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  1. Well, they should've been on sale last Friday apparently, but it's been a very difficult job setting them up this past week. It's not easy!
  2. Just about a week ago Kings Island introduced the all-day photo pass. The photos are sent to your email and you can get unlimited free photos the rest of the day.
  3. Getting closer and closer till you're able to see your video on Banshee!
  4. Well to be totally honest I really don't know anything...I was simply stating to wait and see...hah...
  5. ^I think you may be over thinking everything. Just wait a few more days, you'll see.
  6. I think Kings Island should get one even better than Escape from Gringotts. In fact, KI should buy the rights to Harry Potter (shouldn't be too expensive), then build their own Wizarding World - surely with the revenue KI's gotten from Banshee this year will be able to afford it.
  7. I'm having trouble posting my photos on here. I wish we could just upload photos from our computers instead of using image sharing. *photos coming soon?*
  8. Sounds like KK needs "Mission Amusement" to visit. http://www.travelchannel.com/tv-shows/mission-amusement-scare-tactics
  9. The op standing at the entrance of Banshee yesterday was saying it was a 45-1 hour wait. It turned away so many people. In the end, it took about 20 minutes. We went back again, and he still said 45-1 hour...and it was still only 20 minutes!
  10. Tuesday at Cedar Point, the Corkscrew ride op called the ride "King James". (I believe it was on Corkscrew. I did so much that day I can't remember).
  11. Best seat on GK has to be the back. You feel like you're going to be whipped right off the ride on the first drop. Front is good, too, but not as good as 8. Not sure when I'll have another chance to ride Magnum and be able to do that, but I'll remember to do squats everyday now. ..and really? Corkscrew? Airtime? I was surprised enough with Blue Streak's airtime. Pictures will be coming tomorrow. Too tired to post them now, but I actually got a lot of good pics. First time I've taken pictures in awhile.
  12. Today I got back from Cedar Point...and Kings Island. But Cedar Point is the more important part. After not visiting since the summer of 2012, which was on a July Saturday, I was very excited to visit again. CoasterGeek101 (doesn't really go on the site anymore...Alex by real name) and I went up to Cedar Point the other day, courtesy of his parents, who have a daughter with an apartment relatively close. Me with my Kings Island employee ID and him with his Platinum Pass, we get in for free! We had been planning on getting Fast Lane but wanted to check out the crowds first. It was pretty unbelievable for a Tuesday. After riding Gatekeeper once, the line had already filled up some of the queue and was listed as an hour wait. Millennium Force also had an hour and a half, which knocked some sense into us to get Fast Lane Plus! And here goes the best day ever at Cedar Point! We rode basically everything, besides some of the carnival like rides, kiddy rides, and a couple coasters. Ok, well, not "everything", but CP has a lot! One surprise of mine was Maverick. Though I had been on it in 2012, I didn't appreciate it that much. But since we rode it 5 times yesterday, I have made it my new #1. No joke. And Terpy, I had fun on it in every row. Not just the front. I absolutely love the theme of the ride, the quick twists and turns, and especially the tunnel launch. It's a near perfect ride IMO - besides the ending where you're sitting with the restraint hugging your thighs to death. Gatekeeper was "so-so". Still fun, but besides the first drop (which is awesome), and the keyhole, it's a relatively tame ride and reminds me a lot of Diamondback's relaxed ride. Going on that 6 times was enough - and we got the last train of the night - we were forced to get out of line for the front row and go somewhere else. I found this strange, because on Banshee, I have seen at least five front row seats with the rest empty to end the night. Millennium Force is good as always. Greying out on the overbanked turn is the best. Alike Diamondback, it is somewhat tame, but still a lot of fun. I don't even want to get into TTD. It was closed - all day - due to high winds! Ugh. A very huge surprise for me was Blue Streak. Holy moly, that ride has some airtime! I honestly felt like I was going to fly right up out of my seat. I was sad I only rode it once. Other rides that are decent...Raptor...hurts my head/neck...Mantis...hurts my legs and groin...Cedar Creek Mine Ride...what a waste of land...Gemini...fun to taunt the other train but not very exciting... Magnum-XL 200 is the least fun I've ever had on a roller coaster. That thing hurts so freaking much, especially the bunny hop hills in the tunnels. UGH! Corkscrew was forgettable and I don't even remember riding it. Wicked Twister was short but fun. Skyhawk is still my favorite flat ride though very short. Pipe Scream is fun. And I love the new Gemini Midway. Add on to this trip the multiple silly rides we went on..Calypso, Super Himalaya, and even the Antique Cars. Besides rides, I gotta say, the Midway Market is AWESOME! I recommend it to anyone visiting the park. For $15 - only a little more than one single meal in the park - you get an all you can eat buffet with pretty good food, and ability to use the Coke Freestyle machine. 10/10 would eat again. If I remember anything else I will post...we did a heck of a lot and I can't remember some things...I will post pictures. OH...and Fast Lane Plus is the best thing ever, I don't care about the haters... Ride Count Gatekeeper x6 Maverick x5 Millennium Force x3 Raptor, Mantis, Wicked Twister, Gemini, Magnum XL-200, Corkscrew, Blue Streak, Cedar Creek Mine Ride, Pipe Scream, Lake Erie Eagles, Skyhawk, Calypso, Super Himalaya, Antique Cars ...and went to Kings Island today for a little bit. Banshee x3...that's it.
  13. This has got to be the longest teaser for a new attraction. Holiday World is crazy.
  14. I just go off of Banshee's line, which remained at least a walk on to 10 minutes the whole time I was there!
  15. The point is, though, yesterday was virtually empty, as well as Tuesday and Monday.
  16. Wow, it's crowded today, for a Thursday! Banshee has had a 20-30 minute wait, Flight of Fear a 45 minute, Firehawk a 30 (whoa), The Beast 45 minutes - even Boo Blasters had a 45 minute wait. The parking lot is nearly full and traffic is horrible around the area. Stay away!
  17. Oh, yes, those are footers. Kings Island's building a roller coaster in a tiny field right next to The Beast. World's shortest inverted coaster.
  18. I imagine, like yesterday, it will get more crowded later on. Fireworks are once again very big tonight, and there's the Dinos After Dark, and there's a midnight close.
  19. Tonight I bought a limited Banshee picture frame containing inside it two really nice looking Banshee pins, and on the back signed by Greg Scheid. There are only 150, and I got #18! They are $80 - buy one before they run out!
  20. But I'm sure CoasterGeek101 still wants to know some tips about his first visit to Coney!!
  21. ^Sadly, teenagers are not the only ones that do so. I have seen a mom...with her young daughter...flipping off the camera. Several times.
  22. It's a Disney movie - a good one, too. Plus it's only been 6 months. It will die out eventually. This has probably been asked before, but does the waterpark still close at 8? If it does, what do people do between 8 and 9:20? I don't get how this works...
  23. jdawg1998


    I will say it again...Hampton Inn!! Every Hampton Inn is insanely clean, comfortable, and friendly. Great breakfast, great service, the best beds around. And cheap!
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