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  1. Park CLOSED Friday 9/1/17

    Due to the inclement weather (remnants from Harvey), Kings Island will not be opening tonight. The change can be seen on the park's main website and calendar. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/explore/calendar-and-hours The park has now tweeted the news as well:
  2. What could 2018 bring KI

    Which only makes my commute longer.
  3. What could 2018 bring KI

    Ugh, I wish any given spot in Hamilton County was only 20 minutes from KI. My commute from my home in Hamilton County to KI is 40-45 minutes each way. And you can still get farther away without leaving Hamilton County.
  4. Haunt Or WinterFest?

    I've never been able to care too much for Haunt (or Halloween itself), but I've never been to a winterfest and love christmas, so I can not wait for Winterfest. During the off-season I honestly couldn't even decide if I was more excited for Mystic or Winterfest.
  5. First visit questions

    Yes, you will need your own towel for the water park. You could put it in a locker or if you don't feel like spending money on that you could also easily run it back out to your car.
  6. I wanted to enter, but I work for Cedar Fair. Pros and cons, lol. I hope you win, though!
  7. Kings Island 2017 Discussion Thread

    I noticed that construction yesterday as well. I also feel confident in an assumption that it is for Winterfest. Maybe the Crafter's Village?
  8. Cedar Point 2017 Talk

    I mean, I'd be excited if it were me. Heck, I'm excited for them. I though all enthusiasts want evacs?
  9. I'm trying to figure out if that is three new coasters or four. You've got the two RMC at CP/KD, but then there's "a completely new type of coaster...and a renewed relationship with a manufacturer." Is that two coasters? Is it one coaster and one non-coaster? Or is it the same coaster altogether? Either way, it seems more likely Knott's new attraction will be a coaster. If there's a fourth, I'm thinking either Wonderland or CGA.
  10. Carowinds First Trip

    When we went last summer Woodstock Express went down while we were in line. Rather than leave the area, my mom suggested we ride Peanuts Pirates. I was skeptical as it seems like such a kiddie ride, but it was actually a lot of fun. And by 'we' I mean my 19 year old self, my 17 year old brother, my 21 year old sister, and my 51 year old dad. So, yea, give it a shot because it's certainly not just a kiddie ride. We all enjoyed it. I'd also echo Sythe's comments about hype. Going down I felt like a lot of people said it's an awesome park. Sure, it's not bad, but I personally feel CP, KI, and KD are all superior.
  11. Sit On it - A nostalgic look back at KI...

    Wow @mikejenkins1! Thanks for sharing. Awesome find. That picture of The Racer on the front kills me. I'd love for those colors to return.
  12. Kings Island Coaster Logos of Old

    https://www.pinterest.com/pin/297096906642937192/ I can't confirm whether or not this was used as the logo, but it is how it looked from the midway.
  13. Official: WinterFest 2017

    Hearing Mystic will be open doesn't surprise me one bit. I've been suspecting it for a while. I have the same feeling about The Beast possibly being open and to a slightly lesser degree for Racer.
  14. How was your ride on Mystic Timbers?

    Just add [spo iler] in front of what you want to hide and [/spo iler] after what you want to hide. And do it without the space in between the o and i. I had to do that so you could see the code.
  15. Mystic Timbers Media Day and First Rider Auction Report

    Wow great trip report. Sounds like you had an awesome day.