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  1. According to this article, the park suffered no damage: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/tornado-atlanta-storms-alabama-tennessee/More serious damage and five fatalities occured in Alabama and Tennessee. My thoughts are with all those affected.
  2. The current count is 19 votes for KI's 2 coasters vs 3 votes for CP's 4 coasters. I wonder how that would change if this same poll was conducted up on PointBuzz.
  3. I was between Diamondback and Valravn, eventually settling on Diamondback due to the awesome airtime. Valravn is close, but due to it being shorter in length, I decided against it. Banshee was great for me in 2014, but has gotten less exciting with every ride since. In fact, this past season, most of my rides were downright boring. I found my mind wandering and thinking about other things during the course of the ride. The seven inversions no longer seem to have an effect on me. Diamondback though, no matter how many rides I take, is always fantastic.
  4. Wow, guess I'm one of the few who actually enjoyed Vortex. I hope it doesn't suffer the same cruel fate as Mantis and CGA's Vortex.
  5. I don't think you're the odd one out on a no loose articles in the station policy on DB. I know myself and a few others on here would like the same thing. However, I have to disagree about the crew on Diamondback. No, they're not the fastest, but, due to an experience I'll describe below, I don't think they need to be faster. Last summer, I had a ride on Intimidator at Carowinds where the crew was moving at insane power hour speeds. However, there was absolutely no line to the point they were permitting re-rides without getting off. After I had ridden back to back, they seemed to suddenly re
  6. Well, that would make KD the only park with two of the exact same ride.
  7. Meanwhile, I'm not sure I'd approve of that even with KI as my home park. Now, Holiday World would certainly not approve of that!I'd take Volcano and Avalanche from KD for Banshee and The Bat from KI.
  8. And what do you think some of those 5,000 screaming kids do even when you're there?
  9. ^No, and unless I missed something a preview day hasn't been confirmed either.
  10. According to CP Food Blog, Greg Scheid has been promoted to Regional Vice President of Cedar Fair. Mike Koontz has been promoted to Vice President and General Manager of Kings Island. He has previously worked for Paramount's Kings Island from 1999 to 2006 and returned to some role in 2011. Again, this is from CP Food Blog. I have not found any other confirmation. http://cpfoodblog.com/worlds-of-fun-kings-island-executive-changes/ Edit: After taking a look a look at LinkedIn, Mike's and Greg's profile both list their reported new positions.
  11. One of those comments claims Cedar Point is Cedar Fair's most profitable park. I'm pretty sure graphs that have been released prove that wrong. The same comment also says Cedar Point has a reputation of being dirty. That's the first I've heard of that as well.
  12. I loved Scooby's Ghoster Coaster! I wish they never got rid of it for that spinny thing they try to call a coaster even though it's not. One of my fondest memories is riding it many years ago with my brother.
  13. For those curious of what may be coming, California's Great America has put full details for this year's event online: https://www.cagreatamerica.com/winterfest A few things that are of note to me: -Open 5PM-10PM* weekends 11/25-12/18 and daily from 12/19-12/23 and 12/26-12/30 -Closed New Years Eve and Day (which fall on a Saturday and a Sunday this year) -All season meal plan is valid, as usual, for two meals four hours apart -7 shows excluding the tree lighting -7 other family activities (3 of which require an extra fee) -$25 general admission and $20 jr/sr, each a $5 savings from ga
  14. When this site's activity increases significantly because we can't use the parks to keep us busy.
  15. For KI this year it was either 8 or 9. I went with 9 for the poll. For Cedar Fair as a whole it was 20 or 21. (KI-8/9, CP-5, Cw-4, KD-3)
  16. ^Kings Island debuted Banshee on Easter weekend 2014. Opening Day was Good Friday.
  17. I agree exactly with that location of the tracks. A few weeks ago, I made a post attempting to describe that precise location. Perhaps, I described it poorly.
  18. ^The tallest bent video was posted several days ago:
  19. ^You could also add to that: 2002 Wicked Twister 2003 Top Thrill Dragster There you have back to back, major, non-conversion additions. And WT was just one year further from 2000's Millenium Force.
  20. That's a bold statement for not yet knowing what actually happened. Especially considering it's an attraction type that exists at nearly every major theme park. To my knowledge, this is the first significant incident on this ride type. It may be just the belt that needs replaced or the rafts or even nothing at all.I'm certainly very interested in finding out what caused this as it's an attraction that has existed for decades at theme parks around the globe without incident. Edit: I stand corrected, there has been just one incident before now. I still wouldn't call for the ride's removal, thou
  21. I am having that problem with multiple sites on my laptop, but they're all working fine on my phone. Glad to know it's not just me.
  22. The first bent put up today is the second tallest: Check out @KingsIslandPR's Tweet: https://twitter.com/KingsIslandPR/status/789489308948393984?s=09 Edit: Looking at the webcam, there are the bottom halves of several bents up. So, the second one should be the tallest and when completed will mark the actual topping off (support wise, anyways).
  23. Kings Dominion just tweeted this video: Check out @KingsDominionVA's Tweet: https://twitter.com/KingsDominionVA/status/787323029944688640?s=09 So, it looks likes RMC has two Cedar Fair projects.
  24. Just passed by KI on the way to CP (not going to have much time there tonight, but we'll be there all day tomorrow and part of Sunday) and I'm surprised at how much of MT is visible above the treeline from the freeway. I was expecting just a few feet to be above, but it's actually more like 20 feet.
  25. 5 years? I didn't know it was still 2012. Maybe the world really did end and we're all just stuck in the past.
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