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  1. -unzips lips.- Whose to say Kings Island isn't stepping up their game this year? -zips lips-
  2. I had a discussion about this recently. I had a friend that went last year and wore her no boo necklace, but did not even consider par-taking in mazes. She simply got it so we could get through scare zones and ride some attractions. However, she wished there was a way for her to go look at the mazes without monsters during the day. This led me to wonder how beneficial a "VIP" experience would be. I would pay a LOT of money to do a day time walk through of a couple houses, and maybe the inclusion of fright lane at night, if you so choose to participate. She told me the daytime walk through alone would be worth the extra dough. Just some food for thought By word of mouth, No-Boo sticks will be rendered ineffective in the mazes. If you have a No-Boo Stick in the maze the actors will not mind it and do their jobs. If you go into the house you have consented to getting scared because you put yourself in the situation. And A No-Boo in a maze does ruin the maze for all the other guests because then the actors just have to sit and stare at you while you walk by, and you always won't be alone with just your group if it's busy. I do however agree with the idea of KI picking up on a "Backstage Pass Experience"
  3. No I am so excited for this. Finally KI is going to have some good space to make a totally awesome Haunt. If they don't use it to its full potential for Haunt I will not be pleased XD. Don't get me wrong, I love KI and its visual appeearence, but I'm a Haunt girl all the way and this is a good thing for me.
  4. Tips for guests coming to a Haunted Event. 1. All parents please read the warnings displayed about the age limitations. If you don't want your child scared then simply don't bring them. Remember you paid for them to get scared. 2. Making fun of actors or attempting to break their character is neither witty nor amusing. 3. Do not touch the actors. Do not hit the actors. Do not kick, push, bite, slap, scratch or otherwise assault actors. The same goes for mannequins, which could be an actor pretending to be fake. Some actors can touch back if you touch them. Pretty sure you will not enjoy being grabbed by a monster before being thrown out of the event. 4. Do not force your companions to stay if they are frightened or in a bad mood. This just ruins the whole night. 5. Asking an actor to not scare you will often not work. In fact, it will only encourage them to scare you more. If you are truly frightened, chicken out. Usually after the actors are satisfied with their scare they will find new prey. 6. Do not try to scare the actors. This will almost certainly not work, and you'll look like a prat. Plus its not your job to do so. Also do not try to scare other guests as this could cause problems that no one wants. 7. Searching for actors waiting to scare you ruins the scare for everyone else. Do not do this. 8. Stating that you aren't frightened indicates to the actors that you are. Remember there are different types of fear, and being bold in a situation is only a level of your fear. It is an actors job to notice the fear in someone and increase its effect. 9. If you see an actor peeking out from behind a curtain, or standing in the middle of a hallway, it is probably because they WANTED to be seen. Saying "ha, I can see you!" doesn't prove that you're clever. Only that you can state the obvious. 10. Unless they are unprofessional, actors are unlikely to break character, regardless of how many devastatingly witty one-liners you come up with. You might think it's hilarious to ask for an actor's phone number, or to comment on how hot they are. Trust me, it's not especially if your significant other is standing right next to you. 11. Don't bother trying to act tough, we know you're scared. And pretending you aren't scared or trying to act smart just wastes your money, not ours. New! 12. If you are a normally jumpy person DO NOT handle any expensive equipment while going through a house or area with actors. (Ex. Cameras, Ipods, Video Recorders.) If an actor scares you or someone around you causing you to drop or throw the item and it breaks, it's your responsibility. New! 13. If you are in a scare zone, which is an area where there is no set path or house, the worst thing you can do when scared is run. Not only can this be dangerous but almost all actors will chase you if you run. Haha it's the predatory instinct and I can't say that I haven't chased a few people in my career. This tip also can apply to houses as running through narrow halls and around corners is a safety hazard. If anyone has anything to add please feel free to do so! Additions From PhantomTheater -Put the cell phone away, too many guest/character run ins are due to people trying to text. -Keep moving forward. Heading backwards or waiting can interfere with an actors bit. (More from Mouse: This mainly applies to houses. But make sure you are aware of your surroundings in a open scare zone.) -No open beverages, or your 4.00 drink may not end up inside you -Give the actor the right of way if they are walking against the current, It's their house and by not letting them move can mess up the show for people behind you. (More from Mouse: Also if there is an emergency this could cause some serious problems.) -Most importantly NO SMOKING OR LIGHTERS, see Great Adventure's tragedy for more information.
  5. @kjkjkj- You worked TOT 2009? So did I! I was the girl at the shack!
  6. Legs=Soreness for me. I'm having a fantastic time this year at Haunt. Even with all the guests banter and abuse. Doesn't phase me one bit because I am having such an awesome time working this year and have gotten the most fantastic scares ever!
  7. Anyone have any idea as to what new houses may be coming this year for haunt and what houses may be leaving? I know for a fact Trail of Terror has seen its last days since Dinosaurs Alive has eaten up the trail. I also think Massacre Manor will be leaving as there is a giant lazer tag thing in the building its suppose to be set up in.
  8. Well though having HH at boomerang bay might seem like a good idea, it really isn't. And there is also the purpose of theme that plays with it as well. Agreeing with goodyyellowkorn it would cost KI more money to keep that area open. They have to fun food, water electricity and even more workers than the extra 400 they hire to work as scareactors for the Haunt. I actually have worked for HH as a scareactor and this discussion comes up between employees often. One reason this would not be a good idea is what theme of haunt would the put in there? Most of the haunts actually are placed in a certain area of the park to further accent the horror theme, like Carnevil is close to the children's area and Tombstone is set by the western side, and Pirate Cove is over the lake. So what would Boomerang By accent? The outback gone wrong with rabid kangaroos? Also there is the fact of getting guest from the main park to there since the train is closed and the children area gets closed off to preserve for the children's events during the day time on Saturday.
  9. waiting for Haunt 2010!!!!!

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