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  1. It's just an illusion caused by the angle of the webcam. Zooming in on the station reveals the edge of the roof's other side somewhat hidden behind the tree branches.
  2. He wasn't mistaken by the Winterfest lineup. The whole conversation reveals he is talking about Winterfest's lineup, not the regular season's.
  3. The thing I'm most excited to see at this year's Halloween Haunt is the prep work and decorating for Winterfest.
  4. Per this tweet from the pass holder Twitter account, this event has been confirmed: Check out @KingsIslandSP's Tweet: Shout out to @Magenta Lizard for re-tweeting this onto my twitter feed.
  5. Personally, I'd love to see the return of an Ed Alonzo like magic show. That is still the greatest show I've ever seen at Kings Island.
  6. Is GOCC typically among those eligible for CoasterMania? I've already renewed my membership there in hopes of attending my first CoasterMania this year.
  7. Interesting, the way I count, I get it crossing over WWC 6 times and water 8 times when including WWC and the reservoir. Perhaps Don isn't counting where the track crosses the same spot in each direction? Even then though I have 5 crossings over WWC and 6 over water.
  8. ^^ Congratulations! That's great. Please be an ambassador for coaster enthusiasts and encourage guests not to spoil #WhatsInTheShed.
  9. The newly released 2017 operating calendar shows the park as closed for a private event the Friday before opening day. I doubt they'd sell the park out before even opening to the general public, so I suspect this is a pass holder preview event. Of course, it could also be the charity auction, but I'm thinking that'd be Thursday along with media day.
  10. Well they don't have to let us walk in the mud or construction site. I'd be interested in an off-season KI tour even if there was nothing under construction. I'd love to see all the rehab/maintenance that goes on in person.
  11. At Cedar Point in May of 2012 I stood in the line of Disaster Transport for ten minutes. I left to ride Top Thrill Dragster for the first time instead. Later in the same day my group decided to bypass Mantis because the line seemed too long. I never got to ride either one as this was my first and only Point visit until August of 2015.
  12. Wow, great find. I notice there's a truck in those plans by the entrance. I'm thinking it must be a life size version of the truck sent to the media. I hope it doesn't get scrapped.
  13. The Magnum entrance tunnel is gone: https://twitter.com/TonyClarkCP
  14. I've come across a fresh batch of photos taken from outside the park on Marbelhead: http://imgur.com/a/Pimw0 You can see most if not all of the track has now been removed, structure for the new lift is built up to halfway up the original lift, and Ripcord is in its new home (STR's old home).
  15. ^Banshee rarely has a wait longer than 15-20 minutes. By your logic, should Kings Island have spent so much on it?
  16. I'm curious as to how you think this would develop into a system where you must buy a meal to get a drink. I can't envision any scenario at any establishment where they would say, "Oh, you just want to buy a drink? Buy some food first." Seems like it'd be illegal to me. So, how do you think that would happen?
  17. It's possible the park could start using cups made from recycled materials and then encourage more recycling if trash is something they're worried about.
  18. I'm sure someone knows. rcwizard13, filling in for a terrific member on long term leave.
  19. i agree, you would think they would update the construction photos on their webpage at LEAST once every 2 weeks tops. I posted a link to a new Twitter image directly above this post. They also posted it on Instagram and have been posting updates on a fair basis via social media, as IndyGuy4KI says. I'd guess other than a few enthusiasts, the actual website doesn't get many views. I myself have only got on once or twice since the announcement and it was only to look at renderings. I rely on the webcams and social media for construction.
  20. Well, of course. Today is Cedar Point's Ride Warriors Club's Christmas party. I don't think they would have been very happy being told, "Hey, you paid a lot of money to join this club, but please don't take any pictures at the park today."
  21. Just came across this thread after seeing the Enchanted Theater referenced in the CarnEvil Building thread. As the pictures once posted by TombraiderTy no longer show, does anyone else have some to share?
  22. I believe they're talking about the bridge that WWC goes under. I think they're talking about the bridge over the Diamondback valley. It's the only steel and wood trestle bridge along the route that I know of. The WWC one is concrete.
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