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  1. Oh. Duh. Now that you say that I feel rather stupid hahah.
  2. Hi, on January 1, KI's twitter feed posted something that said "31+29+31+28=?" and I was wondering what the significance of that was, if any? I know it equals 119, but other than that I'm lost. Thanks.
  3. Okie dokie. Glad I asked before we wasted a bunch of money. Thanks.
  4. If I have a 2011 season pass, will there be a separate fee in order for me to attend Halloween Haunt? My boyfriend and I are going this Saturday, and we have passes, but I thought Haunt was not included with the pass. My dad went this past weekend, however, and said that he got in with his season pass. I'm confused. :/
  5. Breaking your back is a great way to ruin your summer. :/

  6. Where did the donation money come from? Did they have to pay to ride naked or did someone just say "I'll give you twenty bucks for every naked butt you get on this ride."?
  7. Work, work, work, work, work. I hope I have time for another trip to KI before school starts!

  8. Tecumseh! has always been such a huge highlight to my summers. I'm privileged enough to live only about thirty minutes away, and I've been going my whole life. I know the story doesn't change, but it never gets old. Plus the cannon blasts never fail to make me jump out of my seat.
  9. I've only been to CP once over a long weekend, and as much as I love KI, I'd really like to be able to get out to CP more easily simply because I haven't experienced the whole park. As it stands, I'm not very close to either park. I'm an hour and thirty minutes away from KI and roughly three hours away from CP, so really I'd like to have a park close to me period.
  10. Haha, it's too bad my "other interests" are all so carby.
  11. That was indeed the case. I don't plan things very well, I guess.
  12. Thanks! I'm glad everyone on this site is so friendly. :)

    Coaster_Junky -- That's cool, I don't meet a lot of other New Years babies. :D

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