I'm assuming they aren't completely pulling the contents of Mr. Helbig's quote from thin air.
  11. Quoting from this article today http://news.cincinnati.com/article/20121120/NEWS01/121120026/Final-section-Son-Beast-comes-down?odyssey=nav%7Chead&nclick_check=1 " "Once the ride has been removed, probably in early 2013, we’ll begin the process then of surveying the land and looking at all the ideas and different concepts and all the things we can do,” said Helbig. “There’s plenty of room to work with and we’re excited about that opportunity as we look towards the future.” " So I wonder if there are actually any legitimate plans being considered for the area yet. If not, we shouldn't expect to see anything til well beyond 2014. All we can do is wait!
  12. Since when is Six Flags removing Texas Giant? I thought they were retracking The Rattler to make it Iron Rattler.
  13. I love how I could tell who the OP was just by looking at the topic name and how it was typed "Son of Beast"
  14. Knott's recently announced they would be removing Perilous Plunge. Are we to be expecting an announcement of a new attraction for 2013? What do ya'll think?
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