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  1. Best B&M Invert

    I've been on 4 of the B&M inverts. Banshee and Afterburn are the top for me, but I struggle to pick one over the other. The other two are Raptor and Talon. Raptor was great on my first ride, but has been meh ever since. Talon I only rode once, and I honestly can't remember the experience. Which is kinda sad considering it was only this past June, but oh well.
  2. My Diamondback Tattoo

    This remains the current policy for tattoos and piercings. Facial hair is now allowed as long as it's well groomed.
  3. 25th Anniversary Tickets

    Wow, this is way cool. I'm jealous. I have a thing for anything related to the 1997 season as it was the 25th anniversary season and the year I was born. Once I realized that a few years ago, I went onto eBay and got myself a souvenir 25th anniversary Coke bottle and ornament (pictured below). I actually got really excited for a second when I first glimpsed this post as I thought you were selling them. I was ready to jump on it, but hey, I'm glad they're in safe hands rather than the trash.
  4. The $15 price for skating includes the skate rentals.
  5. The sledding was open. There is no actual snow involved with it. It's just white turf. And no, there is no charge to slide. That is, however, a very common question I hear as an employee of the sledding hill. Hopefully others can better answer your other questions. Edit: Well upstop beat me. Hope your questions are all answered. Actually, one thing to add about the skating. I've heard it did sell out Friday night.
  6. Kentucky Kingdom

    Based on the description it seems that video is just an introduction to new videos, or vlogs as they call it.
  7. Get rid of one coaster- The Poll

    Alright who voted Diamondback and Mystic? I'm genuinely curious what your reasons are.
  8. Get rid of one coaster- The Poll

    I was tempted to put Backlot for much of the same reasons above, but then I thought of it being gone and felt like I'd miss the experience. One experience, however, I don't think I'd miss is Vortex. On top of that, I always wish it would take more advantage of the terrain it's built on. Other than the batwing, none of it really seems to come too close to the ground.
  9. 2018 Construction in Coney Mall

    I've been fairly confident for a couple months now the only thing new to KI next year will be the new Coney restaurant. However, as far as 2019 goes, I'm suspecting something much larger than a couple flats. As you say though, time will tell.
  10. Official: WinterFest 2017

    Actually I believe it will be located on the midway in front of Drop Tower. Skyflyer is located behind the Coasters Connections building. This map shows tubing in front of that building.
  11. Final ride of the Season (Winterfest excluded)

    My actual last ride ended up being Banshee. After they sent out the last public train, their crew and my crew took the true final ride of the season. It was great!
  12. Final ride of the Season (Winterfest excluded)

    As I've already been in the park for the final time as a guest, it will probably be Skyflyer (where I work). My last ride as a guest I believe was The Bat.
  13. Coasterstock 2018

    Here's a few existing threads on the topic:
  14. Employee Comp Ticket

    I have been told by many the 2017 comp tickets are good at any Cedar Fair park through the end of the year, including Haunt and Winterfest events.
  15. Park CLOSED Friday 9/1/17

    Due to the inclement weather (remnants from Harvey), Kings Island will not be opening tonight. The change can be seen on the park's main website and calendar. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/explore/calendar-and-hours The park has now tweeted the news as well: