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  1. Question about identifying the seats you are talking about: When you say seat 5-1, are you meaning the seat that is the fifth row back, and on the left side of the train? So if you wanted that seat you would go to the fifth queue lane and sit in the farthest seat from you when you get onto the ride?
  2. Yes, but did your paint costs tens of thousands of dollars? The park is in the business to make money, nothing else, so they weigh the pros and cons of every thing that that do in a monetary sense. If the benefit outweighs the cost then they will do it. Painting coasters isn't high on the scale so they only do it when absolutely necessary.
  3. One of my fondest memories of Kings Island was going to Festhaus when I was about 14 or 15 and eating some kind of German sandwich! They had waitresses walking around wearing traditional German clothing and serving huge mugs of beer. Just an awesome experience, especially for a kid from Eastern Kentucky who had never been exposed to anything like that.
  4. We had a great time as well. It was pretty packed but I thought everything ran smoothly. The buffet was pretty good and well worth the $5 upcharge. The only complaint I have is that some of the hot chocolate locations serve what is obviously some brand of "just add water" instant hot chocolate. Blitzen's Hot Beverage Bar has amazing hot chocolate. We bought a refillable mug and one of the refills we had from a different location we ended up throwing out because it was not good at all.
  5. We are planning on going this Sunday, it will be our first WF visit this year. Loved it last year so can't wait! Thinking about trying the buffet at the Reds HOF Grill. I read somewhere that it is a $5 upcharge for Gold Pass members, is that correct? Is it an all you can eat style buffet or just fill your plate once? Here's hoping for a non capacity packed park on Sunday. Weather is looking unseasonably warm so that will probably bring out a lot of people who would otherwise not venture into the cold. Either way it will be great I'm sure.
  6. I was lucky enough to score free tickets to the Happy Halloween Weekend at Holiday World for the last weekend of this month. I've never been to HW's Halloween themed days so I was wondering how it compares to Halloween Haunt at Kings Island? Also, I'm counting on the park being super busy that weekend so what coasters should I definitely get a ride on before I leave?
  7. From the Kings Island Facebook Page: Something old will be new again. Find out what’s returning to Kings Island in 2019 tomorrow, Thursday, August 16. The announcement will be made at 2 p.m. in the Festhaus. All park guests are invited to attend.
  8. Does Kings Island have designated handicapped parking spaces? I tried to find out on the website but had no luck.
  9. I disagree with one part of your statement. An adult should never yell at a worker simply because they are upset at something so minor in the grand scheme of things. An adult should act like an adult, especially with an impressionable child right beside them.
  10. I can't wait to see the comments on the Kings Island Facebook posts the day they remove the bins from Diamondback.
  11. Too late for this trip, but I always take the 275 bypass. It's a little bit longer but to me anything is better than driving through Cincy.
  12. The comments on the Kings Island Facebook posts make me irrationally angry. Some people will complain about anything and some people are so dumb that I don't know how they survive day to day life.
  13. Because they don't like that our town is basically known for that terrible crash and nothing else. People will drive by on I71 and see the Carrollton exit and then see that sign and equate the two. It's stupid but there definitely are people here who wish it would be removed.
  14. I'm from Carrollton and you wouldn't believe how many people here want that sign taken down. Technically the crash didn't happen in Carrollton but it is widely known as the Carrollton Bus Crash. Such a tragic event and the individual stories of the survivors are incredible. One even went on to play football at the University of Kentucky!
  15. Good point, and could be a reasonable explanation.
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