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  1. I love Don's tweet with the picture of Firehawk. I actually laughed out loud. Good one, Don.
  2. I don't think it's the removal of The Racer or the addition of any new ride. If everybody has experienced it since 1972...EVERYBODY...then that must mean it's something you can't escape from experiencing. Such as the parking lot, the front gate, or the fountains.
  3. If The Racer is in fact being removed, the 2016 announcement will be the worst announcement ever. That would be an absolutely horrible move by Kings Island. I also do not want an RMC of Racer. I just want The Racer. Please, KI.
  4. Show fatigue? Huh? Every Disney and Universal park has had the same shows for many, many years. People keep coming back to watch them. And I would definitely say many people would come back to watch Cirque Imagine. I'm extremely upset.
  5. Why does that happen with shows at KI? Why can't we get a show that just stays? I don't understand it. I'm actually on the verge of crying right now. That just dumbfounds me. Same thing happened to Ed Alonzo. Seriously?!
  6. Since I always have issues with putting text in quotes on this forum, I'll just explain. That Washington Post article is ridiculous. It says: "While that sounds incredibly thrilling - and possibly dangerous - Young's death seems to have been totally unrelated to the Raptor's design." Are you kidding me? Raptor sounds dangerous? And it "seems to have been" totally unrelated? It was completely unrelated! He entered a restricted area! That part of it is barely even mentioned in the article. It is said once, wedged in between "he had his dream job as a teacher" and explaining how dangerous-sounding the ride is. The part that really gets me is: “He just hopped over the fence and thought he’d grab it,” Brenda Young said. “I know he’d never in a million years thought that something like that would have happened.” Really? You're telling me that climbing into a restricted area underneath a super-fast roller coaster and then being hit by the coaster is surprising? It's horrible what happened, and I feel terrible about it, but this article really just angers me. Instead, we should be focusing on reiterating safety precautions at amusement parks and spreading the word to NOT go into a restricted area. Not fear roller coasters.
  7. To be completely honest, I'd want them to get rid of some Soak City slides. The pretzel-twist one is absolutely horrible and a waste of space. So are the three really steep slides. They just aren't fun. At least I don't think so, and I feel like a lot of other people are the same way. Soak City needs more quality slides i.e., a water coaster, another slide tower with a few twisting, winding slides, a "toilet" bowl slide, etc..
  8. Wow, I've never heard Holiday World so crowded before. The two times I went were on Saturdays and I only waited 20 or so minutes for most rides. That was before Thunderbird though... I really don't understand the hours for the park. The waterpark should definitely be open longer. The dry park should at least be open longer on Fridays. 7pm? That's crazy! It's not like there's school the next morning, so why so early?
  9. I feel very "meh" about this ride. As others have said, it doesn't seem like a big deal at all for Cedar Point. Looks very forgettable. It's nearly the exact same layout as Griffon and Sheikra. And those rides are ten years old now. Nothing new. Dang CP, you guys got me excited. Now I'm just disappointed. There's a part of me hoping this leak isn't real, but I'm seriously doubting it's fake at this point.
  10. This isn't technically a dream, but a strange phenomenon that occurs in the middle of my sleep. Ever since I started working rides for as much as I do, I will wake up in the middle of the night and stay awake for at least an hour, thinking I'm still on the job. I get self conscious sometimes because I'm in pajamas while working. There are multiple times where I wake up in the morning fully clothed in a non-sleeping outfit. I freak out because I'm not checking bars or saying "clear", but dispatching the train anyways. But there's a part of me saying, "Justin, it's two in the morning and you're in bed at home." It's seriously starting to freak me out. I can't control it. But there are some nights where I actually do think I'm working. And then I start feeling bad if I don't talk to a guest or if I'm not doing my job right. While trying to sleep in my bed. Someone help..
  11. Really hoping this hasn't been shared yet. If it has, sorry. It's a news clip from 1991 at KI when Adventure Express first opened. Instead of seeing videos/pictures from the 70s, I've finally found something from a little later in KI's lifetime.
  12. Dollywood is the perfect example of quality, not quantity. They have Thunderhead, an amazing (truly) wooden coaster that's been regarded as one of the best. Wild Eagle, the country's first winged coaster. Mystery Mine has awesome theming, thrills, and fun. Tennessee Tornado is probably the best Arrow coaster out there - and the smoothest. Firechaser Express is a must-need for every park if they want a great family coaster. And now, to put the icing on the cake, they have the world's first launched wooden coaster and the fastest. Blazing Fury is the only coaster at Dollywood (excluding the kids' ride in the carnival area) I would say could go now. But everything else is so well done. Unlike Kings Island or Cedar Point, there is not one ride that I don't enjoy at Dollywood. They're all great.
  13. I'm very confused. Even after reading an article about the VR thing, I still don't understand it...at all. And what's this Mean Streak picture about?
  14. I really, really miss Holiday Horror. There were some nights where it was understaffed and several of the holidays were completely empty (President's Day was almost always like that) but when it was full of scareactors, it was great. It was more funny than scary, and that's what I loved about it.
  15. Question for you all: how would you plan to make this cell phone problem better? Ban cell phones from the park? I hate it as much as anyone does. But really, how can we stop people from pulling their phones out on the ride? Even if we enforced it more and called security on people who did it, how would that make anyone else after that act differently? People pull their phones out all the time. They may even do it during the ride when there's no way of seeing it. How is it possible to stop that? There's really no way. Unless you can give me a good reason, people will still always be on their cell phones on the rides. Also, malem, ejecting the rider from the park? Really? Most guests don't realize the magnitude of their actions. Ejecting them would be ridiculous...unless they put up a fight and refuse to obey the rules.
  16. Waited nearly 2 hours for Diamondback, 45 minutes for Banshee, and 20 minutes for Adventure Express. Very crowded today!
  17. Wait what??! There's an announcement August 8??? For a world record breaking attraction? Oh my goodness!!!! This was highly unexpected!!!
  18. Oh boy now I'm excited! I love this part of the year. Despite school starting soon and what not, the new roller coaster rumors really gets me excited. C'mon CP, blow me away! (and KI, hopefully you've got a least something up your sleeve...)
  19. TLC for say...Adventure Express, perhaps?!
  20. Yes, it was a rides night. It lasted until 1:30. Question: why would you even look at the webcams at midnight?!
  21. The "dive coaster" could be named Dive Coaster #1 for all I care, as long as the ride is good. Seriously...you guys are getting way too into the whole naming of the ride! Does it actually matter?
  22. I'm pretty sure Universal just got the rights to Nintendo actually. The whole rumor is a new Nintendo theme island at Islands of Adventure will be made in the coming years.
  23. All I am asking for is some sort of flat ride. I don't need a big roller coaster. In fact, I don't want one - not yet. Let Banshee still be the go-to ride for a few years. But a Screamin' Swing or a dark ride would be perfect.
  24. Adventure Express night ride > The Beast night ride (well, any ride actually)...
  25. I would watch it if I watched WKRC, but I'm more of a WLWT kind of guy.
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