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  1. Yeah Maverick reminds me of a Fighter Jet simulator with the geysers shooting up at you when you turn around one of the final turns.
  2. I believe we should add a new X-Base expansion. This new roller coaster should feature fighter jets as the cars with a lot of theming added to the que and ride itself. I think you should actually feel like a fighter pilot with vertical climbs and drops with some features of fire and water. After the first drop it would take you right over water with geysers shooting out of the water like you are being shot at from behind. After this you should take a vertical climb over a airplane bunker that explodes while going up and over it. After taking you down again you will go through a huge 180 ft. vertical loop while twisting and turning through the wilderness with the sounds of guns firing and explosions all around. Before finishing it will corkscrew you twice as like doing barrel rolls while going face first to the ground in a huge tunnel underwater as if you were crashing into the water as the ride completes. What do you guys think. I know it's kind of huge but I think it would be really cool. It would be a normal sit down coaster not suspended or laying down. I will be building a recreation on RCT3 shortly. Thanks
  3. I enjoy all the parks that I have went to. Not very many but a few. Kings Island, Cedar Point, Disney, Indiana Beach, Park Asterix (France) Out of the ones that I have been to I disliked Park Asterix the most. To many kiddy coasters and not enough big ones. They had a few cool ones but that's it. Nothing like Kings Island or Cedar Point
  4. From what I have seen, Saturdays aren't as busy as Sunday or Monday. Hope to see you at the park over the weekend though. I will be at The Beast! like usual lol. I love my ride.
  5. Yep that is the same song that they play on The Beast lift hills. I think they took some of the background instrumentals out on The Beast one though. Or it is just the speakers that they use. But they still do The Beast spiel while going up the lift hills. I test ride it every morning.
  6. Ok since I work at Beast, this kind of makes since One time I thought I was having a dream about KI and I really wasn't I woke up in the middle of the night and looked around my room and thought I was in Beast station in the middle of the night sitting on the floor. If anyone has worked for The Beast when we close we turn out all the lights and its pitch black. But yeah it was really freaky just looking around my room thinking I was in the station. Kept looking for the first lift hill with the light on it and couldn't find it. Then my girlfriend moved and I thought something was at the station with me. Was it The Beast!! Oh no!! But then I realized I was sitting up in my bed, not at The Beast station in the middle of the night. Funny huh
  7. From 3:00-3:50 it sounds pretty close to it. I think they did edit this a little bit. On The Beast, it seems like all those background instruments aren't there. Who knows it might be the speakers that we use.
  8. During a morning test ride, I was listening to The Beast theme song while going up the lift hills. Isn't this from the Independence Day-The Darkest Day track. Sounds just like it anyway
  9. Hmm I have never been there. Is it actually worth going to. Some of the coasters their look awesome. And the waterpark looks like one of the best. Plan on getting there before the summer ends if I can get away from KI. How is it?
  10. Yeah I guess you are right. A sign might be a little confusing and difficult.
  11. I think FD will be running for many years to come. Still runs great from what I see and hear. Needs a new paintjob and some rust removal but that's about it. I enjoy FD and ride it every chance I get.
  12. I agree with most of you. The original SOB is dead and let it RIP. What would adding a steel type structure do to it. Take the whole point of a wooden coaster and throw it out the window. Sounds like a bad idea to me. Either tear it down or restructure it with wood and hopefully it turns out better. If not and it's a little rough like usual, put a big warning sign at the beginning at the entrance and say "We are not responsible for any injuries due to the intense roughness of this ride. Unless you die or get seriously hurt, of course." I would still ride it. If you ever have time, take a little turn at Great Wolf Lodge in the early morning and right when you turn you will see SOB off in the distance. I mourn every time I see it remembering the last time I rode it. RIP Son of Beast You are truly missed.
  13. Very much agree. I would love to see an X-Base expansion. Flight of Fear and Firehawk are both awesome coasters. Could you imagine another awesome indoor coaster like Flight of Fear or something unique like Firehawk. I would be there opening day.
  14. I though I heard somewhere that they are supposed to be adding some kind of new theme to The Crypt this year. I have been on The Crypt 5 times this year and haven't seen one change yet. Still same old Crypt flipping you upside town twice around a big garage with a few objects of Tomb Raider still in there (Statue, Vines, Rocks). I really miss Tomb Raider but The Crypt is ok I guess. Kind of refreshing being indoors flipping upside down feeling the nice breeze. Really hope that rumor about adding a theme comes true. Probably won't though.
  15. Hey maybe I will be working as a Ride Associate then. Hope to see you there!!!
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