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I'm Jonathan. And that's that.
<h3 id="jcgoble3-rankings" style="width: 60%; font-size: 0.9em;">Coaster Rankings</h3>
Coaster rankings have been removed, because out of laziness I hadn't updated them since June 2012. However, you can check out an unranked-but-up-to-date list of what I've ridden, or the same list sorted by the order I rode them in. (Note that for 2012 and earlier, coasters with the same ride date might be out of order with respect to each other. Dates should be accurate, though, aside from the first ones that I rode in my childhood, which I can't place better than "mid-1990s". But the order is probably still correct on those.)
<h3 id="jcgoble3-tripreports" style="width: 60%; font-size: 0.9em;">Past Trip Reports</h3>

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