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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. Tera, you do understand this is KICentral, not PointBuzz, correct? Yes, sure. Cedar Point and Kings Island target different travelers. Kings Island, as it has been known, seems to focus a lot on the local area. Cedar Point has distinguished itself as a resort property. Taking this into consideration, I am still not sure how amount of resorts = amount of "good" roller coasters. I would actually be to one argue preference over KI's recent additions, not CP's - but that is a pretty bold opinion. I think it is important we don't lose sight of the actual topic at hand. Cedar Point's nex
  2. Mystic Timbers is a wonderful coaster. One of my favorites. But the shed really puts a damper on things. I just went to Dollywood this past week and rode what I consider one of the most underrated rides out there - Mystery Mine. Though the theming isn't spectacular and the ride isn't the most thrilling, the two work hand in hand and create an amazing experience. That just made me think of Kings Island and their attempts at theming. I get it, the shed adds a "unique" touch to an otherwise boring part of the ride. But nothing just...flows. Going back to Mystery Mine, the entire ride f
  3. Posting for the first time in months. Out of my two visits this season to Winterfest, I must say I think the lights were well done, live entertainment was outstanding, and the overall feel and atmosphere of the park was next to none. That being said, I have some small qualms. Winterfest does not have any real light show. Festival of Lights has their show on the lake with lights synchronized to music. I would like to see that at Winterfest. I thought "Winterfest Way" was supposed to be that, but it was really just a bunch of randomly flashing lights. Secondly, I hate the timing
  4. Besides the shed, I am honestly disappointed with the "story" as well. I could honestly tell you nothing about what the story is. First of all, why in the world do they have to put a FunTV in the queue? If KI wants to immerse you in a theme, why would you have pop music playing amidst the specially composed score and other videos of the woods that are supposed to build up the story? It is highly distracting, not to mention, if we are actually in some lumber company's shed, why the heck is there a FunTV in it? Also, even with the videos they show of the people in the woods, I have ab
  5. I absolutely love it. It was intense. For such a small coaster compared to other attractions at Kings Island, it packs quite a punch. The pacing is ridiculous -- it just keeps moving. No slowing down. Constant airtime and speed = an amazing ride. As for the shed; well...that is a pretty extreme disappointment. There was so much potential for it, but Kings Island apparently isn't capable of high-tech theming like you'd see at Universal or Disney. I didn't even know what was happening on my first ride since I was in the last row. Ride: A+ Shed: D-
  6. You must be 16 in order to work ride operations. Everything else you can be 15 (merchandise, food, admissions). Working in rides for two years, I can definitely say I've loved it. You develop great friendships (and I've also met my current girlfriend while working there), you learn how to dedicate yourself to work, and you are given the opportunity to make each and every guest's day the best day ever. Testing rides is my favorite. I think I rode Adventure Express 100+ times this year. I also got to test ride Sling Shot a few times. I began my KI job in merchandise when I was 16,
  7. First off, I must say I'm surprised this is being open for a third season. Second off, why in the world is this on Yahoo! Sports?
  8. I guess I misunderstood; I was thinking that Winterfest was coming this season. Now I'm not even excited. Not sure how I feel about waiting an entire calendar year and then some for this...it was just announced so early! Regardless, this will be a great event. I just wish it was happening this December.
  9. Am I the only one who has noticed "construction" spelled as "constuction" in the thread title?
  10. Hey guys! While waiting for the 45 minute line on Forbidden Journey, I thought I'd start writing a quick trip report for my amazing visit to Universal Orlando Resort. I got to Islands of Adventure yesterday, all alone, and rode my favorite ride of all time, The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man. It's crazy that though it opened when the park opened, it is still a perfect attraction. Since yesterday, I rode it three more times and definitely will ride it again - these Express passes sure come in handy! I then rode my second favorite, Forbidden Journey. It's been made tamer since I last rode t
  11. Alright, so: Last night when I watched the reveal I was extremely disappointed. I expected at least something bigger and faster. I even went on a rant with my friend about it. All day today at work I complained about "Mystic Timbers". But, all of a sudden, I realized this is a perfect addition to KI. It is something that seems unique and has charm that no other newer coaster at KI has. I trust they will theme it well. The coaster itself looks fun - nothing too intense, but it looks like a great one to marathon. Needless to say, I went from angry to extremely excited about the ride wit
  12. ^How was your ride on the amazing Adventure Express today?!
