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  1. I loved it when they brought out the actual car onto the floor. That was my favorite part of it. I hope they do go under Racer. There's already a cutout for them where the Dinosaurs Alive entrance was.
  2. jcgoble3

    iPhone or Android

    I traded in my Pixel 1 toward a Pixel 2 just a couple months ago and got $325 credit for it through Verizon, cutting the cost of my Pixel 2 in half. With that credit, I'm paying less than $14/month on the Pixel 2. Flagship model lines will always be worth more than anything else. For Android phones, that's the Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy Note series and the Google Pixel series. Those will carry good resale value into the next few years, especially if you pay attention to carrier promotions (which you often have to go into the store and ask about, as I did to get that $325 credit). All other Android phones have basically no resale value the moment you buy it. Like anything else, you have to know the market and watch for opportunities to take advantage. EDIT: Also, iPhones may carry a little higher resale value, but they also cost more than most Android phones to begin with (which is WHY they have more resale value; a two-year-old BMW is going to be worth more than a two-year-old Kia, right?). It's not about the resale value alone; it's about the net price of the new phone after the trade-in or resale value is deducted, i.e. what you're ultimately paying for that new phone. $325 for my Pixel 2, the current flagship of Android itself, is a pretty good deal.
  3. jcgoble3

    iPhone or Android

    Not even remotely the same. That still requires you to pull out your phone every time you get to or leave one of the those locations and explicitly perform an action to do so, at which point you might as well forget it and do it manually in the first place. Tasker detects your location, Bluetooth connectivity, when you open an app, and much, much more, and does everything 100% automatically without you even having to think of it, which is the entire point (because you might forget to turn your Wi-Fi on when you get home if you're tired and have stuff to carry in, or you might forget to silence your phone when you get to college because you're late and rushing to get to class on time). Also, I have the Google Pixel 2, and have never had any lag issues with either it or the Pixel 1 that I previously had. Samsung loads so much junk on their phones and modifies the UI to the point that IMO they barely deserve to be called Android. I had a Samsung Galaxy S5 and didn't care for it. The stock Android experience on the Pixel series is orders of magnitude better than Samsung's crap. The Pixel (and the Nexus before it) is the equivalent to the iPhone in the sense that both are designed by the same company that makes the operating system as well.
  4. jcgoble3

    iPhone or Android

    Android hands down. No contest. There are so many things you can do on Android that just aren't possible with the hilariously locked-down iOS devices. The biggest for me is Tasker. I tinker with Tasker all the time, and have it set to automatically turn my Wi-Fi on when I get home (or a few other places where I have the Wi-Fi password) and turn it off when I leave. It's also programmed to put my phone on vibrate when I get to a few defined places (like my college campus) and re-enables the ringer when I leave, puts the phone on Do Not Disturb mode while driving, and disables the screen timeout while certain apps are in the foreground. You can't do that stuff on Crapple devices, and that's just the basic stuff. You can do far more complex things as well.
  5. jcgoble3

    KI lets slip plans for 2019 exist on IG today?

    To be fair, I've been coming to Kings Island since 2010, and that restroom has always (in that time, at least) had only one stall. No, it's not good design, but let's not manufacture a connection between it and this year's restroom "updates" where one doesn't exist.
  6. 2008 and 2013 may have not had a ride or any major new thing, but in both of those years, attendance was driven not by new things that year, but by construction of a huge new thing for the following year. Word got out about the construction and people wanted to come to the park and get a first-hand look at it. 2018 doesn't have that; this is the typical "year off" adjacent to a major roller coaster, but instead of the year off preceding the roller coaster, here it is following the roller coaster. Without a new ride or construction to drive the turnstiles, yes, it's not a surprise to me that attendance is down.
  7. jcgoble3

    Coney BBQ and 2018 Food Reviews

    No complaints about portion sizes or quality at Battle Creek BBQ at Worlds of Fun. This stack of delicious brisket is after I ate a few slices. Kansas City definitely knows BBQ. Kings Island needs to step up their BBQ game.
  8. jcgoble3

    Kings Island 2018 Discussion Thread

    Uh, what?
  9. I've used BAF tickets several times in the past, both as the passholder and as the friend, and they have consistently allowed the friend access to ERT. So it seems to be a standard policy that's been in place for a while, and security is well aware of it. Note that BAF tickets are available on any operating day (though normally a bit over $40), and the same rule applies to those, so they probably deal with BAF tickets at the Gold Pass gate every day (or at least most days).
  10. jcgoble3

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    Nice! I don't mind the loss of WindSeeker either, though @VortexBFForever will probably be extra mad at you for taking out BOTH of the rides she works at.
  11. jcgoble3

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    Idea for @Maverick44 and/or @Hawaiian Coasters 325: Remove Vortex. Put the station and queue near where Vortex's is now. Lift hill over Coney Mall, dropping down into the old Dinosaurs Alive area, where it dives down into the trees and then comes back up above the canopy. Return track comes back over Coney Mall and does a few things (maybe a helix; I dunno what else) in the old Vortex area before entering the brake run. Alternative options: Replace the lift hill with a launch, elevated over Coney Mall. Do a pre-lift inversion in The Vortex area! Wouldn't that be cool? The terrain in The Vortex area is definitely low enough relative to the midway to support such a thing. Or combine the two: a drop out of the station into an inversion, before reaching the launch track which shoots upward at an angle. Has that combination ever been done before?
  12. jcgoble3

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    The Reds were getting pretty hot up until the All-Star break took the wind out of their sails and killed their momentum.
  13. To which I echo malem's comment here: Indeed, there is truly no such thing as "unlimited". Everything has limits, and anybody who believes something doesn't have limits is deluding themselves. Also, it's been common knowledge on KIC since early 2017 that the drink plan was limited to once every 15 minutes. It's also clearly stated in the FAQ for the plan, as you demonstrated in the screenshot. Therefore it was not "misrepresented". If you bought it without reading all of the material on the website, including the FAQ, that's on you for failing to do your research. Research? Yes: because when something is advertised as "unlimited", there is ALWAYS a catch, and it's your responsibility as the consumer to read the fine print and determine what that catch is BEFORE buying.
  14. This is a big reason why I always do a "taste test" before I walk away from the fountain. This applies not just at Kings Island, but at literally any restaurant I ever go to with self-serve drinks. I never leave the drink fountain area without confirming that the taste is correct.
  15. I'd love to attend, but I have plans to be in Missouri that weekend. Have fun!