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  1. Relax guys about this footprint. KI was probably just thinking of something fun to do in the offseason...nothing indicating a new ride, attraction, etc;. I don't like to get my hopes up!
  2. About the QTVs - I would think on Beast they should have Beast - related movies or whatever. Like Diamondback, it talks about what happens on the ride and all the stats. Whenever I ride Beast, it's kind of strange to see basketball. It ruins the mood, IMO.
  3. I would like to add the fact that Son of Beast took a lot of time and effort to complete, there was much hype for it, and they just can't afford to lose it. CF has too much confidence in it!
  4. Sorry if this has been mentioned in any other topics; but I just looked at the Kings Island website and there are some minor changes (at least since last month when I looked at it ). If you look at the Rides page, there's a new sidebar, and if you look at he bottom of the site, it's circular instead of just a straight line. http://www.visitkingsisland.com
  5. I just watched a video the blogger uploaded of the Superman coaster; and wow, that is one nice-looking ride! No more bland whiteness!
  6. Now, we just have to wait three-four years? Good. My littler sister (four) has always wanted to go to Disney. I told her we can wait until all this new stuff comes out! I can't wait! (I know, I can't even wait).
  7. How do you get into these kinds of things...like this and Holiwood Nights? I don't really understand this whole "club" thing.
  8. You might a KI addict (or, roller coaster addict) if you watch POVs all winter, just to get a feel for coasters. We all know everyone on here admits to this!
  9. Wow, only 39 minutes it took? This must have been a very great way to get some more park guests! I suppose it wasn't as bad as Black Friday at the mall, was it? (hopefully people didn't go to Kings Island at one in the morning....)
  10. Who knows, they might be adding some high quality webcams that actually have streaming video! (20% likely.)
  11. At least KD is responding to people's thoughts and feelings. These improvements should make I305 one of the best coasters out there! (if it wasn't already).
  12. I got a fortune cookie last night that said "You are a winner." No joke.
  13. Do they still have that observation tower thing in the woods up there? It'll be interesting to see how this turns out. If you're talking about Pete's Tower, then yes, they do.
  14. I went to a Camp Kern summer camp this summer, it's so fun! But unfortunately I didn't get to go on the ziplines.
  15. Hits: Diamondback (we definitely needed a B&M), The Beast (why not? It's why everybody goes to Kings Island), Halloween Haunt (according to their website, HH was rated one of the best of five Halloween events?), and The Racer because it brought Kings Island to success and is a classic. Misses: Son of Beast (so much money wasted), Boomerang Bay (if they want to have a successful waterpark, it needs to be updated), removal of Antique Cars (my parents loved these, but I never got a chance to ride it), and removal of much of the Coney Island rides.
  16. Calling The Beast the longest wooden coaster in North America sounds like a pretty awesome record to me.
  17. That's my mom's car, the Highlander. (Random poster: Okay, your point?)
  18. No no no no no no no! I didn't think it would be passed until ten more years, but I guess I was wrong. Oh well.
  19. This won't bring that much competition to KI. Kings Island has been known for 30+ years and is a much bigger park with fourteen roller coasters (thirteen?). This park will probably have only ten rides when it first opens. Possibly.
  20. You won't. I entered yesterday and I only got one email confirming my submission.
  21. I don't know about the changing colors part...from the pictures they haven't changed anything.
  22. Holiday World has a great app that I downloaded on my iPod. It has menus, ride info, hours, sunscreen station locations, weather, and events all in one app. It's perfect for any amusement park!
  23. Maybe because it's the off season, they don't want weather to interfere with it, is my guess. Maybe it is just to save money. Or, it could just be down like always.
  24. See...I love it too, but when it plays over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again, it gets annoying. Did I mention it plays over and over again?
  25. ^Those pictures are so cool to look at, because of the same angle. When was the first picture taken? Sometime in the early 70s or 80s?
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