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  1. 1854 posts in one month. Average of 60 posts a day. On pace for 6500 by mid August (likely announcement). Whats the record for most posts in a thread?
  2. I talked to a very nice older lady who was working in Action Zone a couple weeks ago. When she saw me peering over the fence she said I could get a much better view from the tower. She told me that she knew one of the contractors building what ever it is and because of this she knew what was going to be built but could not share it with me because it was not worth losing her job. She did say that they would not be able to keep it a secret much longer because it would be pretty obvious. I remarked that it looked like it could be a roller coaster and she just smiled. I know that is not really an
  3. There's also two Ferris wheels proposed to be taller than this. A NYC developer hopes to open a 630 foot wheel by 2015 on Staten Island. Meanwhile, a 688 foot wheel is proposed for, of course, Dubai. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/dubai-plans-outdo-staten-island-race-world-biggest-ferris-wheel-article-1.1265536
  4. Just curious, what makes you think Dollywood is being secret? They do have a huge teaser banner that pretty much confirms it as a launched coaster. Of course, this could be a B&M since they have been working on a launched coaster. In which case it would be very interesting to pay attention to.
  5. Every time I try to think of what I think this ride will be I get sidetracked in a super uber awesome fantasy idea of mine. Giga-Dive Coaster. It just has some sort of ring of amazingness to it. And of course my mind took it even farther and imagined a loop over 200 feet. While I realize this is unlikely, I can't get it out of my mind and I feel that someday this MUST come into existence.
  6. Intamin vs. B&M is exactly what BoddaH1994 had in mind when he started this topic, isn't it?
  7. As much as I do love the angle of that photo, I do hope I never see an updated one due to the high danger of bringing out a camera on top of DT.
  8. It might just be because I'm not used to seeing it, but I think the black looks absolutely terrible. Other than that, I can't say anything without seeing what the new fountains do.
  9. So you're saying there's a chance? Well, I don't ever want to say something sounding completely certain, when really none of us have much of a clue as to what is going in.
  10. That's it! This is not a new attraction for 2014, but one for September 2013. Now would be a perfect time to start building a wild mouse. Announcement: Kings Island is excited to announce that we are constructing a brand new spooky themed family coaster that will open for this year's Halloween Haunt festivities and remain open season long. (In all seriousness, this is definitely a very cool idea, though I am 99% sure it wouldn't happen.)
  11. ^Could you post a link to that tweet?
  12. The Racer needs desperately to be repainted for like the last five years now. I wish for it to return to its 1972 colors. I also think it would be cool if they divided the station into colors, meaning everything that is currently red on the blue side should be painted blue. Also, they need to finish Invertigo's paint job by painting everything left that is red/yellow into blue. Especially the entrance sign.
  13. Your photos are fantastic! I don't think I've never seen such quality before.
  14. Please, can we not start talk about Haunt until we at least get a month into the season? This really is WAY too early.
  15. My enthusiast side actually did not even show up until KI announced Diamondback. I became very interested and googled many questions, most of which went to this site. Eventually, I started going directly to this site and made an account in July 2010. I posted very infrequently and actually just this week decided to post more frequently. Also, I now find my name very cheesy and untrue(largely because of KI Enthusiast Dude). I am waiting for it to be changed to rcwizard13.
  16. I think this path would be a great idea! You'd just have to place shops/food outlets along it so guests can be trapped into spending money. Or perhaps you could place a stage along the side of it that could host a Luminosity style show. Also, it could host Blood Drums in October to prevent that terrible congestion. Never mind. After thinking about it, I decided it would really ruin AE's atmosphere. And Terp... He's really bugging me with all this sign talk. It might as well as me a bunch of clown talk to me. I'll just wait for a clear sign.
  17. At my high school, which I know is the second biggest in Ohio, no matter which grade you are in (9-12), you will go to Kings Island depending on the classes you are in. Usually being Math and Science classes. Also, in my middle school the entire eighth grade would go.
  18. I am hoping for either a webcam or frequent photos.
  19. Congrats you're the first one to make a turn around and it's not even built yet.
  20. I really am excited for WindSeeker. I didn't expect KI to get anything next year.
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