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  1. I doubt they're hiding anything at this point. Just taking their time getting the new site ready and the cameras back up. I think I saw Don say somewhere that they were also evaluating new positions for them.
  2. Here's a direct link to it: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cedarfair.kingsisland
  3. Well CP doesn't own Kings Island, but Cedar Fair might put something in Rivertown.
  4. Ha, I used it before the upgrade as well. I just always use my phone, so couldn't recognize the desktop version. I now use the KIC bright default.
  5. I believe that's the 'IPB Default' theme. If not, then that's no longer available. Edit: Goble beat me by seconds
  6. ^They tweeted out a hat with only that phrase on it and I thought the same thing about only true enthusiasts understanding it. A t-shirt would also be pretty cool, especially since I very rarely wear hats outside of my job.
  7. Here's a bigger and better picture that was posted to the @KingsIslandSP Twitter account. https://twitter.com/KingsIslandSP/status/847193797037604865?s=09
  8. I think the takeaway from that link is the article, not just the picture. It's suggesting that Twitter account is actually being run by the park as a teaser. I personally find that unlikely. Sure, it could be a cool tease, but why would the park intentionally encourage people to break their own rule? I believe it's run by someone who is at the park everyday working for either Cedar Fair (putting that job in danger ) or a construction worker on MS / Cedar Shores.
  9. ^Slower?! I thought it seemed pretty fast. Almost too fast for how small the elements are.
  10. I came across this interview from an amateur coaster site with Adam House. Most of it is information already known from KIC's interview or other sources. However, it does confirm that at least GCI employees have now taken rides.
  11. I fully expect the mods on this site to only allow shed spoilers inside spoiler tags for several months. They may not even allow that.
  12. I have rode Dominator and I fully agree with this. Before riding Dominator I felt like KD got the better ride. After riding Dominator, though, I'm glad KI has Firehawk. It is a fantastic and unique ride. Dominator felt just average to me.
  13. Yes. You can get an idea for what it will look like by checking out the websites for Cedar Point, Kings Dominion, Carowinds, and California's Great America. They've all already been upgraded.
  14. I wouldn't be too concerned with what is or isn't online yet concerning the dining plan. There is still just under four weeks to get it all up and I feel like last year the choices posted online were changing even after the season started. Also, this year you have to remember that the new website was confirmed to be coming soon, so that could also be affecting whether or not they get everything up on the old/current site. As far as Tom+Chee, they replied to a Facebook comment about it and said they'd "absolutely" be on the dining plan. Considering how late their return was confirmed, it w
  15. New this year is the season pass drink plan. Instead of getting the physical cup, you can just activate this plan on your pass and then get a disposable cup every 15 minutes.
  16. Stand ups. I know they get a bed rep, but my only experience on one (Vortex at Carowinds last year) was pretty good. I don't know if other manufacturers were worse, but it certainly makes me sad to think that after this year there may well be no stand ups left within Cedar Fair.
  17. Absolutely. I loved KD when I went last year. A few days after leaving; even having also been to Carowinds, CP, and KI; I couldn't help but want to go back to Kings Dominion more than any of the other three parks. I felt there was just such a special charm to it.
  18. Just go to themes at the bottom of the page and change your preference to KICentral Dark.
  19. How funny! I was planning on bumping this thread myself a few weeks ago. Obviously, I never got to it, so thanks Medford! I'd also add even if you've looked through this thread before, look through it again. It really is wonderful.
  20. The reason I don't think it was for putting stuff in the shed is because the only webcam with views of the shed is so far from the shed on top of the tower, it's easy, in my opinion, for them to put stuff in the shed without us actually being able to tell what it is. Plus, I imagine anything large would have been put in before the roof and walls were up completely, so only small things would be left. Also, the opening of the shed appeared to face away from the camera anyways. Ten days may seem like a short time, but it'd only take a day to unwrap the cars. Say then that the beginning of t
  21. Based on this piece of information and the fact that the webcams have been down, I am 90% confident testing has been going on this past week. We're less than a month from opening now. I think it'd be crazy for a brand new ride not to have started tests yet.
  22. Already posted two pages and two days ago: *Also, proper grammer is saw, not seen.
  23. ^^ I don't think it was painted too recently though. Wasn't that back in 2013 to coincide with the refresh of the Boardwalk area?
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