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  1. It's going to be a live show starring Don Helbig. Something BIG is coming?? Don Helbig??
  2. I suppose I'm confused with some of this thread mostly because there are certainly times of day when both The Beast and Diamondback are virtually riderless and people can enjoy rides over and over again without even the ERT. Indeed, many people don't even take advantage of Beast's ERT as there is usually no line until the park 'officially' opens anyway. To cancel DB's early ride time seems odd, but I postulate the park has a reason for doing the things they do. Perhaps trying to revamp Vortex as a legitimate coaster? Get people excited about a new ride?
  3. Phenomenal, minor pain, and yes for haunted. When there's close to nobody there and no lights... definitely been spooked.
  4. If there are too many people scheduled, that's the only time there will ever be someone separating at beast. There were 2 extra people on 8/4 and that's the reason they were assigning rows . However, if you ask for a specific seat, they will let you go to that seat.
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