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  1. Are you sure this actually happened or no...? Sorry for double posting but I still can't quote correctly for some reason.
  2. Looking through the thread I feel like some of these are completely made up...some of them just make absolutely no sense whatsoever.
  3. Well, Banshee has a full upper queue and the line extends to the entrance. I can only imagine what lines for Diamondback, The Beast and others are like.
  4. Whoa, now THAT was a weird dream. Please stay with me as you read - I swear I'm not insane. I slept for at least 11 hours last night, and when that happens, I have the weirdest dreams! Last night's included me buying a framed Kings Island map that the park started selling. For some reason, I decided to take the map out of the frame, and behind it was a piece of paper that had a smiley face written on it, but at the same time spelled the letters "GCI". On the other side wrote "2015". Also behind the map was a picture of Don (ok?) and somehow, a Hebrew Bible (not kidding, I swear). I started freaking out and kept setting all of the things up and taking pictures of it and sending it to friends but nobody believed that Kings Island would be getting a Jewish-themed GCI coaster. I feel like I'm missing things from the dream, because I know there was more, but I was amazed at how I figured out what the park would be getting next year. Now watch this actually happen...
  5. I mainly meant in places like Cedar Fair, Six Flags, Universal - big parks.
  6. I meant $100/day as in ticket prices. I know you can't compare Disney and Kings Island, but really, Kings Island is a cheap vacation if you can't afford to go to Orlando for a week.
  7. Reading KI's Facebook reviews is hilarious. One woman claims that Fast Lane is unfair because it's forcing people to stand in hour waits unless they pay money. Uh, no. Fast Lane is an upgrade in park experience. Why do people hate it so much? It is at every amusement park. The price - so many complaints about the expense of going to KI. People need to realize that going in, amusement parks are just expensive places. At least you aren't spending $100/day (Disney). One review asks why there are no more big rides at the park and that there were a lot more big rides before. Hah. Just so many complaints, and most of them obviously show that these people shouldn't be going to amusement parks!
  8. No, in essence, "how do I avoid getting my thighs destroyed?" I honestly hated Magnum the last time I rode it. It really did hurt. And was not fun, at all.
  9. Edit: Nevermind. I read jcgoble3's post wrong...
  10. Haha oh I was in Coaster Connection when all the storms were happening, and we had to close the doors to the store to keep rain from coming in, and a guest yelled "Oh my God it's like The Mist all over again!" I thought it was funny...
  11. That's what it was! It scared everyone half to death. That is pretty sweet.
  12. Some people commenting are saying things like "this ride needs to be removed already" and "again?" - has this happened before? I don't remember that.
  13. I am more excited for this than I was with Banshee, yet I believe Banshee will still be better once Thunderbird opens. Although, I do love launched coasters.
  14. Not gonna lie, this is so far impressing me more than Banshee...
  15. Looks short, but WOW, looks awesome! Launched wing coaster?! Crazy!!
  16. Well, now mine is working fine...not sure why. This guy thought the poll results were in 6 figures but really those are the codes you text to answer the question...haha...
  17. does it matter? Yes, actually. I got it all set up because I thought it was now. Then I see 8:15. But I also see 8:30. I don't want to miss it.
  18. No. Holiday World said it was one attraction - unless I am remembering wrong.
  19. Hopefully it wasn't the same guy as last time I went, when the 20 minute wait was "one hour long".
  20. One more day without the videos. Told you not to expect anything! The word now is next Monday...possibly anytime this weekend.
  21. Paula has always been great for HW. Hopefully she stays with them for awhile longer. I'm honestly more excited for this than Kings Island's announcement of Banshee. Is that being a traitor?
  22. What's with the milestones this year? It's pretty crazy. First Banshee, then Diamondback, now Racer. Wow!
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