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  1. I love the new bright theme! I was one of those who used the IPB default theme because the KICentral dark made it difficult to tell what was or wasn't read and was just too dark for my liking. The new theme fixes both of those and allows me to enjoy the modern layout. The new banner is also awesome. Great job and thanks to all those responsible!
  2. WCPO got some nice views of the construction in a new video posted today: http://www.wcpo.com/news/local-news/warren-county/mason/watch-exclusive-look-as-kings-island-finishes-construction-of-mystic-timbers
  3. At last year's event my dad and I actually did go out for a nap in the car before The Racer photos and after the Sunday morning events.
  4. I don't want another big ugly building to look at. If a Triotech comes, I only want it to go in the Rivertown box. Sure, a new building would be fine if it would be hidden with theming or, as your drawing shows, trees. However, this is Cedar Fair and we all know they would never do that. Plus, a dark ride there would remove the only viable location for X-Base expansion.
  5. I've never been, but I think Darien Lake could be a good choice. Then again, perhaps CF would take it down the Geauga Lake route.
  6. I don't think there's much thunder to steal from SOB. Even if there was, unlike RMC's other model, the new Mean Streak will be classified without argument as a steel coaster, not wooden.
  7. I remember reading on this site that this is a false rumor and Kings Island made the decision to turn it around purely on their own. I believe Kings Island responded to a Facebook comment and said so.
  8. Well, Dorney did receive Demon Drop from Cedar Point and Stinger from Great America.
  9. No, I think you're looking at it the wrong way. I think the private event IS the pass holder preview. I doubt Kings Island would let anyone buy the park out for a day before it officially opens to the public.
  10. A search of Google images for 'Kings Island swan lake' reveals this image: Found on the website below along with several other old Kings Island postcards. http://www.cincinnativiews.net/kings_island.htm
  11. Thanks to everyone who posted advice in this thread. Last weekend I applied and this morning I had my interview. I was in a larger group interview with 8 of us split into two tables of four. We had all applied to a mixture of departments, as well. Initially I was offered a Planet Snoopy position, but as I'm over 18 I was also offered Xtreme Skyflyer, which I accepted. When I was thinking beforehand of rides I'd want to work at, Skyflyer hadn't even crossed my mind. I'm eager to learn all about it though. If any of you have worked Skyflyer, I'd love to hear about your work experience speci
  12. I got over the minimum a couple days after it started, but I've hit a stand still since. I set my goal for $250, so I'm planning to put out another push in mid-March. I'd just like to be high enough to be on the first train. My page>https://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/matt-brodbeck/mystic-timbers-first-official-rides--launch-party
  13. I came across this concept by Thrill Central on YouTube the other day. I'm not sure how I feel about the location and layout, but I think the name is cool and love the color scheme.
  14. Details now released on the website: https://www.visitkingsisland.com/events/things-to-do/events-and-promotions/Exclusive-Gold-Pass-Preview/?mobile=0 Friday April 14; 4-10PM Appears to be open to all gold and platinum passholders regardless of renewal.
  15. Zoo Executive then: "It's the middle of winter. Let's do free admission for those that brave the cold!" Zoo Executive now: "Well, that didn't turn out how we expected." Edit to point out this quote: The previous attendance record was set December 10, 2015, during the Wildlights holiday festival as 37,459 people visited the zoo that day when temperatures were also in the 60s. Dang! Broke the record by 26 thousand!
  16. I just came across this thread and thought it was worth a bump. It was started for KI interviews, but the information within is much more than that. As a first year engineering student who will soon be interviewing for co ops, I find it all particularly intriguing.
  17. I have not heard any rumors about the the bins on Diamondback and personally think their removal unlikely. However, if they were removed, I'd love it. Diamondback is my favorite ride at the park and the number of times I've seen all three trains stack up disappoints me.
  18. 1. Without a doubt Banshee's media day. Perfect weather, free food, free rides, free Skyflyer, and great company. A fantastic day. 2. Drop Tower 3. No, but I don't now nor have I ever really had favorite songs. Just some genres or artists I'll prefer over others. 4. Yes! It doesn't need to be permanent, but a temporary Recar similar to what Six Flags did with many rides would be an awesome blast from the past. 5. The part we're in now. The holidays keep me busy through January, but once school starts back its just agony. And it gets worse with every passing day. 6. I a
  19. I always envision a new one being placed directly behind Great Wolf Lodge around where the greenhouses are.
  20. ^Even living in Cincinnati, I'd make use of a new campground. Some of my favorite childhood memories are from the old campground.
  21. Those blueprints show the queue going under the tunnel between the shed and station, not necessarily the shed itself.
  22. Wow, the second ride in that video flipped them upside down a full twenty times. I'm sure it was just to show off for the expo, but that's insane.
  23. I applied as a sweep with a note saying I'd accept any position back in 2013 when I was 15. I was emailed back to contact them later to set up an interview after I turned 16. So, unless things have changed in the last four years I think the answer to your question is none, but if you turn 16 over the summer, you could still apply. And, if you're wondering, I did not set up an interview because I filled out the application pretty much on my own and only afterwards did I realize my parents didn't want to drive me there from the west side for every shift. I hope to finally drive and g
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