  13. I'm actually surprised they didn't decide to close the park at 10 tonight. Also, does anyone feel bad at all for KI? I kind of do. This weekend should've been huge, as usual, but thanks to the weather, it flopped. And especially now with these amazing fireworks going off - there's not many people seeing them.
  14. I know this has been talked about a lot but it's been bugging me. Why is Kings Island so stubborn about the music played in the parks? We all know Don and other important KI people look over this site and our recommendations. How come they won't just attempt to have music that relates to the area's theme? Is it out of laziness, not caring, or some other reason?
  15. Someone asked me yesterday if Adventure Express "stayed as low as this platform (station) the whole ride". Essentially wanting to know if the ROLLER COASTER she was about to ride had no hills whatsoever on it...
  16. Boy, we really need some more teasers/hints. Things are getting boring around here. C'mon PR team, I know you can come up with something to "stir the pot"!
  17. Today, I went to Kentucky Kingdom with some friends. We rode Storm Chaser twice, the Angry Birds ride, then spontaneously left for Holiday World (completely unplanned) and spent the rest of the day there. After I spent $30 on KK. It's nothing against KK. I just despised the layout, it was hot and tiring to walk around, Storm Chaser underwhelmed me, and honestly I didn't want to wait in the long line Lightning Run had (running one train). I'm sure it's a great park but meh, I wasn't feeling it today. Holiday World was fun as always though! Now, we are going to KI to cap off the day. We are
  18. I have noticed this year the automated spiel at the end of FoF still plays, but for some reason, there's a ride operator with a mic yelling out "welcome back guys, how was that ride?" It 100% ruins the experience. Can't believe that's even a thing. I think overall, Holiday World has the best automated spiels.
  19. I knew something was fishy about this. I had mixed up two songs that I've been searching for. I Choose You was definitely one of the songs I simply wanted to know the name of, but I didn't care too much about it. BUT the song I was describing earlier - I ACTUALLY FOUND IT. It was not I Choose You. This one actually is electronic, and the description fits it much better. It's actually 'Gotta Get Thru This" by Daniel Bedingfield.
  20. I am really hoping this is not true. I was planning on going to Kentucky Kingdom on Tuesday. Please...don't be true.
  21. I found it! I found the song! Turns out I was completely wrong in my description of it in terms of its sound; it is not electronic at all. But the singer does say "you" - I choose you. "I Choose You" by Sara Barellis (I am not sure how to spell it). I found it when I was at Kroger - I used Siri and voila, there it is. The song I have been searching for for a year.
  22. What an annoying headline for that article. I really don't want to start an argument but seriously...the people at Chick-fil-A are all kind people who love and accept every kind of person. Just because of one comment the head of the company said years ago, it is "surprising" that they'd help out with the senseless killing of fifty innocent people - the worst mass shooting in American history? C'mon now. Really? That just makes me mad. Sorry. I know this is not about that, it is about this horrific attack on humanity - but I just had to say something.
  23. I guess I'm still a part of the minority that doesn't even like The Beast that much. On my list of favorite roller coasters at KI alone, I rank it #4. So to me, it doesn't need "updating". If it became any smoother it would be even more boring.
  24. I was disappointed by Origins. I felt it lacked the "awe" that Imagine had. I mean, a whole segment of someone painting a portrait? It was cool but not too exciting. The trampoline part, which was my favorite last year, is very lackluster this year. I didn't find it too thrilling. And I also very much miss the bike guy. I don't know, I honestly didn't find Origins to be that great.
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