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  1. Good answers. I meant no offense to Holiday World. It is one of my favorite parks, and The Voyage is my favorite coaster of all-time. But regardless, it's good to see them still making new additions!
  2. Honest question here: how well does Holiday World do? Obviously they do well enough, but that's surprising to me. With Kentucky Kingdom resurfacing and Kings Island only a few hours away, it seems odd that people are willing to go to the middle of Nowhere, Indiana for the park. And every time I've gone to Holiday World, attendance seems to be pretty low. On top of all this, you pay what, $45 to enter? This gives you access to the dry and water park, as well as free parking and soft drinks. If anyone has an explanation, or can tell me I'm misguided, please let me know. I want their financials...
  3. Sounds pretty reasonable. Multiple sources confirming this and August 15 is around the usual time KI announces new attractions. I believe it!
  4. Maybe there's no coaster coming in 2020 at all and they've bamboozled all of us.
  5. I know you are being facetious, but maybe, just maybe...the fact that we are seeing no teasers means the coaster itself is actually quite expensive! Decoding 2020? More like Decoding Cedar Fair Upper-Level Marketing Strategies!
  6. I made this a long time ago, and now is the perfect time to finally use it for good. This is from when I was about 14 and just learning graphic design, so bear with my poor concept of scale.
  7. Am I on KIC, an amusement park enthusiast forum, or r/politics on Reddit? Lately, I haven't been able to tell the difference...
  8. You are fine riding coasters in most Western European countries, I'd say. I wouldn't trust most undeveloped or developing countries. Stick with Canada / USA / UK / Spain / Australia / maybe China (it seems they have a very wide variety of theme parks, from totally safe and maintained to sketchy and dangerous).
  9. Aw, man! Okay, but that's still a little funny that I consciously decided to use the word Banshee. I must've heard someone say that the day I posted.
  10. Guys, I am very confused. This is my old account that I used when I was younger -- much younger. Can someone please let me know what I'm saying here -- and how, in 2009, I use the term "Banshee" -- capitalized, too. Why was I using the term "Banshee" at 11 years old? Was I psychic? I am very weirded out... Edit: I notice now that a few of you have already responded to this. I had no idea. I am the all-seeing eye.
  11. Guys, I think this is a teaser. They know what we're thinking? Obviously referring to us here on KIC. How could cotton candy get any better? Substitute "the vast and diverse Kings Island roller coaster collection" with "cotton candy" and the question is very clear. Unique flavors, meaning the "unique" elements on the new giga. Speaks to you? We're getting an animatronic as well. It's not even going to be just a coaster. We're getting a dark ride. I can't believe KI would think they could pull a fast one on us. We are too smart. End the teasing already, guys.
  12. This might relate more to year-round parks such as Universal and Disney, but I believe that teasing a big attraction too early can sometimes hurt the park. Especially with Grand Carnivale happening, and still more of the summer to go, KI wouldn't want to deter guests from visiting now and instead coming next summer. It needs to be timed right to ensure enough people are still pumped about KI this summer, but are also excited about next.
  13. Edit: Well the GIF I tried to put in didn't work. I have no idea what this post is, why this happened, or anything of the sort. But I am intrigued.
  14. I can't even think, at least off the top of my head, how many coasters are green. I think that's a great color for a B&M.
  15. This guy's living in the future -- 12 rides featuring Hollywood magic? Err, well I guess, he's objectively in the past -- 14 years in the past -- but you get what I mean.
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